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rioht t1_iyrvwna wrote

What's the verdict on the weekly crime threads? I enjoyed it and felt it made the community and subreddit better (I know others obviously disagree). Any chance it'll be made permanent?


nemoid t1_iysfugg wrote

We're discussing it internally. Hopefully should have some type of direction soon.


IRequirePants t1_iyttldl wrote

Is it possible to do a hybrid approach? Shove the NYPost ones into the thread, but higher profile cases are allowed outside (e.g. crime involving a politician).


TwoCats_OneMan t1_iytx7en wrote

You need no direction, nor does there need to be discussion. Reddit has upvotes and downvotes. Your input is unnecessary short of a post outright promoting racism or violence.

The downvote and upvote decide all. If someone wants to post about a restaurant in San Francisco here or their favorite breed of dog, the upvote and downvote button can decide that as well regardless of whether it is germane to the city of New York or not.


nemoid t1_iyvc5v5 wrote

Sounds like you should start your own NYC sub then and moderate it the way you want.


WickhamAkimbo t1_j01o27y wrote

r/NYC is the better name. I think we'll all stay here. If you'd like to move to a differently-named sub to avoid the critics here, feel free.


EagleFly_5 t1_j0iaafa wrote

There’s also r/NewYorkCity too which is a good alternative from here, although less active. Name wise, it’s logical too since it’s the full name of the city, so people wouldn’t be confused. The 5 individual borough subs all have their own proper names, again easy to find and access for those who’d want an even more local perspective.

Don’t think the “3rd option” subs as an alternate to here & that sub aren’t doing too good since it could be the name, or overall as with any other new subreddit, finding your niche, and content/followers/active users in order to have that community grow.


[deleted] t1_izehutr wrote



TwoCats_OneMan t1_izo0rfa wrote

Because the /r/nyc mods are terrible.


MajorFogTime t1_izpocbg wrote

I just got shitcanned so I am free to be honest now and... most of the mods are actually really nice people. You wouldn't believe the crap that they deal with on a daily basis (especially when anything controversial comes up).

It's really hard to balance moderation when both sides are screeching at you about how shitty of a job you're doing. If you go too far one way, the other side gets pissed and vice versa. No making everyone happy, I suppose.


TwoCats_OneMan t1_izq8ohi wrote

Oh man, I never thought about that. It must be really difficult to be a reddit...snicker, snort...mod. Oh, god, thank you for that laugh today.


_TheCommish_ t1_iz4zjy5 wrote

Fucker who shot 3 people was out on bail for armed robbery. Fuck this city’s DA and government


volkommm t1_j0gjzjs wrote

He was a good boy who was about to turn his life around and sign up for community college. He was just super oppressed and couldn't overcome the white supremacy constantly forcing him to do things like shoot people


[deleted] t1_j1zwhv7 wrote

What's the spiel you give when the person isn't Black?


DaBo_i t1_iyw8u6w wrote

Oh boy you can really feel the sub quality plummet after the crime thread got removed


Annual_Negotiation44 t1_iz07f3k wrote

I think the monthly rent for apartment buildings with rooftop pools should be capped at $500/month.


Les923 t1_j1978kf wrote

And the landlords want you to add another zero to that figure 😂


problemheresir6 t1_izc99da wrote

Anybody else notice less of the dirt bikes in their neighborhood? Feels like I haven’t seen them recently. Did the city actually do something right for once?


thedeermunk t1_j065x1l wrote

It’s a Summer thing. They’ll be back in six months.


iv2892 t1_izlzeio wrote

Is it time for the MTA to increase service frequency during the weekend ? At least during the busy seasons


TheNormalAlternative t1_izz8zeb wrote

The MTA would raise fares 500% to try this and service would still be unreliable and slow


MajorFogTime t1_izofa6r wrote

If only. I waited 20 minutes for a train last weekend. No particular service advisory either, just slow. I have seen some lines with delays because of "limited crews" which is questionable.


c3p-bro t1_iywc436 wrote

Listening to WNYC is exhausting. They have like 5 topics they cover and they just beat those topics to death. And it’s always depressing shit.


iv2892 t1_iyh4dhz wrote

Is it likely that Kathy Hochul or even Biden can provide some extra money so they MTA doesn’t raise fares ?


lickedTators t1_iynrqbi wrote

It is likely they will both provide extra money and also the MTA raises fares.


