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actualhumanwaste t1_iu1ojfb wrote

Imo it's fair to say that Bush was worse on a humanitarian and international level while Trump was worse on a domestic level. As for total human suffering, Bush probably takes the cake.


Cyril_Clunge t1_iu50fs6 wrote

Bush also had 9/11 (not saying he did it but the ball was dropped somewhere), Hurricane Katrina and the Financial Crash of 2008. Plus the whole Florida 2000 shenanigans. At this point, it's probably easier to focus on which POTUS was the least shitty.

Something I always find funny is people talking about post-truth era with Trump, as if he's the first President to ever lie. After having the Vietnam War, Watergate, Iran-Contra, Monica Lewinsky, Iraq WMDs, etc....