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F_T_N_32 t1_ix3g6yo wrote

Don’t forget that all those cars with fraudulent plates are uninsured. So people who obey the law also pay a higher premium in insurance.


GeoBk t1_ix49swd wrote

You can be insured and not have plates. You can’t have plates and be not insured. They don’t insure the license plate they insure the car. Like when I purchased a car out of state I had insurance on it with paper plates and then registered it with DMV through the dealership. In between that time of getting my NY plates I could have had an accident and it would be covered by insurance.


F_T_N_32 t1_ix4chcr wrote

I have never seen a car with forged plates that is insured.


GeoBk t1_ix86d2y wrote

Well now you know and knowing is half the battle.


At1l t1_ix6p6kw wrote

These scofflaws aren’t getting insurance like you did. Guarantee it


GeoBk t1_ix87ojm wrote

Agreed but if you have a nice car they are. The license plate at this point is just a way to get a ticket. Most of the plates are in the trunk. I don’t blame them. The speed camera tickets are bad. Get 4 or 5 and they can impound you. So what’s the benefit of displaying your plates?


At1l t1_ix907wd wrote

Our society is in a broken place where having morals, following the laws, and doing the right thing isn’t always rewarded. When you do the opposite you may not even have to pay for it if you’re caught.


GeoBk t1_ix9ac5q wrote

Dude you said it right. The city isn’t doing shit about quality of life. If you go to 3rd avenue from 20th street up in Brooklyn it’s all RVs parked under the BQE that have been there for months.