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ofxemp t1_j0xeh1n wrote

If the US govt is allowing these migrants to come through the border, I don’t see why city/state dollars should be used to take care of them. Feds should send money. They do for southern border states anyway


someone_whoisthat t1_j0xgugz wrote

Other states do not guarantee free housing to migrants. NYS does, but that's by choice.

I don't see why federal funds should go to towards paying for elective services.


ofxemp t1_j0xh359 wrote

If that’s the case, then that’s fair. Just a bad policy


donttouchthirdrail t1_j0z41eg wrote

It’s not policy, it a constitutional right in the state of New York


araararagi-san t1_j12rlhd wrote

which can still be repealed


osthentic t1_j13egdu wrote

Right to shelter is a blessing in disguise for New York. It allows the government to get a pass and tear down encampments. NY housing 95% of the homeless every night is the reason why New York doesn’t look like SF, LA, Denver, Phoenix, Portland, etc., even with the largest homeless population.


GoldenBased t1_j0zw9qt wrote

Nys guarantees housing to anybody without housing, just happens to include migrants here


marty_eraser t1_j0xmz15 wrote

Or maybe the government should enforce the law and have them sent back.


the_lamou t1_j0xz9jd wrote

They do enforce the law — these are all legal migrants who are in the US legally.


dust1990 t1_j0zadoy wrote

Not exactly. They made an asylum claim and there is a backlog because of the surge of fraudulent and ineligible claims. Asylum isn’t a social program for poor migrants. But people use it that way and many make false claims. The government can’t keep up with the volume.


the_lamou t1_j0zc37f wrote

>They made an asylum claim and there is a backlog because of the surge of fraudulent and ineligible claims.

No, there's been a backlog because the asylum adjudication system has been intentionally and systematically underfunded by Republicans for decades, while a series of geopolitical events have increased recent refugee migration. Not because there's a "surge of fraudulent and ineligible claims."

But regardless of what kind of idiotic, ignorant opinion you might have on the validity of anyone's asylum claim, the law is extremely clear — asylum seekers are in the country legally, explicitly so, until such a time as they are officially ruled to not have a valid claim. Period.


dust1990 t1_j0zmjeb wrote

Maybe so. But why would you increase funding for something, where there is known rampant fraud and create a feedback loop? One fix would be to increase disincentives to discourage blatant fraud, like fines or permanent bans. Then the people with real claims wouldn’t have to wait so long for adjudication.

This is a classic case of the majority ruining it for the few (the people with legitimate cases of religious or political persecution).


the_lamou t1_j0zucbk wrote

>But why would you increase funding for something, where there is known rampant fraud and create a feedback loop?

Because despite your repeated and entirely unfounded claims, there is not rampant fraud in the asylum program. And what fraud is present tends to come not from the poor folks fleeing economic and climate disaster in Central and South America on foot, but rather from the relatively wealthy immigrants who fly in to major airports and use the asylum system to get around the broken immigration system.

Or to put it another way, how "fraudulent" do you think a refugee's story is if they spend months literally walking through the jungle along one of the most dangerous human migratory pathways in the world in order to get asylum? Their claim may ultimately get rejected because the asylum system is also horribly broken (I know, I went through it!) but the fact that they get denied on a technically does not change the fact that they are fleeing something so terrible that they are willing to risk a horrible death over thousands of miles of grueling terrain to escape it. And it's our responsibility to help them because at the end of the day, Latin America is largely in the state it's in because the US fucked it badly and repeatedly over the last 100 years.


dust1990 t1_j100wcb wrote

Walking through the jungle sounds horrific. And the people who choose to do that must be in desperate circumstances. But the test for asylum isn’t being in desperate circumstances. It is actual or fear of persecution. It’s a high bar, but that is the law. It’s not statistically possible for this increase in asylum seekers to actually be victims of persecution.


the_lamou t1_j104xxm wrote

>It is actual or fear of persecution.

Eh, sort of but not really. But close enough. My point, though, isn't that all of these people are fleeing persecution. My point is that they are not defrauding the system, they just fail to understand a nuanced and technical but if administrative law. Making a mistake isn't the same thing as fraud.

>It’s not statistically possible for this increase in asylum seekers to actually be victims of persecution.

This is just completely incorrect, as there are tons of things that can happen that increase the number of valid asylum seekers. And, in fact, we've actually seen several of those things happen in the last couple of years: Venezuela's economic collapse which led to protests and then a serious crackdown on protesters and activists, El Salvador's dudebro president going to war against the press and political opposition, political violence in Brazil (though hopefully that's calming down now.)

