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The_Lone_Apple t1_iwpxle9 wrote

This is why 7-Eleven stores are terrible. They're just antiseptic bodegas without the joy of seeing a cat there.


No-Alfalfa4979 OP t1_iwq0c58 wrote

And they consider themselves a reputable establishment…


The_Lone_Apple t1_iwqhmvi wrote

New Yorkers don't know the joys of Wawa or Sheetz. They're paradises compared with 7-Eleven.


bradbikes t1_iwqna5o wrote

Sadly Wawa really downgraded their deli meats a few years ago...still an outrageous upgrade from 7-11 though.


DirtyDungeonDaddy t1_iwqofbv wrote

Yeah Wawa is C tier convenience store at best. Store is clean but the hot and ready food has sucked for a while, their breakfast sandwiches got TERRIBLE, and the deli is crap.

I am a sucker for a Royal Farms though, cleaner presentation than Wawa and fried chicken 24/7


bradbikes t1_iwqp4m6 wrote

I wouldn't go THAT far. I'd say B+ for a regional-national sized chain. The deli is worse than it used to be but it's still way better than say subway, and the convenience store snack selection is still excellent.

Still, I pine for the good old days when you could literally get your Thanksgiving turkey there.


DirtyDungeonDaddy t1_iwqpdui wrote

That's fair, i just miss those good breakfast sandwiches so much. I'm out on the west coast now and nobody can make a good bacon egg and cheese


The_Lone_Apple t1_iwqoeqz wrote

There are truck stops where they announce showers that are miles better than 7-Eleven.


brando56894 t1_iwsvxvc wrote

As someone that grew up in South Jersey, I agree.


aMonkeyRidingABadger t1_iwq29ar wrote

A 7-11 near me closed a few months ago. It was vacant until recently, when they added signage and started installing new shelves/coolers/etc for a new bodega. A great trade.


eldersveld t1_iwqci3v wrote

The shit they try to get New Yorkers to eat their pizza is hilarious


mars357 t1_iwr0bot wrote

My teenaged daughter ordered a 7-11 pizza and had it delivered by Grubhub. I’m ashamed and my neighbors in Brooklyn won’t look me in the eye now.


shamam t1_iwr1jgu wrote

Sounds like bad parenting.

(kidding, sorry for your loss)


PKMKII t1_iwqunhl wrote

It’s always so sad when the Seamless app has that “Would you like us to pick up something from 7-11 on the way?” message after you place an order. Very desperate of 7-11.


shhhhquiet t1_iwqiffl wrote

Hey, when you bear in mind that it's basically just a mid-tier frozen pizza that somebody else heated up for you it's not terrible.


LittleKitty235 t1_iwqz658 wrote

oofffff. I feel bad for that woman who is being paid to peddle that garbage.