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cscareerkweshuns t1_iyieu4a wrote

Where's San Francisco? it's gotta be up there too


ShinjukuAce t1_iyiuf4u wrote

San Francisco and especially Silicon Valley are more expensive than New York. To live near major tech companies and not have a long commute, people will pay $2-3 million for small, older homes.


thepotatochronicles t1_iyixzik wrote

Taxes are actually lower if you're making upper tier FAANG salaries (i.e. the kind that can pay $2-3M for small, older, homes), though. Of course, both CA and NYC taxes are literally double+ of Singapore's taxes.


Donny_Crane t1_iyjv29o wrote

How does that make it more expensive than New York? Small, old homes with a short commute here are also crazy expensive.


ethandjay t1_iyktyu1 wrote

housing stock is apples to oranges


Donny_Crane t1_iymjczt wrote

So is the city itself. SF is basically the Manhattan of the are (but it's not as expensive as Manhattan). Also anecdotally you get significantly more square footage for your money in the Bay Area than in NYC.


kwyjibo555 t1_iyjbm51 wrote

I don't know about that. Using your analogy, living near Manhattan in a Brooklyn single family home (usually built in the late 1800s or early 1900s), people will pay more than $2-3mil on average.


agentargo t1_iyjriz4 wrote

And it needs $500k+ in reno to be livable and it's still a 30-45m commute to work.