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jaj-io t1_j16aktj wrote

If the first legal recreational dispensary is too busy, try checking the 50 non-legal dispensaries in the area.


[deleted] t1_j16p7io wrote

Probably (aka definitely) better selection and PRICES. I’m not spending $75 plus taxes for a 1/8th


jaj-io t1_j171n8k wrote

I don’t smoke, but love edibles. Haven’t had any bad experiences from the handful of illegitimate shops I’ve bought from.


SheketBevakaSTFU t1_j17gj98 wrote

I found hair in one 🤢


FyuuR t1_j18r9xb wrote

you probably accidentally eat more stray hairs than you realize on a daily basis. a random google search says we eat about 40 pounds of the stuff over our lifetime


LongIsland1995 t1_j17n7gk wrote

yep! There are a bunch of weed shops in Queens and the pricing is great!

$20 eights of good bud


Astoria321 t1_j17oa8u wrote

Moldy pesticide ridden weed, no wonder it's cheap


financememes93 t1_j18ddzx wrote

I don’t buy this …seems like the bootleg dispensaries are just selling legal product from California (it even says it on the labels)


muffinman744 t1_j1ayfe1 wrote

No I’ve definitely had some bad shit before. It’s so easy to get fake labels. That’s not to say everyplace is bad, but there’s clearly no quality control over anything with the gray market


financememes93 t1_j1bw9kg wrote

Makes sense. Is there any actual way you can test if it’s not legit?


joyousRock t1_j1c7ej7 wrote

Sounds like a smear campaign from the legal weed industry


daze4791 t1_j18dn4i wrote

>$20 eights of good bud

Highly doubt that. $20 eights are usually block work or what they call 1k packs. Its pretty much the worst you can buy.


SPER t1_j18ul5t wrote

Any recommendations?


DrianoBriscoll t1_j1fwt4i wrote

Personally; when it comes to edibles and carts, I’d rather pay more for the peace of mind when it comes to quality/safety

I’ve bought a bunch of edibles and carts from smoke shops and they’re very hit and miss


drpvn t1_j168con wrote

> Meanwhile, the early legal marijuana that’s harvested may not be what New Yorkers are used to getting from other legal states or the black market, especially in these early growing seasons. Most of what the Long Island farmer and others statewide have reared this year is biomass — plants that aren’t considered attractive enough or potent enough to be sold as smokable flower in the contemporary market.



throws_rocks_at_cars t1_j16c2zm wrote

Is there a law that the weed has to be grown on Long Island?


inbredinbed t1_j16g9b9 wrote

What a terrible place to grow pot


bottom t1_j16juqw wrote

In greenhouses ?!?


CactusBoyScout t1_j17e530 wrote

I’m sure they’re using indoor grow light setups. Grow lights are pretty cheap and energy efficient these days.


Tik_Tok_Official t1_j16nkrr wrote

Can't import from other states until it is federally legal


BakedBread65 t1_j19fa9t wrote

Sooo what the fuck have they been doing for two years


kjuneja t1_j163a0i wrote

Let's see pricing


1_True_Nerd t1_j18ff6z wrote

Definitely not cheaper than you can get on the black market.


CarlCarbonite t1_j18kx6h wrote

Also probably worse


SaturatedMutation t1_j19abwa wrote

Worse than not knowing where the weed is coming from, and wondering how it's being handled?


Hexcraft-nyc t1_j1g2ol5 wrote

It's weed. Not meth. I'm assuming you're a transplant or just don't know much about weed because that's never been an issue.


tells t1_j1764j9 wrote

petition to see Anderson Cooper get stoned on NYE.


Ifartsthearts t1_j1srvyt wrote

I think last year they talked about eating gummies. Maybe it was just Andy.


fes57 t1_j16gzwj wrote

That’s brilliant 1 shop for 11 million people.


The_CerealDefense t1_j16b5sn wrote

>New York state has awarded 36 dispensary licenses so far, and will open additional licensing rounds in the coming months

Only 36. How long has it been? I'd just like some transparency here.


bottom t1_j16jwut wrote

It was the same process in every state. And every state is doing just fine.

Why tf are people so negative about such an amazing thing happening. Sheesh.


aamirislam t1_j16rpge wrote

Because New York is 6 years late and needs to get with the program quicker


Bilbobagginstreasure t1_j1l6qiq wrote

And only 22 shops will open in Manhattan. Fking stupid. Should just let as many open as they want as long as they follow guidelines


JX_JR t1_j175rfn wrote

It is not the same process as every state, it's a much worse process. Arizona legalized recreational marijuana in November 2020 and had granted licenses to dispensaries that were open and able to do business by February 2021.

There are a multitude of other states that have set an easy to follow template of how to roll things out safely, quickly and effectively and there is no excuse for the bumbled, slow rollout that the state is stumbling through.


SaturatedMutation t1_j19b0b4 wrote

This will eventually get better as more shops start to open up. I'm excited.


SaturatedMutation t1_j19avkl wrote

I agree, a bunch of complaining and not enough celebrating. This is amazing news for people like me who stopped buying street weed after I smoked some laced shit and had one of the worst panic attacks in my life.


Vash-Rein t1_j18jrkh wrote

I think I’m really good with this. I would rather pay some taxes and know where I’m getting the product from then to get it from the street or some illegal spot. If I get sick or something happens, at least I know somebody’s culpable.


robxburninator t1_j1908fz wrote

I am in this boat as well, but it's going to be hard not to have sticker shock after what the non-legal places are selling (good product) for. Sounds like the legal place is about to sell junk at very high prices.


