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mowotlarx t1_izb3661 wrote

The Trumps have been fleecing and conning New York contractors and workers for decades. It's long past time that this was made a hard place to be a Trump.


TwilitSky t1_izah17a wrote

>Trump continued to slam Weisselberg, saying his former finance chief had committed “tax fraud on his personal returns.”

Sounds like the kind of guy you'd want to work for.


TheNthMan t1_izdije2 wrote

Even though he pleaded guilty to 15 felonies, Weissberg is still on the Trump payroll collecting $640,000 in salary and expects to get another $500,000 for his annual bonus. The day after he pleaded guilty, his son threw a birthday party for him at Trump Tower.

As part of his testemony, Weissberg testified

>Defense attorney Alan Futerfas later asked Weisselberg, "(Trump) didn't authorize you to commit tax fraud did he?"

>"Of course not," Weisselberg replied.


>"Did you conspire with any member of the Trump family?" Futerfas asked.

>"No," Weisselberg replied.

Trump slamming Weisslberg publicly sounds bad, but it does not sound like Weisslberg, Trump, the Trump family or the Trump organization are turning on each other and they are not stabbing each other in the back.


Rottimer t1_ize4mmv wrote

It’s the only reason that no Trump is going to prison for this or the fines weren’t larger. The CFO fell on his sword and took the blame.


werdnak84 t1_izay002 wrote

He's catching on.


.... I would've thought he caught on back when then-governor Andrew Cuomo publicly disavowed Trump and told him never to enter the city again.


skeeh319 t1_izbolr6 wrote

Or when Biden was announced the winner, there was a spontaneous parade to celebrate Trumps unemployment in the middle of Times Square… in his own home town


iStealyournewspapers t1_izcy6ax wrote

I was at home on the uws and it was glorious. Everyone cheering in the street/on the sidewalks. What a great moment. Felt like the end of a war or something.


Diva2themax t1_izd6jmc wrote

It was such a gorgeous day too weather wise. I'll never forget it.


krazyb2 t1_izexhi8 wrote

I was visiting NYC when this happened, and i remember cheering in the streets with everyone else, i literally was jumping up and down hi 5fiving with a female cop who was just crying tears of joy. It was a moment for sure. It was a beautiful day for everyone.


skeeh319 t1_izemmj7 wrote

I was too!! The minute I heard I ran out on Columbus avenue in my pajamas and the streets were alive in the best way. I remember crying with a stranger in line at H and H bagels and hearing the cars and trucks blaring on their horns to celebrate with the crowds in the street. One of my favorite days ever


iStealyournewspapers t1_izesdqg wrote

Omg exactly! So funny to know you’re in the area. We’ve probably walked by each other. I didn’t even hear it on the news, but when I suddenly heard cheering out of windows and in the street I knew, and ran out of my apt as well. So much joy and relief. I probably cried a little too.


skeeh319 t1_izlcssv wrote

Hahah we may have cheered together! It was announced in the only 10 min I did NOT have the news on and I heard my neighbor go “omg, Joe!” so I threw open my window and heard the cheers start peppering in and then immediately ran to the street. I was sobbing, and the first person I saw was a guy delivering stuff into the Bodega on Columbus and 84th and he said to m “what happened!?!” And through my sobs I just said “HE WON!” And the guy was like “OMG HE WON?!?” and we high-fived. Such a distinct moment shared with such little context. I’ll remember every moment of that day for the rest of my life, truly one of the best.


Acer018 t1_ize1hok wrote

There was dancing in the streets all across the USA when it was announced that Joe won. And it was like the end of WW2 with spontaneous joy and happiness.


werdnak84 t1_izbpuep wrote

I mean ... he's particularly unpopular there not only BECAUSE that's his hometown but because that's a heavily Democratic area.


tinydancer_inurhand t1_izc0vsz wrote

Trump used to be featured in NYC movies and shows. Business people knew he was scummy but the media knew that Trump was still seen as a symbol of NYC and had him on Home Alone and mentioned him in Friends.

NYC now HATES him across the board. But there was a time when Trump and NYC association wasn't a bad thing to the public.


werdnak84 t1_izc51cq wrote

Well at that time people ALSO knew that scummy business CEOs would never run for President and actually BECOME President at the time, because everyone knew that's stupid.


iStealyournewspapers t1_izcyc5q wrote

Actually the main reason Trump would be featured in stuff was because the production was using his property and he’d basically demand a cameo as part of the agreement. He owned the Plaza Hotel when Home Alone 2 was made.


