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hyrmes165 t1_j1i5a1x wrote

If there aren’t enough seats in some neighborhoods but unfulfilled seats in others, it makes more sense to add more spots in the neighborhoods that need more seats. Then the enrollment numbers will be higher.


bloodmoonack t1_j1ii98d wrote

as a parent, it's wild to me that this underutilized. It's free childcare! Free! And childcare is crazy expensive!


Affectionate_Ear3330 t1_j1jofp3 wrote

Most mothers of color would stay home for a 3yo. With govt benefits there is zero incentive to use child care voucher BEFORE they are actually mandated to attend school. The snake eats it’s own tail. Now if your middle class and working and don’t receive handouts, regardless of ethic background you would be clamoring to get free childcare. That’s what’s happening in this story.


WorthPrudent3028 t1_j1l3nwp wrote

So you made a racist comment against mothers of color, but you were also unknowingly racist against white mothers. White mothers don't want their toddlers to leave the house any more than mothers of color. 3-K is about socialization. If your kid hasn't done it before then, you're already behind. The "white" folks put their kids in day care from infancy.

The welfare shit is just nonsense. You clearly don't know how welfare works.


Affectionate_Ear3330 t1_j1mnuof wrote

First of all I am a POC and nothing I said was racist. I was stating real world behaviors. Culturally POC mothers do not send children to govt schools until they have to for 1) safety reasons - a 3yo is still having an adult wipe them 2) because there is pressure from extended family to not over-Americanize and or under-culturalize your child. Aka the “remember we are not like them” conversation.

My second point regarding benefits Is 100% facts, if you already are hearing if from family “don’t take the baby to daycare with strangers” and the local govt provides SNAP, WIC, Health/Dental until the child is school age (5+) where is the incentive to use this program????

You would actually be doing harm to your community because a local Aunty/Grandma could watch your child under the guise of your own cultural standards(this is the socialization part) in exchange for cash or SNAP.

This literally happens every day in this city. You and the writers of the article, and all the commentators calling what I said racism; are out of touch with the reality of human behavior and motivations. Particularly, those pertaining to POC and the poverty stricken.

I never said anything about white folks because it’s not a issue of skin color. It’s cultural/ethnic morality that is on display in this problem. I wasn’t trying to single white ppl out but yes the middle and upper class whites of NYC face much less barriers to placing their children into these school programs at earlier ages because 1) the nuclear family is all that matters to them ‘culturally’ 2) they are more likely to be highly educated and working full time 3) they are not receiving govt benefits that incentivize staying home with their child beyond the ages of 1-2.

I wasn’t demonizing welfare but yes it’s true the current setup is unfair to lower middle and working class families. There should be universal parental benefits. I personally believe income eligibility should not be apart of SNAP at all.


ctindel t1_j1xik8j wrote

What government benefits do you lose if you enroll your child in 3K and UPK?


DiNovi t1_j1lx5xo wrote

your world view is bizarre


Remarkable_Landscape t1_j1m6d41 wrote

You misspelled "racist"


DiNovi t1_j1md98r wrote

sure but the idea working class people don’t work and somehow survive this way anywhere is just bizarre


Remarkable_Landscape t1_j1m6in6 wrote

Hey Regan called, he said you should shut up. They retired that dog whistle a while back.


Affectionate_Ear3330 t1_j1mo8x8 wrote

Umm do you know what nuance is? Y’all are the ones demonizing what I said. I did not insult welfare recipients.


spyro86 t1_j1i6l6q wrote

Seems like they just need to open up some pre-k centers in different areas that need it. Close a class room or 2 in areas with low enrollment.


KaiDaiz t1_j1j56ot wrote

They should better allocate resources and relocate where the demand is but folks will claim the program is racist down the line when they notice its centers in poor minority areas closing and demand the entire program shut down for everyone for equality.


spyro86 t1_j1j94qw wrote

They have more kids so they need more schools that offer these programs. That's like saying it's agist to not build schools in towns in Florida there like 95% retirement communities


KaiDaiz t1_j1jcd12 wrote

Well telling you what will happen in the future...there will be cries of racial injustice and need to cancel program bc of it. It has happen before, cue current G&T program controversy.


ctindel t1_j1xiqv1 wrote

The G&T program has a different problem, there are too many people who qualify compared to the number of seats available. In reality we need to be building a lot more G&T schools starting in the kindergarten grade.


wizard_of_aws t1_j1klqg2 wrote

I feel like most commenter didn't read the article, or at least the reasons they give for low enrollment.


