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horatio_corn_blower t1_iw0fgi3 wrote

Before anyone starts panicking: these 16 cases occurred in the last 17 months dating back to APR ‘21. Can’t say I’m all that concerned.


BarriBlue t1_iw0lhrl wrote

>The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Wednesday announced 16 confirmed listeria outbreak cases have been reported by six states – seven cases in New York, three in Maryland, two in Illinois and Massachusetts, as well as one each in New Jersey and California. The first case was reported on April 17, 2021, with the most recent one reported on Sept. 29, 2022.

And over 6 states. Only cases 7 here in NY. You’re all (likely) fine.


werdnak84 t1_iw0hlwz wrote

Then why'd they wait so long to make this public!?


KaiDaiz OP t1_iw0hwuk wrote

prob didn't see the trend till now


Saladcitypig t1_iw15y1j wrote

Bc production is done in so many diff places and then packaging can cross contaminate…all along the way possible contamination with lesser regulations of food set in place by Trump,and then product is sold under the multiple brand names sometimes that have no obligation to look into it unless it’s their brand.


KaiDaiz OP t1_iw090qe wrote

FYI for those that goes to any of their NYC locations but do note other stores might have same issue. Wish they list the deli meat brand/supplier.

>But health investigators do not believe NetCost Market delis are the only source of the outbreak, as a specific source of it has yet to be confirmed and some who got sick did not shop at the grocery chain.


I-Sleep-At-Work t1_iw0eepa wrote

dang, just bought a bunch of turkey from bjs...


bitter_vet t1_iw0jdw3 wrote

can you nuke it or something

e: google says you can

> Order your favorite sandwich as a melt, or nuke the deli meats you bought in the microwave. The heat will kill any listeria bacteria potentially lingering there. (Your food should reach an internal temperature of at least 165 degrees Fahrenheit.)


I-Sleep-At-Work t1_iw1le4v wrote

yeah. i might just do some sorta stir fry with it i guess

better safe than sorry


incaman88 t1_iw1bfue wrote

I literally saw this story after eating half of a bomb sandwich from Sal Kris & Charlie’s. Had to throw the other half away. Was so sad and scared lol


namas_D_A t1_iw100ss wrote

There goes my chopped cheese.


jay073zs t1_iw2gxcl wrote

well thank god I hate cold cuts


NetQuarterLatte t1_iw2il9x wrote

I mean, for each hospitalized person, how many merely had an “unpleasant” day visiting the toilet that did not warrant going to the hospital?


Outrageous-Debate-64 t1_iw29mmf wrote

Got a deli sandwhich with cold cuts for the first time in over two years 2 days ago, then I read this… Title sounds way worse than it is but still, impeccable timing


xyzd95 t1_iw6ul9h wrote

I’m still making ham, pastrami, and cheese sandwiches.

I’ll risk it for boars head


clorox2 t1_iw0s8j1 wrote

Oh no! It’ll kill us all!


darkknight915 t1_iw2mhfq wrote

Wow 14 cases, we should go to defcon 1 asap!