Rottimer t1_ize53zm wrote

NYC hated him back then too. He was known for an immense ego who had huge ugly buildings with his name plastered on them. He was more infamous than famous.


tinydancer_inurhand t1_izeb4fx wrote

I think the business world and Manhattan upper class did but it wasn’t the same throughout is what I felt. And yeah Conan did make fun of him back then too but as a kid I guess I didn’t have the same visceral reaction I do know.


Rottimer t1_izeeepf wrote

As a kid, you’re not really going to know. As a kid I thought Reagan was great - he was our president. Then I learned to read and grew up and realize he was more controversial than I would have been aware of at the time.


CliftonHangerBombs t1_izc93n9 wrote

He was tabloid fodder throughout the 80s. NYC never took him seriously. Who are you kidding?


Rottimer t1_ize4xl7 wrote

Honestly, you didn’t get that type of elation in nyc when Obama won. It was more that Trump was a huge douche nozzle more than anything else. And now the Republican Party is trying to figure out how to extract him out of the presidential race without losing some of his more fervent supporters and splitting the party.


Silver-Hat175 t1_izbnvp5 wrote

Well, nobody should be telling anyone where they are welcome, unless you like going back to segregation mentalities hanging signs on a business who is or is not welcome. Or protesting school integration and busing. If Trump thinks he can break the law and live in NYC he is mistaken. But telling somebody they are "not welcome" makes you sound like a bigot or a fascist. Those are the only people who think its okay to decide they own something or someone enough to tell what others can do. Don't be a terrible person or else it may come back to you when you least expect it.


iStealyournewspapers t1_izcyji8 wrote

Christ dude, we’re talking about one massive piece of shit rapist douche bag here. We’re not about to start segregating wealthy businessmen from the population. They do that by themselves anyway.


delinquentfatcat t1_izd2cuo wrote

If Trump is all of these things, he should be tried, convicted and sentenced for it (and this is already happening). However, persecution of people we don't like by arbitrary decree is never okay in a democracy. Such a mentality leads to witch hunts and lynch mobs.


iStealyournewspapers t1_izd3czx wrote

Such a mentality can, but in this case we all know he’s a total piece of shit that’s fucked up or ruined a ridiculous amount of decent people’s lives, and he’s a proven con man. It’s like saying OJ wasn’t proven guilty so we should give him a pass when we all know he did it. I’m not saying we go after him or Trump w pitchforks, but we can still treat them like the garbage humans they are.


delinquentfatcat t1_izd5ajd wrote

I don't disagree with you about Trump. However, "we all know" is one of the most dangerous phrases ever spoken (no accident that Trump uses it often). We = the mob, which can be wrong and often is.

The case of OJ was probably a miscarriage of justice, but the case was tainted by a detective shown to have bias against black people. For this reason alone, many would not sign off under "we all know" and he was acquitted.

Another example is Kyle Rittenhouse. Slandered as a white supremacist by President Biden and the entire left-leaning press, expelled from uni, received death threats etc. because of what supposedly "everyone knew", until eventually cleared of all charges and mischaracterizations based on extensive evidence.


iStealyournewspapers t1_izd76ye wrote

Yeah you’re not wrong about any of this, and a measured mind like yours is definitely what this country could use more of. Fuck Rittenhouse too though. He still had no business showing up at that scene with a gun from out of state. And it’s not like he’s shown himself to be an especially decent human even with the trial’s outcome. Mark my words we’ll be hearing seeing some new bad shit from him in the years to come.


delinquentfatcat t1_izdbdb8 wrote

The story about the gun being out of state is yet another myth that was debunked in court:

As for him having "no business" showing up, this happened at a time when the authorities refused to protect public safety, throwing small business owners and employees under the bus. But yes, after all the trauma and being unpersoned by half the country, he could end up in the company of legit extremists. If this happens, it will be yet another sad outcome.


iStealyournewspapers t1_izdgiof wrote

Oh I didn’t mean he illegally brought the gun, just that he came from out of state (with a gun).


delinquentfatcat t1_izdkk8e wrote

This is also incorrect, his gun was already in Wisconsin. He lived next to the state boundary -- an accident of geography. We're not North Korea and you're allowed to visit your friend 20 miles away, even if that happens to be another state. Mentioning the state border serves no purpose here, other than making him sound nefarious for no legitimate reason.

