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throwaway_samaritan t1_iu16bxu wrote

Yes, this sounds bad, but I rather give housing to families and those looking to improve their lives, than all the homeless who have wasted their lives with drugs and alcohol and bring nothing of use to society.


Grass8989 t1_iu1qbut wrote

That’s a pretty controversial take for this sub.


IvanEd747 t1_iu2108l wrote

I'm surprised he has 38 upvotes, but i never thought of it that way


okfnjesse t1_iu1ke9e wrote

I'm completely with you. Imagine money we pump into the system giving people a shot at a better life. That would be awesome


Effeted t1_iu34eqe wrote

We already spend $50k per homeless annually for I’m not sure what. We have to stop burning cash on them


Tsui_Brooklyn t1_iu2hzoy wrote

Imagine money back to NYer tax payers wallets ?!


Alert-Cookie-233 t1_iu48be1 wrote

I mean if you are that poor and need an extra $40 back these homeless camps are available for you to use.


satan_takethewheel t1_iu2f62i wrote

It’s not about who “deserves” housing- at a certain point homelessness is a public safety/health issue. It helps the whole neighborhood/community if people are off the streets. You don’t need compassion for the homeless to recognize the value in housing them.


phoenixmatrix t1_iu2v5p5 wrote

While there's some folks who are against their money going to help people, its more about who lives next to it. Everyone benefits no matter where you put it, but only a small amount of people directly adjacent pay the non-monetary price. That's where the arguments start.


Either-Discipline258 t1_iu7e5u3 wrote

No value in housing homeless. The tax payers pay the bill. They are a drain on society and their family members or next of kin should be responsible for housing them.


Darrackodrama t1_iu98u4f wrote

Except for the net drain on the police, the violence, and healthcare issues


jaredliveson t1_iu2cml8 wrote

This is a cruel take. Most are forced into that lifestyle. You should be ashamed


harlemtechie t1_iu3am6v wrote

This sub will wake you up to liberal racism. I can't believe you got downvoted.


BiblioPhil t1_iu4aid6 wrote

Honey this is /r/nyc, you're witnessing garden-variety conservative racism.


harlemtechie t1_iu4ijzq wrote

Nah, the gentrification people gotta FN go! I know how they vote too.... you realize we know who they are by now and what they're about.


throwaway_samaritan t1_iu5e4y7 wrote

You're the racist when you assume problems are due to one race. Read what you just wrote - plenty of successful hardworking people of all races in this city and country, as this country is one of opportunity. I think we should just acknowledge that those who throw away their opportunities shouldn't be rewarded - and instead it should go to children and families who actively are trying to better their lives. True racists (libs and conservatives) always make everything about race and do nothing about proposing real solutions.


HAPPYxMEAL t1_iu47e1l wrote

Not really, I knew a few people that chose to live like that. Life is mostly based on personal choices. No one is forcing anyone to be homeless.


jaredliveson t1_iu5appa wrote

That’s such a disappointing thing to hear. I really hope you change


Darrackodrama t1_iu98rfa wrote

This is why we will always suffer from this problem. It ain’t about who deserves it. It’s about the consequences from not giving housing to everyone. They are wildly on display everyday.