Crimsonwolf1445 t1_j0hwb3h wrote

This always happens.

Mta threatens fair hike

Mta gets govt funds

Mta raises fare anyway


TwoCats_OneMan t1_iyhvvhx wrote

Only one data point, but I know of at least five teenagers who are making 100% profit on those Welch's fruit snacks sales in the subway after watching them walk out of the Atlantic Terminal Target without paying for them.


BiblioPhil t1_iytfct6 wrote

>one data point

Lol internet crime anecdotes aren't even that.


stoopdapoop t1_j0y8w0c wrote

wouldn't 100% profit mean that their profit was equal to their costs?

it sounds like they're doing much better than 100%


manormortal t1_iz2aw7l wrote

December showers bring January flowers?

Guess it's better than snow and black ice.


c-ccola t1_iyuc0kg wrote

Hi all, could anyone help me out with finding some of my childhood Asian food spots?

Specifically, are there any large filipino stores or asian stores in general that sell duck, roast pork, pig ears, steamed buns, shumai, etc. in or around Chinatown, specifically to go and usually in white or clear plastic containers? Or any spots that sold prepared filipino foods like ensaymada, hopia, pandesal, suman, etc.

A lot of stores away from NYC and even in CT bring this food from New York and sell it in their own mom n pop small asian marts. This food is my childhood and since the White Plains mall closed, we aren't sure where to buy this food anymore, but don't know where these Asian marts get this food either. They seem like the same source(s) too, since the recipe, containers and quality are consistently the same, but feel free to correct me!

I'm essentially looking for the source of where several Asian marts are getting the duck, roast pork, buns, filipino food, etc. from. If you aren't sure, I'll also take recommendations for spots with these foods!

Thanks for any help!


Remarkable_Mango_483 t1_izj39ag wrote

Super incredibly random but I’m visiting nyc this weekend and my sister said that my niece(7 years old) wants a dragon with “all the powers” for Christmas. Is there any toy store in nyc that would have something like that?


realestatenerd171 t1_izxf2u6 wrote

Hi! I'm a reporter looking to talk to New Yorkers this week who were able to purchase an apartment because of a parent's help... I mean, how else to buy in NYC... but maybe ended up having to navigate a lot of conflict with parents who had different ideas of how they should live. Happy to preserve some anonymity. --


notxrbt t1_j0uzzan wrote


Les923 t1_j1965ok wrote

What was the name of the section in Craig’s list where people would write similar things like this? Was it ‘missed connections’ or something like that?


notxrbt t1_j19c0ba wrote

Yup! They used to have a missed connections section, but they shut it down.


stoopdapoop t1_j0y8o2s wrote

Does NYC charge sales tax when paying parking tickets? I'm trying to see if my Turo host is bagging an extra $15 by charging me for some tax he didn't have to pay.

also is there a $5.25 processing fee?


Mattna-da t1_j1e28xo wrote

That’s standard. Just pay.


stoopdapoop t1_j1e4f3d wrote

damn, ok.

charging tax for a fine is double dipping, I'm surprised y'all new yorkers stand for that.


manormortal t1_j188jot wrote

What kind of scumbag makes it 50+ degrees and rain and then drops the wind chill to below zero within a 24 hour period?

Mother nature outta pocket af.


WarrenBuffetsDriver t1_j22p0um wrote

So crime got a sticky because it was clogging up the front page but there's....8 threads about Santos on the front page.

Makes sense.


EagleFly_5 t1_j2dspj8 wrote

Tonight’s the big night, and whether you’re celebrating at home, at a bar or restaurant, with friends/family/loved ones or alone, even in person at Times Square, may 2023 be a better year for us all, and your storybook in life continue to be filled with positivity.

Happy New Year! 🎊


manormortal t1_iyh7mw0 wrote

Brisk and beautiful, hello December bby 😎


SilenceDooDooGood t1_iynxy0r wrote

Does anyone know what an "unverified crime post" is? I'm not familiar. (rule #13)


Affectionate-Tip1415 t1_iyuz1bc wrote

Is it safe to ask people to take a photo for you and not get your phone stolen? Or if you use a tripod in a kind of crowded area?


