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throws_rocks_at_cars t1_j0yu5je wrote

Gee you sound like a genuine Trump-voting Texan. I wish I could somehow take these comments back to 2017 and show people.


bklynzboy t1_j0yy4dx wrote

You have people trying do things legally and than you have people who come illegally and pretty much skip the line... Get housing, benefits etc


Nikolllllll t1_j10cujn wrote

That's cause illegal immigrants are kept housed and not allowed to work and dependant on the government for their needs.

Edit: I don't see why the downvotes. The government doesn't allow asylum seekers to work so they are dependent on the government and their families.


bklynzboy t1_j11wc3o wrote

They're not allowed to work on the books legally. But most work. Most places rather pay them low pay then to pay somebody legal with papers more money. So yes most of them work off the books on top of collecting the benefits from the city and government


bklynzboy t1_j11gg83 wrote

Well nah I'm a born and raised New Yorker with common sense... This is why I can't be a Trump Supporter... Enter any country in the world and they will send you back... It's not just something Americans or Trump supporters made up... You can't enter any country without the proper papers...


bklynzboy t1_j0yy0nc wrote

Well you aren't a bright detective because Trump is a piece of shit. Never had my vote... But again migrants aren't a priority over native tax payers...