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san_serifs t1_iwmks7o wrote

You’d be amazed how many ice machines are not maintained properly and are pretty gross.


MechaShiva89 t1_iwmu7n9 wrote

Refrigeration guy here, ice machines are always terrible. Sometimes they don’t want to shut them down to clean them, sometimes they don’t know how to clean them, sometimes they don’t know that they need to be cleaned, but 90 percent of the time these things look like they were pulled from a garbage dump, doesn’t matter if it is a supermarket, restaurant, cafe or wherever.


charliehustles t1_iwonpss wrote

Used to service ice machines too. There are some things in life you just can’t unsee.


careful_ibite t1_iwo00p9 wrote

This was my first thought, worked in a lot of bars and restaurants and seen some dodgy ice machines