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Soraflair t1_iu2udrq wrote

Sounds like an appeal to authority, or established order.

What exactly is incorrect with what I am saying? My argument is that drug users, typically utilize drugs to cope with trauma, and use it as an escapism method in order to avoid dealing with their actual problems.

However, the drug cycle does not typically end by simply attempting to stop utilizing the drugs unless you deal with the underlining driver of the drug use, which is typically unresolved trauma.

Which is commonly resolved via therapy sessions; which is nothing more than a licensed therapist helping you sort through your issues.

How is anything I am saying irrational? Sure i'm a bit brash, because we'll frankly i'm sick of seeing it excused everywhere in this society, and having to deal with it 24/7.

The point being is that we have an epidemic of "psychological issues," issues that people used to literally just associate with the human condition. I would argue it's literally trendy now to claim to have MPS; which is nothing more than, you guessed it, more trauma avoidance.

We are entirely enabling this behavior, by not calling it for what it is, these people are full of shit, who would rather do drugs, and self medicate than deal with their demons.

My point is, that no amount of medication will solve these specific issues, anxiety will never go away, and can only be dealt with by dealing with the issues head on. (Which is why I stated that in 99% of circumstances, people are simply avoiding dealing with their issues, there is a rare exemption of 1%; which by in large is not a small population, who legitimately have physical medical issues that absolutely impair their mental cognitive processes, however the majority of people in our society do not fall into this category.)

You likely missed my other comment, but I also addressed the same issues present in people who are not dealing with addiction:

It's not simply a one off occurrence, it's an entire epidemic of people who simply refuse to deal with any of their issues what so ever, on an unprecedented scale.


maveric29 t1_iu7dzt7 wrote

I give up you are insane and incapable of coherent thoughts. Have a pleasant evening