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SaintBrutus t1_iw8lgwh wrote

The one near me in BK was put up at the end of Summer, there was rain and it was flooded out, but thankfully no human being ever had to live there.

I’m really confused by all of this.

A lot of money was spent on phantom humans we never actually saw.


Magnus462 t1_iwaao5u wrote

Probably all set up so NYC looks like it’s doing something in the eyes of the media. Why else spend all that money for empty camps?


BiblioPhil t1_iwbrs68 wrote

Wow, that's so theatrical and performative, unlike the act of shuttling misinformed asylum seekers a thousand miles away and stranding them in NYC.


cambriancatalyst t1_iwakhty wrote

A lot of money was funneled from tax payers pockets to Adams acquaintances


AndieTy t1_iwa4zrr wrote

Just lurking but anyone see a supposed trucker protest today? If not I guess it's tomorrow


ConsumeristWhore t1_iwbnejf wrote

There were multiple bus loads of people showing up every day. They weren't "phantom humans" they were real people trying to find asylum. Many left once they arrived because the city offered them bus tickets elsewhere. Some ended up being temporarily housed. Some just needed to get to a Western Union to get money and were completely independent.

The reason this shelter stayed empty is because by the time it was built Texas and Florida stopped sending busses. Remember that this crisis for NYC was entirely manufactured by other state/city governments. Once NYC made the investment to handle it, they stopped the crisis.


Calm-Heat-5883 t1_iw93pnb wrote

Someone needs to audit this. Millions have been wasted. Or more likely been awarded to friend's. Where is all the gear going to. Cots, mattresses. Xboxes? How many manhours were wasted because you know it was fully staffed. Why not let the homeless use it


the_kfcrispy t1_iw9tfne wrote

> Xboxes

ah ha! Evidence this goes back to Bill Gates!


BiblioPhil t1_iwbrz61 wrote

Boy, I am so outraged by how the Democrats reacted to... having thousands of asylum seekers stranded in their city by Texas Republicans.


NYY657545 t1_iw8j4ba wrote

$650k well spent /s


thisfilmkid t1_iw9xedv wrote

You know, I don't believe that damn figure.

My job had a tent set up for 300 PPL for an event and it only cost $3,000 for use for one week. It came with heating, installation, and 5 restrooms. The chairs and tables were additional $500.

The number the city gave to the media, IMO, was pulled out someone's ass-cheek.

I want to see the receipts.


Flivver_King t1_iw9uamo wrote

Is that including the cost of the one they built but then shut down before opening in Orchard Beach after it flooded like people said it would, then moved it to Randalls only to close it again?


squall571 t1_iw8jj8c wrote

Election is over


Grass8989 t1_iw9hyom wrote

Didn’t we spend $1 billion of NYC taxpayer money on the “migrant crisis”


bittoxic00 t1_iw9j2g3 wrote

Elections over and all the checks have been cashed, nothing to see here


Flivver_King t1_iw9utjq wrote

Just like the $800 million DeBlasio’s wife made disappear a few years ago. Some major corruption in our city, maybe if the taxpayers weren’t being robbed of a billion every so often we would have better infrastructure.


Grass8989 t1_iw9vh9r wrote

What do you mean “thriveNYC” was a rousing success. /s


SolitaryMarmot t1_iwadj2e wrote

Tbf you can see what happened to the mental health crisis in this city after many of those programs were defunded...

But don't worry no one will ever try non-siloed mental health initiatives inside existing agencies ever again.


BxGyrl416 t1_iwbohrp wrote

Yeah, they paid the MTA $800 million to house the mentally ill/chemically homeless population.


uber-chica t1_iw9mxxc wrote

I think that was more about optics because of an election coming up and that’s over now


flowerchair2000 t1_iw9p2fy wrote

Once again tax payers, money wasted. This is just like the Covid overflow tents that stayed empty throughout the worst of the pandemic.


Impossible-Try-8283 t1_iw8u9hw wrote

Shit... I'll go live there.


Wowzlul t1_iw94ut2 wrote

Iirc homeless people in the Great Depression actually set up camps inside Central Park and the sheep that had been herded there for generations had to be moved upstate because the city was worried that starving people would kill and eat them.


Grass8989 t1_iw9jw24 wrote

What a beautiful piece of history 🥰.


Wowzlul t1_iw9onln wrote

I saw it in that Ken Burns doco about New York that came out a million years ago (sometime in the 90s). The guy talking about it was a descendant of the guy who donated the sheep. He seemed miffed that the city would move them upstate after "my family was so kind as to" blah blah.