Mike724 t1_iyvkfsp wrote

Yes it is safe in my experience, especially if you're in a touristy area and you ask another tourist to help you (even better if it's a small group/family you ask instead of a lone person). But as always, be mindful of your surroundings and follow your instincts if something feels unsafe. Not sure about the tripod.


iv2892 t1_izlzlgg wrote

You will Get CRIMED!! . But seriously for real is perfectly okay , you will be able to tell


Everbar t1_iz3f4s4 wrote

Hey guys, anyone knows where I can go Shellfishing? I live in Queens but the one that was most recommended was a place in Oyster bay but they only allow their residents to go there. So can anybody help me out? Even if it is outstate.I have never done it so much appreciated any other helpful advice. Thanks


justshowingup t1_izzdqti wrote

I’m looking for a pub in Lower Manhattan that has outdoor seating with heaters! A friend is very Covid conscious but we need to stay warm. Can you suggest one?


EagleFly_5 t1_j002vfa wrote

Consider asking on r/FoodNYC (+ be specific), but for the most part, some places are already kicking off their outdoor heating systems now. 2 winters in due to the pandemic, nowadays it’s a mixed bag dining outdoors: on one hand it’s a different experience & easy to get in+out (still have to go indoors to use the restroom + talk to FOH staff), but it’s not the “cleanest” places in terms of vermin, it’s always uncertain in regards to extreme cold/snow days/ice that may inevitably happen this winter, and you can never know what happens outside those four walls of the outdoor dining shelter.


volkommm t1_j0gjc10 wrote

Try one of those outdoor seating areas at any bar. It's like sitting inside but you're outside. Covid doesn't exist when the enclosed shed is located on the street, it requires a physical address


iv2892 t1_j05liqk wrote

Say what you want about NYC but at least we don’t have head lines about a guy shooting a KFC restaurant because they ran out of corn


KindaNormalHuman t1_j06md0s wrote

That's one of the main reasons I moved here, so much less gun violence here than in other parts of the country.


RoscoeTheDog13 t1_j09m9y2 wrote

Distinctly NYC question

How much do you gift doormen/porters/super each year at Christmas? It is our first year living in a doorman building and want to make sure we gift a good gift.


Historical_Pair3057 t1_j0ut0yi wrote

If they're friendly, go out of their way to hold the door for you on occassion, are busy handling deliveries and boxes, I would definitely give at least around $100 each.


volkommm t1_j0gj58r wrote

Super? If he's good like 50 bucks. It pays for itself when something breaks and you need a part asap


AlwaysChic38 t1_j0a5qk0 wrote

Can I ask you about what it’s like living in NYC?

I’m in grad school in TX to be a mental health therapist (I absolutely love it!!). I am partially blind and in small rural TX transportation is horrible. Which makes everything else much more difficult. You can’t be as independent nor functional as a person without great transportation. Texas isn’t feasible for someone with a disability who can’t drive.TX is severely lacking in numerous areas especially for those with disabilities and lgbtq.

I honestly don’t mind paying more for a greater quality of life as a visually impaired person.

I’ve been doing a lot of research on states with opportunities and great transportation; NYC seems to be at the top concerning walkability and public transportation.

What’s your take on the transportation systems, walkability, culture, weather, amenities, and anything you’d like to discuss concerning NYC??

Thank you so very much for taking the time to answer my questions!!!!🖤


iv2892 t1_j0br2e5 wrote

Well it is expensive unless you move to a relatively unsafe neighborhood, so if money isn’t the issue. It’s really great, transportation is excellent, you can get anywhere in the city via subway, buses , scooter, bikes, Uber, taxi , etc. Weather depends on your taste , really cold and sometimes snowy winters, hot and muggy summers .


iv2892 t1_j0br9kn wrote

You can also try r/askNYC and you could get more answers from different users


Freehand6746 t1_j0e2582 wrote

Hello, I'm on a search for some food items.

I am looking for bulk organic oat groats(10lbs+), red or black sorghum, bulk halawi/halawy dates, organic black cumin, and bulk organic spices in general. I am trying to find quality ingredients to improve my results in the kitchen and my health without breaking the bank. Doesn't have to be at the same location(though I doubt one place would happen to have everything listed), and I'm more than happy to travel within the city. Any help is appreciated.

I made a post about it in r/AskNYC, but I'm commenting here as well.


