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Nef_Fets t1_ixyt6b7 wrote

I would recommend learning from this experience and moving on.


k1lk1 t1_ixyuzg0 wrote

$22 is a cheap lesson here


mike_pants t1_ixyykth wrote

My first month in the city, I accidentally bought a $24 beer in the East Village.

I was fresh off $1.50 Miller Lites in Portland.


superangry2 t1_ixyz1la wrote

Oof how did that happen? Was it imported or a small batch from a brewery? It’d be very weird to me if a bartender at a dice charged you $20 for a bud light because they say you were a bright eyed newbie.


mike_pants t1_ixyzvex wrote

I liked Chimay as a brand, so I ordered one off the menu sitting on the bar without noticing I was not pointing to my usual Belgian but a super-ultra-select reserve.


BringMeInfo t1_ixyx95s wrote

My lesson was significantly more before you even adjust for inflation.


greaterthan__ t1_ixysa4y wrote

Its pretty common in more tourist areas for food stands to charge pretty high prices. It's worth noting that all of the stand prices are "negotiable", I usually am able to knock a few bucks off.

I would take it as a lesson learned - don't buy things from stands in tourist areas.


LongIsland1995 t1_ixytx6a wrote

I mean, even in Midtown Manhattan (packed with tourists) the prices are usually not that high. A chicken and rice plate goes for about 10 dollars there, and hot dogs much less.


ParadoxPath t1_ixyw95x wrote

They’re legally allowed to charge however high a price they want. Not legally allowed to negotiate. Prices must be posted and adhered to. That being said I refuse to pay more than $1 for a small Poland spring


ChrisFromLongIsland t1_ixysv07 wrote

When buying anything off the street that does not have 100% posted prices don't say I want a hot dog. Say how much is the hot dog. Always ask the price first thing. These people work hard and offer a service and tasty food but they will also rip you off. Once you know the price you can make a decision if it's worth it. This applies to buying anything on the street.


bklynzboy t1_ixyt6r8 wrote

Next time you're in New York City I sell water for the low price of $10 a bottle lol


amgl OP t1_ixytqhy wrote

I’m still here sign me up


bklynzboy t1_ixyuse9 wrote

In all Seriousness if prices aren't posted expect them to be high. Ask before ordering


Chewwy987 t1_ixys42u wrote

Moody like 5-10 now but yes you got scammed just accept it


nomascusgabriellae t1_ixyufhv wrote

Do you not ask how much it is before you buy it? If you’re out here acting like a tourist be ready to get treated like one.


kanye_psychiatrist t1_ixytpn4 wrote

The street vendor will blame it on inflation but he’s really price gouging.


MrFunktasticc t1_ixyu1xk wrote

lol just take the L. I’m from around here and I’ve noticed the prices get more insane the closer you are to a tourist choke point. Fresh squeezed juice off a truck by Macy’s can be like $13 and they will swear on their kids that’s the price across the city. Walk 2-3 blocks west and it’s gets into $5-7 territory.


mad0666 t1_ixyusy2 wrote

I wouldn’t call this a scam so much as a dumb mistake. Don’t buy stuff around touristy areas. Even bottles of water are more expensive.


fizzymynizzy t1_ixywg0x wrote

It is a scam. You forgot about the guy near the world trade center doing the same thing. It was on the news.


mad0666 t1_ixywv0j wrote

I would call that guy “getting money by telling someone a price and that person being dumb enough to pay it”

Like…if I was buying two corn dogs and the guy told me $22 I would laugh and walk away.


mike_pants t1_ixyt4g9 wrote

The total seems ridic at first, but "10 bucks plus tax for a small meal in one of the most heavily trafficked areas of the city" does not seem that outrageous. Hell, it'd be $14 at Citi Field.


SoloBurger13 t1_ixywfja wrote

LOL why would you pay $22 for two cart corn dogs? This isn’t a scam, you have to pay more attention. Restaurants in that area would’ve given you more food for that money


Wasdcursor t1_ixyte93 wrote

Yeah bud that's tourist trap 101. Don't bother giving em shit. Welcome to NYC. Move along with your life.


intjish_mom t1_ixytf74 wrote

The price you get often depends on where you are. Those carts do have to pay for the right to have those locations so its not unhead of for carts in high traffic locations to be more expensive. An example: i used to work in penn plaza. My daily latte from the starbucks inside that building is $.80 more expensive than if i leave penn station and go to the starbucks on 8th ave. The mcdonalds that used to be on 42nd street used to be more expensive than the mcdonalds at 44th and 8th. Sometimes you need to walk around if you want a cheaper price.


ivazquez71 t1_ixyy23j wrote

Well the McD’s on 44th & 8th is less expensive so you can have some money left over to buy drugs from the dealers in that location.


Brothers_D t1_ixyud2l wrote

At that price, it’s on you.


EdgeOrnery6679 t1_ixyurq3 wrote

Never buy anything from stands in touristy areas, you can sometimes walk 2 or 3 blocks and find a stand that sells the samething for 5 bucks cheaper


freedax123 t1_ixysby9 wrote

Same thing happened to me. I gave him my credit card and he did not tell me the price. Ended up paying $30 for a sandwich and a hot dog. First cart on the right outside of grand central. Next time in town, I’m gonna let him know he’s an asshoke


[deleted] t1_ixyttti wrote

You might want to cancel that credit card.


amgl OP t1_ixytp8t wrote

Exact same thing happened. Didn’t show me the price just tapped my card


LongIsland1995 t1_ixyu1e8 wrote

I would recommend only using cash for street food purchases. It's much harder for them to rip you off like that.


wootwootbang t1_ixyu2sg wrote

Is it possible that the seller said “2 to 3 dollars” and you heard “23 dollars” and paid it? $22.78 is an oddly specific amount to charge - these guys don’t deal in cents and a scammer would have said 22 or 23 dollars, the pennies don’t make sense. So trying to figure out what exactly happened.


