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charleejourney t1_iwmi72z wrote

I would think there are roaches at most restaurants in NYC. I also see workers violating health regulations a lot of times.


MadRockthethird t1_iwmv0ub wrote

Not if they clean every night and have an exterminator in regularly. It's hard but you have to be diligent.


charleejourney t1_iwn74w3 wrote

It is amount of diligent that you won’t get from most employees. Most restaurants I seen don’t have a venom proof area to store their trash before it is picked either.


BiblioPhil t1_iwnj3vo wrote

It's the job of Starbucks management to ensure that it happens. There are solutions, including paying people enough to deal with it.


deadlyenmity t1_iwo8epb wrote

Mayne idk if Eddie Brock gets into the trash just keep the roaches out

Venom proof



deadlyenmity t1_iwo8ax3 wrote


There are still roaches, they just don’t come out as much if it’s kept clean.

Every nyc building has rats and roaches, to think otherwise is just funny