LivingCaregiver7449 t1_j0yxemh wrote

Are all NYC deli standardized between different owners or does somebody own most of them


LeeHarveyOswizzle t1_j1e00eq wrote

This is just my guess. A bunch might owned be owned same company. Or they all buy from the same distributor. Like how a basic Chinese takeout place in NYC is the same stuff you'd find in Jackson Mississippi.


Mattna-da t1_j1e22ko wrote

There is the KGA Korean Grocers Association. Must be some standardization for bulk inventory purchase efficiency, but I don’t know.


[deleted] t1_j10c2ke wrote



Sad-Principle3781 t1_j12opw2 wrote

that's peak expensive hotel period. I'd suggest the week right after for less crowds and expenses. If you must come when you want, pick a relative closer area to tourist attractions and next to the subway.


avon_barksale t1_j1rrr3s wrote

Spent one hour writing thoughtful post about what changes i've seen NYC undergo in the past 3 years, people start replying with good comments up and of course the mods delete it. I see many other (lower quality) similar posts talking about NYC stay up. What gives?

Deleted post


IdkTell_me_more t1_j1vz26m wrote

I’m tired of getting bullshit tickets from these traffic cams that are incorrect and having to waste time fighting them to eventually hear “oh this was a mistake.” If it’s not working, turn it tf off. Is this happening to anyone else?


iv2892 t1_j25c4mg wrote

The new Penn station is lovely


hologothic t1_j27kb1j wrote

PSA: Don't smoke on the train. I don't know why some people think this is okay, but it's not.

A girl was smoking on the uptown R. Multiple people told her to put it out but she simply moved to the other side of the car, right across from me. At that point I was done -- you really want to subject people to your smoke and make us all breathe it in? Then I'm going to tell you you're an inconsiderate piece of shit.

I moved to another car and this psychopath followed me, then took a pic of me. Really? I'm not scared. You're the asshole smoking and making everyone suffocate.


iv2892 t1_j2el11b wrote

Smoking in trains is illegal and punishable by law, Needs to be reported immediately. -MTA


iv2892 t1_j2aq8lf wrote

There’s an idiot in Twitter who had the nerve to say nyc is more dangerous than St. Louis because the total amount murders is almost twice as high as STL. 263 vs NYC 462 . NO SHIT DUDE 9 million people vs 300K in STL. For NYC to have the same murder rate there would need to be near 8K murders per year in NYC which not even prime NYC in the 80s was able to match


manormortal t1_iylvkwd wrote

Just peeped the latest episode of Sex Lives Of College Girls and are we really judgemental against people with 516 numbers? I thought people only fawned over 212 numbers.


NoGimmicks t1_iynjc5g wrote

Regarding the health care worker bonus program.

Does anyone know what happens if you quit after both the vesting period and employer’s deadline to submit paperwork to the state closes?

Me (and a friend in different facility) want to quit our current jobs. Vesting period ended already and the employer deadline was 11/30 for the second vesting period.

If we give notice and the bonus hasn’t been paid before we leave will we still receive it? Or do we have to wait until vesting period 4 (April through September 2023) to maximize our bonus?


PhlyChef t1_iyooj54 wrote

I'm coming to NYC next weekend for the Week 14 game between the Eagles (my team) and Giants. I have a reservation at Clinton St Baking Company. But I wanna check out some other food spots too. Pizza, a Deli, something that yall (the locals) enjoy and associate NY with. Any suggestions are appreciated, cheers.


acsatx89 t1_iz6nk0c wrote

Not from here, but the r/FoodNYC has been pretty great for referencing before my upcoming trip


Iam_a_Jew t1_iyoq5wh wrote

I was looking to get a few food/cooking items related to nyc for a couple of friends. They lived there up until a year ago. I'm thinking condiments, seasonings, oils, that kinds of things. I'm not a big fan of sites like Goldbelly otherwise I'd get from Katz's Deli or one of the pizza spots.

They love the trendy nyc restaurants if that helps with general direction. Their favorite nyc food spots are:

Court Street Grocer




hahcha t1_iypetgk wrote

been a while since I visited but when did they get rid of the bonus cash when loading your metro card with a certain amount of $? All the options I saw on the machine were with no bonus.


