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skeeh319 t1_izbolr6 wrote

Or when Biden was announced the winner, there was a spontaneous parade to celebrate Trumps unemployment in the middle of Times Square… in his own home town


iStealyournewspapers t1_izcy6ax wrote

I was at home on the uws and it was glorious. Everyone cheering in the street/on the sidewalks. What a great moment. Felt like the end of a war or something.


Diva2themax t1_izd6jmc wrote

It was such a gorgeous day too weather wise. I'll never forget it.


krazyb2 t1_izexhi8 wrote

I was visiting NYC when this happened, and i remember cheering in the streets with everyone else, i literally was jumping up and down hi 5fiving with a female cop who was just crying tears of joy. It was a moment for sure. It was a beautiful day for everyone.


skeeh319 t1_izemmj7 wrote

I was too!! The minute I heard I ran out on Columbus avenue in my pajamas and the streets were alive in the best way. I remember crying with a stranger in line at H and H bagels and hearing the cars and trucks blaring on their horns to celebrate with the crowds in the street. One of my favorite days ever


iStealyournewspapers t1_izesdqg wrote

Omg exactly! So funny to know you’re in the area. We’ve probably walked by each other. I didn’t even hear it on the news, but when I suddenly heard cheering out of windows and in the street I knew, and ran out of my apt as well. So much joy and relief. I probably cried a little too.


skeeh319 t1_izlcssv wrote

Hahah we may have cheered together! It was announced in the only 10 min I did NOT have the news on and I heard my neighbor go “omg, Joe!” so I threw open my window and heard the cheers start peppering in and then immediately ran to the street. I was sobbing, and the first person I saw was a guy delivering stuff into the Bodega on Columbus and 84th and he said to m “what happened!?!” And through my sobs I just said “HE WON!” And the guy was like “OMG HE WON?!?” and we high-fived. Such a distinct moment shared with such little context. I’ll remember every moment of that day for the rest of my life, truly one of the best.


Acer018 t1_ize1hok wrote

There was dancing in the streets all across the USA when it was announced that Joe won. And it was like the end of WW2 with spontaneous joy and happiness.


werdnak84 t1_izbpuep wrote

I mean ... he's particularly unpopular there not only BECAUSE that's his hometown but because that's a heavily Democratic area.


tinydancer_inurhand t1_izc0vsz wrote

Trump used to be featured in NYC movies and shows. Business people knew he was scummy but the media knew that Trump was still seen as a symbol of NYC and had him on Home Alone and mentioned him in Friends.

NYC now HATES him across the board. But there was a time when Trump and NYC association wasn't a bad thing to the public.


werdnak84 t1_izc51cq wrote

Well at that time people ALSO knew that scummy business CEOs would never run for President and actually BECOME President at the time, because everyone knew that's stupid.


iStealyournewspapers t1_izcyc5q wrote

Actually the main reason Trump would be featured in stuff was because the production was using his property and he’d basically demand a cameo as part of the agreement. He owned the Plaza Hotel when Home Alone 2 was made.


Rottimer t1_ize53zm wrote

NYC hated him back then too. He was known for an immense ego who had huge ugly buildings with his name plastered on them. He was more infamous than famous.


tinydancer_inurhand t1_izeb4fx wrote

I think the business world and Manhattan upper class did but it wasn’t the same throughout is what I felt. And yeah Conan did make fun of him back then too but as a kid I guess I didn’t have the same visceral reaction I do know.


Rottimer t1_izeeepf wrote

As a kid, you’re not really going to know. As a kid I thought Reagan was great - he was our president. Then I learned to read and grew up and realize he was more controversial than I would have been aware of at the time.


CliftonHangerBombs t1_izc93n9 wrote

He was tabloid fodder throughout the 80s. NYC never took him seriously. Who are you kidding?


Rottimer t1_ize4xl7 wrote

Honestly, you didn’t get that type of elation in nyc when Obama won. It was more that Trump was a huge douche nozzle more than anything else. And now the Republican Party is trying to figure out how to extract him out of the presidential race without losing some of his more fervent supporters and splitting the party.