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doodle77 t1_ize2h2e wrote

Still seems totally bizarre to me that the dispensaries owners will not be able to choose where to open up shop or negotiate their rent.


MisterFatt t1_ize6gvu wrote

Yeah pretty weird. Can’t say personally if I think it’s good or bad, but from what I’ve heard from some small business owners, there’s not much “negotiating” rent when it comes time to re-sign a lease. If it stops landlords for pulling the ole “oh what a nice successful building you have, looks like you can afford 60% higher rent. And I don’t care if not because MedMen will!”, then maybe it’ll be a good thing

Not sure which rollout has been more frustrating to witness, NY or MA. I’ve lived in a legal state for like 5 years without a dispensary open…


SnooAvocados5987 t1_izezdnm wrote

I'm confused.. U mean the state TELLS them where to open? Like this location in Harlem...if they wanted to open on 14 street they wouldn't be allowed to?


Fredred315 t1_izfi4vg wrote

I think that's only a certain number of dispensaries, maybe even just the first few, which had licenses issued to those affected by marijuana convictions.


Relevant_Slide_7234 t1_izfe5pt wrote

I used to have to go up to Harlem to go to the weed spots in the 90’s. It’s come full circle.


nickelloafer t1_izf9dio wrote

“McDaniel said the design team had finished preliminary plans for the 128-square-foot space”

Doesn’t that seem a bit small? I’m any case, this is crony capitalism at its finest. It’s not the business “owners” signing this lease or paying for the build out, its the government i.e. you and me. Taxpayer money in the form of a $200M fund set up to give CUARD lottery winners an unfair advantage


xyzd95 t1_izffdbv wrote

I guess I’ll check it out since it’s the first in the state and in my neighborhood. There’s definitely going to be a lot of foot traffic passing by so if product is good they’ll be alright


Berna_count t1_izg5lsx wrote

Columbia University is walking distance. They know what they are doing. Rich kids with disposable income.


damnatio_memoriae t1_izn4shx wrote

i dunno. the last columbia kid who walked that far to buy weed got stabbed to death by a 14 year old.