SaturatedMutation t1_j197edp wrote

Really looking forward to buying legal pot, and I don't care about how much more expensive it will be. I'm simply tired of not knowing where my weed is coming from.


Mbizzz84 t1_j16xkae wrote

Lol the Jamaican flag colored yellow school bus that has been selling weed and letting ppl smoke it in side the same school bus , which has been sitting in front of the Rockaway park ferry stop, has finally been noticed by police after tons of complains and the owner has been arrested and bus impounded.


Smooth-Ant-8519 t1_j18dira wrote

East 8th street and Broadway is not the East Village. You are not in the east village until 8th street literally becomes St Marks. Fuck, that article annoyed me.


Opening_Pineapple611 t1_j18tbhe wrote

Hahahah that’s what I was thinking. Everyone else is complaining about pricing, quality, and how the legal program has been rolled out and I’m just here thinking “since when is east 8th and Broadway the east village”


trying-at-life1 t1_j16mhqk wrote

Could someone please help this confused tourist understand why I was able to buy a joint from a weed truck in Times Square, if this is the first legal rec. weed dispensary?

Edit: I found an article (and the literal store that operates the truck I got my joint from in it!) by the New York Times explaining this if anyone else is curious:

TL;DR of the article: All current weed stores are illegal and are trying to get in the market early. The one highlighted in the article is claiming they’re not selling actual delta 9 weed, but CBD. According to the article most are selling CA kush (which is not the plan, NY wants the weed they sell legally to be grown instate). State lawmakers said they plan to absorb the illegal shops into the regulated industry. Meanwhile some NYPD officers don’t really have a clear understanding of what would make for a lawful arrest, but some arrests and shutdowns are happening. Not too end-of-life for those getting arrested though, cause it’s weed.


jivehead t1_j17ucxf wrote

Rookie move. Most of the trucks are selling THC Delta products. You're better off asking for pre rolls at the bodega.


aiden0206 t1_j175dhy wrote

im confused the other ones arent legal????


CavediverNY t1_j18bvtr wrote

I’m not sure if you’re joking but that is correct – just like many things in the city, people have decided that the laws just don’t really matter anymore.


CavediverNY t1_j18c7k0 wrote

Selfishly, my only concern/curiosity is what the pricing on edibles will be like compared to Massachusetts. It’s like Willy Wonka‘s factory up there! All different kinds of product. And I really like the regulated/documented edibles, so I have high hopes (no pun intended).


TetraCubane t1_j1ah53e wrote

So are the dispensaries going to be like how they are in Colorado/California (where the flower and product is on the floor and you can smell it and inspect it before purchase)?

Or is it going to be like the bullshit they have in Massachussets and New Jersey where everything is locked up in the back and you just have to order up front and they package it up in the back and bring it out?


MarketMan123 t1_j1c0klg wrote

I’m still confused why Housing Works and the Doe Fund are selling weed


SaveWillard t1_j1xkzxl wrote

Housing Works does a bunnnnch of social justice stuff. I myself work for their community healthcare dept. Couldn't be more proud!


bottom t1_j16jt86 wrote

Great news!


Bigoltruckin t1_j16m7e2 wrote

Headcrack prices


LongIsland1995 t1_j17nape wrote

I went to a couple dispensaries which I guess are technically not legal, and the prices were really good.


cannotfindalpha t1_j1wi2xc wrote

Lol - So are the dozens of portable weed shops inside of WSP finally getting shut down? Imagine no taxes getting paid on that cash....


keefhernandz OP t1_j1wwzpz wrote

I imagine now they will be cracking down on "boof" shops, strictly because it would cut into profits/tax money. I think sinve NY is trying to pioneer a legalization movement that also aims to reform laws that have unjustly targeted certain communities, the mayor is being careful not to be to aggressive when handling these things. I think unregulated and unchecked product is the main reason they should have been more tactful when it comes to shutting those shops down.


Difficult_Survey4715 t1_j16qrvo wrote

Gotta say. I’m pro people doing whatever they want. But. This seems like a bad idea to promote Just another device to keep the man down


cdb1337 t1_j17qjcx wrote

Please do not shop at this place let it fail 🙏


keefhernandz OP t1_j17qr54 wrote

I've worked directly with Housing Works. They are the real deal. They provide a wealth of resources for people in need. If they claim a portion of the proceeds will go to funding their ongoing programs then I will gladly support this shop.


kiedis69 t1_j18a7vf wrote

I wonder if this will be covered under the Housing Works union


invertedal t1_j166nsk wrote

In NYC, until you're 21: No weed, no spray paint, no vaping, no large magic markers, no whipped cream propellant, no alcohol, no tobacco... I don't know of any other country that has laws like this, and many of these things are even legal in the US before you are 21, as long as you're not in NYC.


trying-at-life1 t1_j16meo5 wrote

Weed, alcohol, and tobacco are for 21 and above in most US states. But yeah I wish it were 18, at least for tobacco and alcohol. Weed I actually get, you need to be good at moderating that shit.


invertedal t1_j1lswpi wrote

Of the countries that don't have a total ban on alcohol, such as the Islamic countries, the US has the highest drinking age I have ever heard of, and it was only imposed nation-wide here in the 1980s. For tobacco, this rule is even more recent. As to what you say about weed, I dunno. By the time I was 21, I had smoked about 95% of all the weed I was ever gonna smoke!


trying-at-life1 t1_j1lu8gv wrote

Yeah, it is pretty high. There are only a handful of countries with that age. The rest are 18 or younger.