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biggreencat t1_ixdn1yw wrote

the problem i'm trying to bring up is that it's a benefit to the people who are receiving rent control. there aren't a lot of policies that are quite as socially protective as that is. of course those of us who aren't benefitting from it aren't going to consider it beneficial.

I'm also sceptical (to put it mildly) that the general population of renters would benefit from more development and the changing of zoning laws.


Marlsfarp t1_ixdo78w wrote

The people who manage to land a rent controlled home will be able to live cheaply as their home and their city decays around them, together with their grown children who can't afford to leave. Sometimes it's worth it for that select group, but overall it's a disaster. Supply and demand is not some trick made up by evil economists.


biggreencat t1_ixdp67k wrote

i agree with the first sentiment. that's my problem with rent control--how's it help someone like me? that second sentiment tho. it's a very dated simplification.