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iStealyournewspapers t1_izesdqg wrote

Omg exactly! So funny to know you’re in the area. We’ve probably walked by each other. I didn’t even hear it on the news, but when I suddenly heard cheering out of windows and in the street I knew, and ran out of my apt as well. So much joy and relief. I probably cried a little too.


skeeh319 t1_izlcssv wrote

Hahah we may have cheered together! It was announced in the only 10 min I did NOT have the news on and I heard my neighbor go “omg, Joe!” so I threw open my window and heard the cheers start peppering in and then immediately ran to the street. I was sobbing, and the first person I saw was a guy delivering stuff into the Bodega on Columbus and 84th and he said to m “what happened!?!” And through my sobs I just said “HE WON!” And the guy was like “OMG HE WON?!?” and we high-fived. Such a distinct moment shared with such little context. I’ll remember every moment of that day for the rest of my life, truly one of the best.