I initially thought Rittenhouse is a villain. This story is exactly why I don't trust the public and the media to decide who is bad and who isn't.


delinquentfatcat t1_izd1f2y wrote

Some hateful downvotes. As much as Trump is a cancer, it's still wrong for a governor (and an egregious misuse of his authority) to declare who can visit the state that elected him and be granted basic police protection.

Arguments "but he's bad!" fall apart once society goes on a witch hunt, and we've seen this many times before. The courts should deal with the bad, not the mob.


poboy212 t1_izbdl7s wrote

Yes, we’ve fucking hated you for decades.


AKAlarslars t1_izboeja wrote

Older New Yorkers know. I first learned about Trump over 30 years ago, when I was warned not to do business with any of his companies because they're terrible clients AND they never pay their bills. We've been hating Trump before most people knew he existed. That's why we'e so good at it. Like Staten Island, he's one of those pathetic New York things that really should belong to New Jersey.


JuVondy t1_izc7bxc wrote

Oh come on, Jersey is better than Staten Island AND Trump.


tonizzle t1_izd4rrv wrote

SI catching strays… I like their zoo, but burn the mall


jaimeyeah t1_izdx5qs wrote

Staten Island mall is awful, definition of culture is dead on the island lol


BeamerTakesManhattan t1_izau5k3 wrote

As many people getting off the bus from Peoria know, New York is a hard place to be anyone. Some of us survive and thrive, others, well, get back on a bus and head down to Florida or wherever is easier for them.

The hustle and bustle isn't for all of us. Some of are going to fail, especially those that feel the need to cheat and break laws to prevent that failure.

Maybe Cincinnati is more his speed.


DJamesAndrews t1_izb2f38 wrote

A main difference is he didn’t get off the bus. He was literally handed the keys to the highlife in city by his father. Even though NYC supports a diverse of cultures and backgrounds, honesty and ethics is a language spoken by all. His politics aside; all the years of questionable deals, working with questions people, and leveraging from his advantages are all catching up to him now.


yiannistheman t1_izaw2vy wrote

It's a hard place to be a loser, and he's one several times over.


mackerelscalemask t1_izbkemm wrote

Hard place to be a dumb, loudmouth criminal


blarghgh_lkwd t1_izbuetu wrote

Like pick maybe two of those and you can get away with it indefinitely but if you're all three people might notice after a few decades


Debz227 t1_izcpe9l wrote

Screwed enough contractors


bat_in_the_stacks t1_izbr9sk wrote

Launches into Kanye remixed version of It's Not Easy Being Green


NewCommonSensei t1_izc4fpp wrote

Yeah new york has been sooooooo hardddddd for trump … so hard that he owns buildings and commits crimes, soooo harddddddd


deliciousalex t1_izc9rrp wrote

We don’t buy his bu!!sh*t, that’s why (well, less of us, anyway. Still too damned many people here voted for him)


casicua t1_izbyl8g wrote

It’s gotta be just utterly embarrassing to be a Trump supporter in NYC. It’s already embarrassing to be or have been a Trump supporter in general, but a NYC one is next level just utter humiliating levels of stupidity.


littlemac564 t1_izdmldq wrote

Unless you are one of the Trump supporters who is laughing all the way to the bank.🤣🤣🤣


casicua t1_ize8ldv wrote

Lol you’re not wealthy enough to be one of those people 🤣🤣🤣


poopmast t1_izbeq9c wrote



clorox2 t1_izbnyv1 wrote

Fuck him.


nuffced t1_izc51fh wrote

What an absolute jackass.


PM_ME_UR_PERSPECTIVE t1_izcwgg8 wrote

It should be impossible to be like Trump everywhere. He almost gets it but he'll never get it.


reddititty69 t1_izcwmbl wrote

We shouldn’t rest until it’s hard to be a trump anywhere.


san_serifs t1_izbcamt wrote

Don't do Trump crimes and that won't be a problem.


DLFiii t1_izcoaso wrote

Hard place to be a fraudster/criminal?


justalamename t1_izdjsuq wrote

He'll eventually sell everything and move company to Texas or Florida.


TapesNStuff t1_izbj1b9 wrote

Only after 100 years or so we're finally sick of their shit. Should have been a lot sooner.


JDHog528 t1_ize19wv wrote

It’s the same tax breaks that all of the rich folks on BOTH sides have been using forever…left, right, blue, red….it doesn’t matter.