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bradbikes t1_iwqna5o wrote

Sadly Wawa really downgraded their deli meats a few years ago...still an outrageous upgrade from 7-11 though.


DirtyDungeonDaddy t1_iwqofbv wrote

Yeah Wawa is C tier convenience store at best. Store is clean but the hot and ready food has sucked for a while, their breakfast sandwiches got TERRIBLE, and the deli is crap.

I am a sucker for a Royal Farms though, cleaner presentation than Wawa and fried chicken 24/7


bradbikes t1_iwqp4m6 wrote

I wouldn't go THAT far. I'd say B+ for a regional-national sized chain. The deli is worse than it used to be but it's still way better than say subway, and the convenience store snack selection is still excellent.

Still, I pine for the good old days when you could literally get your Thanksgiving turkey there.


DirtyDungeonDaddy t1_iwqpdui wrote

That's fair, i just miss those good breakfast sandwiches so much. I'm out on the west coast now and nobody can make a good bacon egg and cheese


The_Lone_Apple t1_iwqoeqz wrote

There are truck stops where they announce showers that are miles better than 7-Eleven.