EagleFly_5 t1_iypmon1 wrote

Iirc it was a part of the MTA/MetroCard budget remedy in early 2019 (went in effect on 21 April 2019) in order to keep the base subway/bus fare at 2,75$ (still that amount today, even w/ OMNY/contactless pay), which fortunately they’ve done, but had to cut out the 5% bonus you had when reloading 5,50$ or more. It also meant bumping up prices of unlimited MetroCards to 33$ (7-day) and 127$ (30 day) which they’re at today in December 2022. In a way, Metro-North & LIRR fares increased too. Thanks to federal & state funding, even in the midst of the pandemic, fares have been stable, but it did mean cost of tolls for crossing MTA Bridges & Tunnels did get a slight increase in 2021.

It’s plausible at some point next year/2023 and/or possibly 2024 that subway/bus fares would increase past 2,75$ (where they’ve been since March 2015). State officials/MTA’s board are saying the agency’s lacking money, so they may aim to bring it up to 3$-3,50$ (or more) per ride, but time will tell given the cost of everything else in the city’s going up.


Coquill t1_j0017yy wrote

probably a reason people jumping turnstiles


aagr t1_iyppjlw wrote

I'm trying to find dinner reservations near Koreatown for tomorrow evening around 6.15, but everything looks booked! Does anyone have recommendations?


EagleFly_5 t1_iyq8zxr wrote

You should consider asking and/or searching on r/FoodNYC just in case!


External12 t1_iyqe3tl wrote

Hello Everyone. I know of the usual city things to do, but I would like some unlikely or not obvious suggestions. Obvious would be the museums, Statue of Liberty, Empire State, etc. I am looking for things like Ferarra's dessert restaurant, Comedy Cellar, McSorely's, Search and Destroy Thrift store, etc., the maybe more well known hidden gems and so on, if that makes sense. I am not sure where to find places on my own other than usual lists of suggestions through web search.


c3p-bro t1_iywccyd wrote

What type of things do you enjoy?

Take the east river ferry


Historical_Pair3057 t1_izsbxo8 wrote

Yeah, depends on what you like. Here's things I like:

  • Apollo Amateur Night; $30 tickets; Wed nights; on break until after holidays
  • Nuyorican Poets Cafe...haven't been in years but always a good spot to drop in
  • Abracadabra costume shop (I'm a Halloween nut)
  • Hang out in Wash Sq Park and let yourself get husseled by the chess guys
  • Ice skating in Bryant Park
  • Bike ride along West Side / Hudson Parkway
  • Find the waterfall in Central Park's ramble

External12 t1_j0l909p wrote

Hey, thanks a lot for responding. Much appreciated!


mrshinrichs t1_iyvuckn wrote

My family is visiting the end of this week (from Minnesota). How are the sidewalks in Manhattan- trying to decide if we should be packing winter boots (waterproof) or if sneakers is good enough for days exploring outside (Christmas markets, holiday displays, etc).


Klaxonwang t1_iz1lp1k wrote

streets are clear and we haven't had any snow yet.


sanwugi t1_iz07s2h wrote

anyone have recomemndations where I can buy a wreath and have it delivered for a friend?


manselbach t1_iz7w89c wrote

May be moved back to city for work after 6 year leave but have option. How is the city feeling in your opinion & are apartments at level price or inflated?


volkommm t1_j0gk092 wrote

Apartments in Manhattan are very very well priced right now if you're a landlord. Average (Manhattan) is like 4500 a month. I'd consider that a steal insofar as they are stealing your money. Got me feeling like mao 😈


I-Sleep-At-Work t1_izbcmks wrote

so, my amazon packages are arriving with weed smoke smell now... oi


doodle77 t1_iznwde3 wrote

Somebody been hotboxing in the delivery van.


manormortal t1_j06r91c wrote

Now this is what I call December bby 😎

Just make sure it doesn't stick tomorrow 👍


danhakimi t1_j0c3gmh wrote

Alfargo's Marketplace this Sunday! A top tier menswear thrift popup, I'll be there, highly recommend.


TwoCats_OneMan t1_j0g6hl9 wrote

I don't want clothing that's been worn by other people and has had months or years to absorb their body fluids.


danhakimi t1_j0g7ya2 wrote

Uh... Not sure how you think bodily fluids work, but most people don't get them on their clothes often... And most people also clean their clothes when they get dirty, so...

But fine, you're welcome to keep buying new crap and throwing it in landfills, no need to be offended at the thought of thrifting. Some of us like it, I hope that's okay with you.