PiffityPoffity t1_ixyx7yn wrote

$20.78 would make sense. That’s $20 plus 3.9% card fee.


wootwootbang t1_ixz0x0i wrote

Credit card at a hot dog cart? Have you been to the city?


PiffityPoffity t1_ixzo75p wrote

Have you in the last few years? Most carts accept cards nowadays, especially in tourist areas.


cha614 t1_ixyxsuq wrote

2-3 and not the actual price… Who gives you an estimate when you ask how much??!?


wootwootbang t1_ixz12pr wrote

I agree! Just trying to make sense of the oddly specific price.


xulyx t1_ixyvcw4 wrote

Had a guy charge me 30 something for 2 plates while charging local dvd lady 8 for her plate. Only gave him a 20 and asked for my change. He was pissed lol fuckouttahere


Optimal-Garden-9923 t1_ixyvd4t wrote

I don’t understand why you would even think to buy food from those dirty ass trucks .


Time-Champion497 t1_ixywk4e wrote

Was this a food truck or a hotdog cart? Cuz a lot of the food trucks are hipster-y “elevated comfort food” and yeah you pay an arm and a leg. And regular hot dog carts don’t sell corn dogs. It sounds like you got charged the same as what anyone would pay.

Carts outside the Met charge like $5 for a hot dog and carts in other places charge more like $3. But that’s a cart not a truck and a hot dog not a corn dog.


yaqubam12 t1_ixywvhr wrote

You are using Halal Truck in subject matter. . But they don’t sell Hot Dogs. In Manhattan everything is expensive. Maybe next time ask How Much


Pantone_Pal t1_ixyv936 wrote

They do this in stores too, not just trucks


DinahReah t1_ixywqfd wrote

The hot dogs are $2-$3. Its $10 extra for the fried corn meal and stick.


cha614 t1_ixyxq34 wrote

Go there , get the license number, file a complaint


Calm-Heat-5883 t1_ixyxymo wrote

How much is a hot dog from your country? And assuming you've had a hot dog before. Why would you pay $23 for one? $5 Would be over the top. Call 311 and report him. Chances are he doesn't even have a vendors license.


jay073zs t1_ixyycb9 wrote

If they don't have prices posted don't buy that shit food


superangry2 t1_ixyzdix wrote

You’re going to go and break rule #1 of NYC - don’t start a confrontation with a stranger - because you broke rule #54 - don’t buy overpriced shit in tourist traps.


tiregroove t1_ixywdcs wrote

So wait, lemme get this straight... you came to NYC... and got scammed?
Who woulda thunk. Never in my life heard of that happening before.


herald-square-pigeon t1_ixyx8bj wrote

Those guys outside of grand central are the absolute worst and have the worst food that sits until a tourist comes along they can scam.


marnylosesweight t1_ixyxda8 wrote

You got got. Don't buy anything in tourist areas.


datatadata t1_ixyxhrd wrote

I would highly recommend AGAINST going back and confronting them about this. They will deny it and it will achieve nothing. It will add risk for you. Just move on.


luckylebron t1_ixyyv2b wrote

I grew up in NYC but haven't lived there since ten years. So how much is a dirty water dog on a random corner that's not in front of a major tourist trap like GC?


Putrid_Ad4322 t1_ixyz39b wrote

I’ve had food trucks try that, I laugh and say, you’re out of your mind, I’m a New Yorker…then they give me the real price. Sorry this happened, obviously people don’t realize you can haggle with a Halal cart, but you can. 😬


brockisawesome t1_ixyzd8m wrote

The trick is to ask the cost first, and then be like "sorry I only have a $5" or whatever. You gotta be prepared to walk away, pretty easy with dirty water dogs since they're all over the place


NeverTrustATurtle t1_ixyzenf wrote

Always ask for the price of the food before ordering. That way you can tell them to fuck off for an outrageous price, and they may come down to a reasonable price after that.


simeonbachos t1_ixyzgja wrote

Go and ask for another and then throw it at him, I did that to an ice cream truck driver that tried scamming me


grambell789 t1_ixyzjp2 wrote

I prefer to buy stuff from carts and trucks that have the prices marked on the outside. when its not I ask whats the price ahead of time, sometimes without the intent to buy just because I like to waste their time for not posting the price. Best prices are often near office buildings where theres lots of repeat customers.


jfo23chickens t1_ixz3hkq wrote

You paid $6 for the dogs. The rest was an authentic NYC experience. You got off cheap!!


Bertie_Woo t1_ixz3kt1 wrote

Just ask "how much" before buying.


[deleted] t1_ixysajk wrote



amgl OP t1_ixyttqa wrote

Bro worst corn dog I ever had. Thing must have been sitting for hours


MrPhilNY101 t1_ixywft9 wrote

While I like the occasional corn dog, when in NYC, I would think a dirty water dog, mustard and onions would be the preferred choice. We're not at the state fair!


stadiumjay t1_ixytat5 wrote

Put that MF on blast for all to see so that nobody else goes to that cart. Thieving bastards. Usually what I do is tell them I'm from here so they know that I know what's up with the prices 😂