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F_T_N_32 t1_ix4ay8k wrote

To be fair a lot of the plates people are calling fake are completely valid or were valid in the past. We run the plates through a national database check. So a expired Virginia plate that was issued 4 years ago to a Chevy that is now on a Audi is not fraudulent in the eyes of the law. It’s just an expired plate on a unregistered vehicle. Now if I run a temporary NJ tag and I get a response from the system as “no record found” that would indicate that the tag is likely fraudulent. If It comes back as expired or belonging to another vehicle that’s a violation but not fraudulent. Obscured plates are a parking summons, unless they are obscured with the intention of avoiding a toll. In that case it’s theft of service.


tsgram t1_ix5rk8d wrote

Expired plate and unregistered vehicles are not illegal? I’m confused


F_T_N_32 t1_ix6iyk0 wrote

They are but they are a violation. A fraudulent instrument like a plate, registration, or insurance is potentially a felony. People incorrectly call expired or mismatched plates fake.


akanaan5 t1_ix78sjm wrote

where do they print the paper plates out from, seems like it must be easy


F_T_N_32 t1_ix834zh wrote

Yea, people just make them on a home computer not much to most of them.


Imnottheassman t1_ix7q19n wrote

I think it’s because there is not really an option to report (via 311 anyways) plates as being fraudulently used, whereas there is an option for fake plates.

Separately, thank you so much for your responses. Really clears some things up (as frustrating as that may be).