And this is validated because the makeup of refugees has actually shifted — a lot of the ones involved in the current migration waves are Venezuelan and El Salvadorian.


dust1990 t1_j105s8t wrote

If some human trafficker tells you to make up a story that’s not true and you use that story you don’t exactly have clean hands. There’s a whole cottage industry for asylum coaching. If that’s not fraud, what is?


the_lamou t1_j107iry wrote

No, if a human traffickers tells you to make up a story, it's not on you, because the important thing about human trafficking is that it's involuntary.

>There’s a whole cottage industry for asylum coaching.

Yes, it's called "immigration law." Do you also call criminal lawyers "crime coaching?"


dust1990 t1_j10b2yo wrote

Look it’s a clear you want to rubber stamp all of these migrants to grant them asylum. That’s your right to have that political opinion. But you should know that’s a horrible policy. There’s billions in this world who live in or near poverty that would jump at the chance for us citizenship. It’s a horrible policy to just let anyone in that wants to because it’s unrealistic and unfair to the people who wait sometimes decades following the legal immigration route.


dust1990 t1_j10a1hp wrote

A lawyer that coaches a client to lie to an Immigration officer or an ALJ is subject to sanctions, ethics violations or disbarment.


603er t1_j0yti79 wrote



the_lamou t1_j0zb7pi wrote

That was a very short sentence that should have been relatively easy to parse even for the mouth-breathiest of mouth-breathers. Every one of these bussed migrants is here legally.

Maybe learn what the law actually is and what's happening before mouthing off like a cretin?


603er t1_j0zd0vf wrote

Imagine taking Reddit seriously


MeatballMadness t1_j0z2bhb wrote

Why shouldn't city and state dollars be used? Rhetoric from NYC politicians and city policies over the years have 100% encouraged people to cross the border into the US.


Sk8ngWST t1_j0zgk7h wrote

The corruption loves this, corrupt border officials, coyotes, non profits org and employers that will replace workers with them to pay less than min wage


ShadownetZero t1_j13ig4n wrote

That's kind of the point. Texas and Florida are keeping their Federal funds but pushing off the costs to other states.

Reallocate and we'll be happy to take them.


NewYorker0 t1_j0y4on8 wrote

Immigration is a federal issue and the city simply doesn’t have the money to assist thousands of asylum seekers out of nowhere whilst getting no federal fund. I’m getting more frustrated everyday because we pay 30-40% taxes in total and for what? Mediocre government service.


IronManFolgore t1_j10a9m0 wrote

>I’m getting more frustrated everyday because we pay 30-40% taxes in total and for what?

More cops on train platforms playing candy crush


squall571 t1_j0xbnmi wrote

He’s hoping the feds will send more money which he and his cronies will pocket.


1600hazenstreet t1_j0zovp7 wrote

He’ll be posting job opening for migration czar with annually salary of $250k / year with benefits.


sanjsrik t1_j0xqhpl wrote

And they don't bribe as well.


CarlCarbonite t1_j10m8rd wrote

I think Eric Adams should spend a week living in one of his own shelters


sanjsrik t1_j10rn7g wrote

Well, how would he get the hookers in then?


bklynzboy t1_j0yae2b wrote

Refuel the buses and send them back to the border... Let's take care of us natives first... We have enough homeless in New York City. We don't need to import more


throws_rocks_at_cars t1_j0yu5je wrote

Gee you sound like a genuine Trump-voting Texan. I wish I could somehow take these comments back to 2017 and show people.


bklynzboy t1_j0yy4dx wrote

You have people trying do things legally and than you have people who come illegally and pretty much skip the line... Get housing, benefits etc


Nikolllllll t1_j10cujn wrote

That's cause illegal immigrants are kept housed and not allowed to work and dependant on the government for their needs.

Edit: I don't see why the downvotes. The government doesn't allow asylum seekers to work so they are dependent on the government and their families.


bklynzboy t1_j11wc3o wrote

They're not allowed to work on the books legally. But most work. Most places rather pay them low pay then to pay somebody legal with papers more money. So yes most of them work off the books on top of collecting the benefits from the city and government


bklynzboy t1_j11gg83 wrote

Well nah I'm a born and raised New Yorker with common sense... This is why I can't be a Trump Supporter... Enter any country in the world and they will send you back... It's not just something Americans or Trump supporters made up... You can't enter any country without the proper papers...


bklynzboy t1_j0yy0nc wrote

Well you aren't a bright detective because Trump is a piece of shit. Never had my vote... But again migrants aren't a priority over native tax payers...