TwoCats_OneMan t1_j0ii5kv wrote

Sweat, urine, semen, blood.


danhakimi t1_j0ilkir wrote

Sweat is not considered a bodily fluid. See: It doesn't really transmit disease. And since you'd be thrifting in person -- on the very off chance that somebody has sweat enough into a garment to smell without cleaning it, you'd be able to smell before you bought.

I don't know what you're doing with your clothes, but I doubt anybody is selling anything that has been stained with anything else on that list.

But... You know what, you've convinced me, you definitely shouldn't come.


manormortal t1_j0gwbrt wrote

Ok enough, tired of taking a shower with my clothes on.


notxrbt t1_j0v00re wrote



FedishSwish t1_j0whh5d wrote

When that comment was posted it had been raining for what felt like 24 hours in a row.


nniiggeell1999 t1_j0y64qh wrote

Hi, I took the subway twice today, paying using OMNY. For my first trip, I was charged $1. Second trip was charged $2.75. Does anyone know why I was only charged $1 for the first trip?


awesomeyo9876 t1_j0zj0ib wrote

Sounds like a card hold, wait for charges to settle in a few days


Mattna-da t1_j1e2d0j wrote

Anyone else getting frustrated with the NYPD work stoppage?


boopthesn0op t1_j1thwke wrote

Question about our civil/criminal courts: I was under the impression that most courts aren’t open until Friday due to holiday observance but I check the New York Unified court system database and there are a couple of cases that are being seen during this time period. Are these cases special/virtual? Or is the database/system wrong


LaFragata1 t1_j1ydx3z wrote

Any Landmarks Preservation Committee employees here? I need some help regarding a preservation


brokynf t1_j22x8vd wrote

So i’m doing phish for nye and the concert is over at 1. I’m visiting here but is there some place to eat open at 1 AM?


Meikok t1_j260gic wrote

In the city that never sleeps? Pick a cuisine and neighbourhood and I can help


brokynf t1_j26e4yv wrote

Well I’ll be at MSG. Somewhere around there. No real preference tbh, just somewhere to chill and eat


sooobueno16 t1_j2ft111 wrote

KTown should have something open. Just a couple blocks east of MSG


iv2892 t1_j27i817 wrote

George santos mother died on 9/11 and resurrected at some point and then died again in 2016 according to his own tweets . What a fucking clown


avon_barksale t1_j2eqv01 wrote

So strange that a disproportionate amount of people from NYC goto University of Michigan for school.

Don’t see the appeal.


Over_Island7030 t1_j0d9g34 wrote

Hey guys, I’m trying to find monthly parking in manhattan that is close enough to a subway that goes directly to the Penn Station (or 7 train). Any recommendations? Maybe something significantly lower than $600/mo, and maybe north of Midtown.


doodle77 t1_j0e9nl4 wrote

4036 10th Avenue, it's a straight shot on the 1 train, just 1 hour to Penn Station~


awesomeyo9876 t1_j0zjycw wrote

Depending where upstate you are coming from, consider the Secaucus NJTransit station parking lots


TwoCats_OneMan t1_j0g6fjr wrote

Ok, one response to this is sarcasm, which is deserved.

Seriously, what the fuck? You want to park in Manhattan near a subway that goes to Penn Station...which is in Manhattan?

Explain yourself, sir.


Over_Island7030 t1_j0g9hc5 wrote

Parking around penn station is very expensive. I want to find a place where monthly parking is a bit cheaper (possibly by a subway that goes to penn station). My workplace is directly next to the Penn station. This is very much NOT a sarcastic question.

Queens, Brooklyn, and SI are out of the question bc it’s too far away from me. I’m from upstate.


Crimsonwolf1445 t1_j0hvi7h wrote

If your driving from upstate either take the long metro north ride OR take the L and pay for parking. It makes little sense to drive to manhattan to then take a train to go to a different part of manhattan


Over_Island7030 t1_j0hypux wrote

I have to pay for parking by the MNR anyway. It’s $15 a day, and they’re out of permits. MNR is $9.2 each way with the 20-ticket pass, and I have to pay 2.75 for the subway from GCT to Hudson Yards. So, it costs me about $39 per day I commute (I come a few times per week).

I want to come to the office more often, so I feel like getting monthly parking in upper manhattan could be worth it, if it’s like $300/mo? I would definitely skip the tolls, and only have to pay $5.5 for the subway.