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captainktainer t1_j24soma wrote

I wish she'd be fired or reassigned, but unfortunately both DeBlasio and Adams have completely gutted the city's planning infrastructure, leaving only incompetent blowhards with no other job prospects, like this lady, willing to do the job. Jumaane Williams deserves heat for nominating her, too.


the_real_orange_joe t1_j25624i wrote

We need to acknowledge that a number of city officials engage in "great replacement" conspiracy theories where the mere existence of white people is offensive. Kristin Richardson Jordan is another example of one such individual, who actively stopped a gas station turned into a development which would have been 50% affordable. These racists make everything worse for everyone.


Silo-Joe t1_j25flgh wrote

Many of Carranza's DOE staff was definitely not inclusive of people with ethnicities that differed from their own.


sutisuc t1_j272p4w wrote

How would that make sense if the staff was multiracial?


Silo-Joe t1_j27dkfb wrote

I worked at a company that was trying to partner with the DOE. All non-Hispanic people at my company were disinvited from any meeting with Carranza’s people.


stansvan t1_j2ce72d wrote

So much blatant racism was ignored while he ran the DOE.


prisoner_007 t1_j25y4c8 wrote

I’m not sure you know what the great replacement conspiracy is.


the_real_orange_joe t1_j262y12 wrote

I understand the “normal” white supremacist conspiracy theory is about white people being replaced. But extremely similar conspiracy theories are built around the replacement of black people, In DC this is called “the plan [1]”. Basically racists aren’t particularly creative because racism appeals to the same lizard brain parts of us. I used the term “great replacement” because it’s more broadly known.



sutisuc t1_j26kvg8 wrote

Yeah that’s not a thing. Call it something else. Words and ideas have meaning and you don’t get to make them up as you go to suit your purposes.


sutisuc t1_j26ksi3 wrote

That’s not what the great replacement theory is and you know it. Don’t engage in deliberate obfuscation.


vanshnookenraggen t1_j259qrt wrote

Reporting on a twitter exchange between a bunch of wing nuts on both sides? Give this person a Pulitzer! /s


nycdataviz t1_j27jbnu wrote

You realize these “wing nuts” are running the city…

This isn’t just Twitter drama, it’s public civic discourse with civic leaders related to civil rights.

Hear the signal from the noise.


mowotlarx t1_j26311f wrote

But, she "clapped back" after she was "slammed"! Inquiring minds need to know!


mowotlarx t1_j262rx2 wrote

Am I surprised that a hand picked goon appointed by an elected official doesn't understand what "defamation" is? No.


IKNWMORE t1_j266mnt wrote

Appointed by Jumanee Williams, all I needed to read.