Les923 t1_j1ky2ld wrote

They just want to spew their prejudices about Black mothers not working & sitting home on welfare when statistics show that white people collect benefits more than Black people smh. Every Black woman I know work & work hard.


Affectionate_Ear3330 t1_j1mpatk wrote

Ask those black women if they were comfortable placing a three year old in a public school when they had the choice to simply not.


Les923 t1_j1n2c9b wrote

Well the Black women I knew who had babies & this is before the 3 year old universal Pre K was started, we all had our children (younger than 5 y/o since once they turned 5, they went to kindergarten) we all had them with a paid babysitter or for the fortunate ones who had a family member who stayed home, like a retired grandmother, they were the ones who babysat our children because welfare is not a sufficient lifestyle for us.

We wanted more than ‘project living’. We all worked, we didn’t want to eat once a month when food stamps were given out or live where only Section 8 is accepted. 75% of the women I know are all home owners & those that are still in apartments pay their rents with no public assistance.

Please don’t believe all of what the Republican leaning media wants you to believe. The majority of Black women out here are working hard for their money & not sitting around waiting on hand outs & public assistance.

So basically we didn’t have a choice to simply not place our children at day care or with babysitters because we HAD to work & was working before getting pregnant & had to go back to work WAY before they turned 3 y/o.


freeradicalx t1_j1r64bd wrote

WWdBD? He would have DoE increase outreach to city families regarding the usefulness of the program and those empty spots would be filled within a few months. But Adams would never increase the intensity of any education program, so a crown jewel of his predecessor and nationally-visible party colleague will begin to rot. Let's not pretend this is anything other than mismanagement.


Johnnadawearsglasses t1_j1iv9is wrote

In person enrollment of any sort is super hard right now in low income areas. I am part an education enrichment non profit and in person stats are down at least 20% since pre pandemic.


a-rabid-cupcake t1_j203fr2 wrote

Trying to get my child into Special Education 3K and there are no seats in my district. I've been looking since my child was evaluated months ago. Now the CPSE Administrator tells me it's my job to find a school with seats for my child. My child ages out of EI at the end of this month (December). There's a seat in a Universal 3K near my house - but the Administrator basically said they aren't willing to give my child a one-on-one paraprofessional and put her in the Universal 3K.

For some districts, this is the sort of chaotic mess we're seeing. No seats in Special Education 3K, empty seats in Universal 3K.


Rottimer t1_j1i7v5p wrote

Adams is proving to be more disgusting than I had anticipated.


[deleted] t1_j1jlpio wrote

Those Pre-K seats are unfilled because the money is a scam. Nobodies enrolling they kids to that monarchy scheme.


Myske1 t1_j1hzchu wrote

Cancelling the expansion of an underutilized program doesn’t seem crazy.


psychothumbs OP t1_j1ib2v0 wrote

The conservative way: sabotage programs and then use the resulting dysfunction as an excuse to get rid of them.


Myske1 t1_j1ifyrc wrote

It wasn’t sabotaged. People didn’t enroll their kids. Simple as that.


KaiDaiz t1_j1j3hbm wrote

You mean like Dems war on tracking? Dem led NYC DOE guts the G&T programs in black and brown communities and wonder why black & brown students underperforming and their SHS numbers plummet and use it's a excuse to get rid of all G&T programs and SHSATs?

Both sides play this starve the beast game.


cuteman t1_j1jn87v wrote

>The conservative way: sabotage programs and then use the resulting dysfunction as an excuse to get rid of them.

Ahh yes... NYC bastion of conservative control


psychothumbs OP t1_j1jnp2s wrote

Well yeah, we have a conservative mayor who is doing the thing I described.