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BeamerTakesManhattan t1_izau5k3 wrote

As many people getting off the bus from Peoria know, New York is a hard place to be anyone. Some of us survive and thrive, others, well, get back on a bus and head down to Florida or wherever is easier for them.

The hustle and bustle isn't for all of us. Some of are going to fail, especially those that feel the need to cheat and break laws to prevent that failure.

Maybe Cincinnati is more his speed.


DJamesAndrews t1_izb2f38 wrote

A main difference is he didn’t get off the bus. He was literally handed the keys to the highlife in city by his father. Even though NYC supports a diverse of cultures and backgrounds, honesty and ethics is a language spoken by all. His politics aside; all the years of questionable deals, working with questions people, and leveraging from his advantages are all catching up to him now.


yiannistheman t1_izaw2vy wrote

It's a hard place to be a loser, and he's one several times over.