_Cantgetanyworse_ t1_iw8xdkh wrote

Randall's Island is barren as hell. Just repurpose it. It could be a decent homeless shelter if staffed properly. What a waste of money to dismantle it.


Wowzlul t1_iw93ev9 wrote

While I'm all about new residential, there's nothing on Randall's that a homeless person could use to make themselves not homeless. No retail, no employment opportunities, no local residents to interact with and build community, nowhere to go really except some parks.


_Cantgetanyworse_ t1_iw96fln wrote

The UES of Manhattan and Astoria are but a stone's throw from Randall's in either direction so it doesn't need to specifically contain all of those elements imo. That's a fair point though.


Wowzlul t1_iw979d2 wrote

Could always set up some kind of bus service yeah


talldrseuss t1_iwc4y0c wrote

They are given MetroCards to take the bus. The stop is right by the shelters


mall_goth420 t1_iw93rnd wrote

There already is a large shelter up there, we might as well repurpose the camp


Wowzlul t1_iw94pms wrote

Did not know that. I know there's all kinds of structures and institutions the city considers undesirable like mental hospitals, but a homeless shelter I was not aware of.


talldrseuss t1_iwc4v0k wrote

There are multiple shelters in the north part of the island


buttheadini t1_iwd6n3v wrote

There’s 3 shelters there already. And a state psychiatric hospital.


PiffityPoffity t1_iwc149a wrote

It’s extremely inconvenient to be assigned to the existing shelter on Randall’s Island. You can’t reasonably expect homeless people to turn their lives around when it’s so difficult to commute to work.


Any_Foundation_9034 t1_iw9lgz8 wrote

This can only mean one thing….

That they’ve blended into the population.


werdnak84 t1_iw9o382 wrote

And why did they stand mostly empty??


ConsumeristWhore t1_iwbmjzb wrote

This stayed empty because by the time it was set up the busses stopped coming. As soon as the city was adequately prepared for the multiple bus loads of migrants coming every day, they stopped being sent.


PredictBaseballBot t1_iwcvn74 wrote

It’s almost as if this crisis was a stupid pre-election manufacture by heartless southern governors to make a headline.


uber-chica t1_iw9mtxk wrote

Your tax dollars hard at work


TheBeesBestKnees t1_iwb1spg wrote

Did Adams get attention for it and his face on social media? Mission accomplished.


Jimmy_kong253 t1_iwb5p08 wrote

Makes sense the midterms elections are over


KaiDaiz t1_iw8o4gv wrote

Well out door tents would have been terrible given that winter weather is approaching. Who ever living in them will have a unideal and miserable time.


Grass8989 t1_iw9k1my wrote

They were temperature controlled and those arent traditional “camping tents”, the walls are quite thick. It really wouldn’t have been unpleasant at all.


KaiDaiz t1_iw9oark wrote

so would have cost a fortune to operate. meanwhile we could have cram a bunch of folks into jacob javits like we planned for during covid or other unused buildings in city/state


Grass8989 t1_iw9pime wrote

Javits center is actually being used for its intended purpose now, as opposed to during the height of Covid.


Proxy345 t1_iwaw67y wrote

Everything is just a circus performance at this point lol


sanjsrik t1_iw8k9nk wrote

Well, because...


Tent. Camps.


kuedhel t1_iwa9b02 wrote

is it close to the Circus-de-soley tent? Can we move circuis into the migrant tent?


Dichotopotamus t1_iwd1nnu wrote

This is because the migrants are now blended into society. They got what they wanted - free passage into the country and now are bidding for labor work.

They are not true asylum seekers like the Afghans... fleeing political or religious persecution, and looking for food and shelter. They came for work and it puts our lowest income citizens (people of color) out of work and relying in public assistance.

I'm Latino saying this. My Dad told me the one guy by our old house (Brooklyn) makes sandwiches for $3/hr at the deli. They don't come to live in tent cities. They are stacked into apartments and claim public assistance too. I've seen them. One of the neighbors got an EBT card from the pandemic stimulus of $1,600 and she never even applied... and she's here illegally from eastern Europe. I know another woman from Ecuador who got some top but she did not tell me how much. She's here for a long time waiting for deportation proceedings but they keep being postponed due to massive backlog of doing criminals first so she never will be deported and she knows this.

I believe our government knows all this but wants them to plant the flag, have kids, become dependents of the state, and be lifelong voters. Guess which party does this. If you're white you don't understand.