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tinydancer_inurhand t1_izc0vsz wrote

Trump used to be featured in NYC movies and shows. Business people knew he was scummy but the media knew that Trump was still seen as a symbol of NYC and had him on Home Alone and mentioned him in Friends.

NYC now HATES him across the board. But there was a time when Trump and NYC association wasn't a bad thing to the public.


werdnak84 t1_izc51cq wrote

Well at that time people ALSO knew that scummy business CEOs would never run for President and actually BECOME President at the time, because everyone knew that's stupid.


iStealyournewspapers t1_izcyc5q wrote

Actually the main reason Trump would be featured in stuff was because the production was using his property and he’d basically demand a cameo as part of the agreement. He owned the Plaza Hotel when Home Alone 2 was made.


Rottimer t1_ize53zm wrote

NYC hated him back then too. He was known for an immense ego who had huge ugly buildings with his name plastered on them. He was more infamous than famous.


tinydancer_inurhand t1_izeb4fx wrote

I think the business world and Manhattan upper class did but it wasn’t the same throughout is what I felt. And yeah Conan did make fun of him back then too but as a kid I guess I didn’t have the same visceral reaction I do know.


Rottimer t1_izeeepf wrote

As a kid, you’re not really going to know. As a kid I thought Reagan was great - he was our president. Then I learned to read and grew up and realize he was more controversial than I would have been aware of at the time.