Sk8ngWST t1_j0zg2mg wrote

This guy changes narratives like every other day smh. Didn't he say he will welcome migrants, "nurses and the engineers, we need them" deal with it now, someone is making money off all these madness tho and we know who are they.


Crimsonwolf1445 t1_j0zzkpo wrote

Yes he welcomes them….until they cross all those states in between us and the border and are actually here to take us up on the empty gesture


Candid_Indication_45 t1_j0yh5e6 wrote

Now y’all start caring about how many come across the boarder. It is not a trivial amount and Americans (of course only the lowest earners) will suffer for it.


darkknight915 t1_j0yn8vz wrote

Reap what you sow, every dem politician wanted to proudly boast how we’re a sanctuary state now deal with the consequences.


mak1028summet t1_j0ymwvi wrote

This is what the majority supposedly voted for. No surprise here


Therealdirtyburdie t1_j11urjg wrote

SMH. Isn’t that the actual issue of letting millions of migrants into the country with no plan and no place to put them??


Any_Foundation_9034 t1_j10gamf wrote

That’s what happens when you are a “Sanctuary“ city and state.

Dunno why any of these elected ppl are surprised By any of this. Voters and tax payers certainly aren’t as we knew the implications.


jumbod666 t1_j0xjutn wrote

Well he’s not wrong


OutrageousAd5338 t1_j0xo7l6 wrote

Mayor do your freaking job and send them to less populated city and ask government for help!!!! What are you good for except photo ops!


Clavister t1_j0zajwr wrote

Paying your workers crappy wages impacts basic services more.


BlkMysterion t1_j0zkq3y wrote

As a native, I'm glad I moved. Not because of him, politicians follow the paper trail. Can't blame them so much as the big shot lining their pockets as with big tech to govt


Jimmy_kong253 t1_j11cgtx wrote

The bad part is the right to shelter rule isn't a citizenship only rule


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nWo_Savage t1_j0yltoj wrote

it aint gunna hurt his pockets so he's in the clear thank god a politican is able to keep his money oh praise the lord god is good


jgalt5042 t1_j100w2s wrote

Maybe it’s time to get rid of the basic services if you cannot provide them. That way we can save a few dollars on taxes.


Status_Fox_1474 t1_j0yoxen wrote

Remember that the NYPD gets paid first. Always. Think about that before you worry about who's getting what, and how much more the NYPD needs for this.


Grass8989 t1_j0ysul9 wrote

Irrelevant to NYC tax payers supporting migrants.


Status_Fox_1474 t1_j0yukg5 wrote

But there's a lot of money for basic services if you know where you can safely cut. Also, just note that when he gets more unpopular, he'll scapegoat immigrants even more, despite the fact that immigrants (legal and illegal alike) are literally making the city run.


Dont_mute_me_bro t1_j13g0r3 wrote

"Defund" was not a winning political platform this time around. Sorry.


ejpusa t1_j11r1eb wrote

Conversations usually go like this:

Friends: Oh this is just insane, they are taking our limited resources, costing tax payers a mint, send them all back! What else can we do?

Me: Well what happens if they are, tall blonds (F) from Norway, they don't speak English, limited skills, and zero cash, how does that change your view of the situation?


One of those illuminating conversations. :-)


HangerSteak1 t1_j106qc4 wrote

In a city larger than many states? How about you just put a migrant tax on all rich people (over $100k annual)?


kisalaya89 t1_j10yn98 wrote

It's so easy to suggest take someone else's money and give it to someone else....How about make it voluntary 'adopt a migrant' scheme: If you support more of them in the city, adopt them, take care of them, pay for them etc.....basically put the money where the mouth is. And you get a tax credit.


LOVE2FUKWITHPP t1_j108gcc wrote



Some of ya New Yorkers are Spoiled !!! In ya canada ghoose jackets and paying 2k rent

Ya have more than enough resources

All these migrants needs is more shelter and boosted food stamps with cash assistance!!!!!!


[deleted] t1_j0zsehz wrote

I'm sure this comments section isn't a tire fire. This sub is full of conservative bridge and tunnel folks who sit around all day hoping something bad happens here.


Dont_mute_me_bro t1_j13g7mg wrote

What do you propose should be done?

The fact is the system can't handle the, resources are limited, and basic services are threatened. How you respond or think we should is in question. So let's hear it.