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tonka737 t1_iwzihoz wrote

Idk why ppl care so much about police parking on the sidewalk. I've only ever seen it in front of precincts and its always police vehicles.


FiascoBarbie t1_iwzo7k0 wrote

It is personal and police vehicles, they block the sidewalk and double park, it often takes up more than right in front of the precinct , they block bike lanes and make it impossible for people in wheelchairs, with strollers, or any mobility devices to get through, including blocking the cut outs on curbs.

Fuck the police.


gagreel t1_iwzprbm wrote

When the police block the sidewalks and bike lanes I have to go into the street and risk getting killed. I'd rather not roll the dice on account of some lazy power trip drop out from SI


tonka737 t1_iwzq18x wrote

Drivers are never more responsible than when they drive by a precinct. At least, my butt is clenched.


gagreel t1_iwzq5jq wrote

Too bad they park in bike lanes everywhere


Malfunctioned t1_ix0rby2 wrote

Here is the Google Map Street View of the 70th Precinct in Kensington, Brooklyn, between an ADAPT Community Network (formerly United Cerebral Palsy of New York City) and a low income Joseph Belsky House.

Here is the 110th precinct in Elmhurst with (presumably NYPD and their personal cars, and crashed/impounded? vehicles) on drawn double parking spots, or driving up right against local residents' driveways often blocking the whole sidewalk and the residents' ability to use their in-property parking space/garage. At least the residents get good protection in return. I see orange cones on the sidewalk which is probably used to reserve the public street parking spots for tomorrow after they leave.


tonka737 t1_ix0szx4 wrote

I'm not denying that it happens, I just don't see it as a big deal. For that one street, each precinct, it's inconvenient at most. This isn't even exclusive to precincts, I see this shit outside of mechanics just as much.


Grass8989 t1_iwznqnp wrote

They just hate the police in general so will use every excuse to take a “shot” at them.


gagreel t1_iwzpw2z wrote

I wonder why everyone hates them


ambushbugger t1_ix74qr1 wrote

You are correct. I hate the police and if there is a way to make things more difficult for them I choose that option.