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movingtobay2019 t1_iu0i0dd wrote

You are conflating rhetoric with action.

It's easy to be "friendly" and say the right things when it doesn't cost anything. When it starts costing votes? Think you get the point.

So I guess if by "immigrant friendly" you mean bunch of feel good statements without substance, you would be on point. Democrats have certainly mastered it (see the free housing lawyers they promised without giving as much a second of thought as to how they are going to retain a supply of highly trained lawyers).


HayPlaceAPlaceforHay t1_iu0rcs0 wrote

DACA was massive action. It’s not the policy of dems to let everyone who wants to be a citizen be a citizen.


kent2441 t1_iu2mx2a wrote

So it costs them votes, they lose power, and they can’t do anything at all. Then what?