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IllegibleLedger t1_izjwaoh wrote

“Corporal John A. Seravalli Playground in Manhattan had designated two courts solely for the tennis-lite game, but many adults were so desperate to get their pickleball fix they put up their own nets and courts on kids’ play spaces”



raysofdavies t1_izl5f9b wrote

Pickleball players have gotten extremely weird and territorial over it. They take over tennis courts and here kids playgrounds then get super mad when people point out that those exist for a purpose that isn’t pickleball and they need to leave. Stupid fad that needs to die out. Just play mini tennis you losers.


ekim7267 t1_izlgkzc wrote

WTF is pickle ball, it sounds made up. I wish I could still live through a game of handball like I played growing up but those days are long gone.


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DevChatt t1_izlyip9 wrote

For additional lols go to r/10s and search pickleball


sneakpeekbot t1_izlyjqw wrote


ekim7267 t1_izlr8yc wrote

Don't understand why people would get angry over goofy adults having some fun. I guess my opinion on things is if it ain't hurting others than have at it.


blackfire932 t1_izluls3 wrote

Ahhh though if you read the article and others complaints it does seem to be hurting people. Namely people who don’t want to play the game or lose the court that was already allocated for there game.

So in this case anger is appropriate.


lemondsun t1_izm4w8k wrote

I mean the article is literally all about how the adult pickle ballers are using up all of the children’s playground. No one condemning goofy adults


-wnr- t1_izlulll wrote

It sounds to me the upset is due losing their limited play spaces.


UncomfyNoises t1_izltjvi wrote

It’s lazy person tennis.


ekim7267 t1_izlukq7 wrote

I play "lazy persons tennis" and it doesn't involve leaving the house. I play a tennis video game.


WednesdayKnights t1_izn3wlw wrote

My parents decided to move upstate when I was in high school in the early 90s and that’s when I first learned of pickle ball. I thought it was made up by the gym teacher (I was too cool to ask the gym teacher about the game and it was before one could look it up on Google). It’s a little like tennis with paddles and a whiffle ball (there are proper pickles balls and paddles now). It’s actually really fun, and was happy to see that it’s a real game that’s becoming popular because I would love to play it again, but not at the cost of being a dick to children and others in a public park.

Handball was fun too and would attempt to play if everything didn’t hurt as much as it does these days.


The_Razielim t1_iznlui6 wrote

Every park near me now, the handball courts have been turned into bloody pickleball courts...

I still keep a blue handball in my work backpack lol I agree, I miss those days in JHS/HS when that was my afternoons after school


pton12 t1_iznyjgn wrote

Pickle ball is tennis for elderly people. As well as a bunch of younger doofuses who play it like total chumps. Like, just play a real sport, not a retirement home activity.


ctindel t1_izv6t0a wrote

Shit I was in a poker room in Vegas last week and they were showing pickle ball on espn. I guess some famous athletes bought some teams so they’re trying to build it up in a big thing.


Mammoth_Sprinkles705 t1_izm8vvc wrote

Lol, wtf what?

How can they take over a tennis court? It's a public space. I am just as much right to use the court as anyone else.

Oh my God they use a a paddle instead of a racket call Parks department


childpeas t1_iznzrso wrote

it’s a public space with a designated purpose* you don’t have the right to use the court however you please, actually.


beagle_bathouse t1_izktncs wrote

At least play a fun game if you're going to be a little shit about it.


El_Nahual t1_izk36k3 wrote

> “I saw them yelling at kids when the kids’ balls would go onto their court. ‘Watch where your ball is going,’ one of the players shouted.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the definition of a loser.


TwoCats_OneMan t1_izl3fhd wrote

No it's not. Kids these days are little shits, and they're parents don't do anything about it.


bedstuybk t1_izl7wyz wrote

It’s a public space, dude. Learn how to share. If you want a private space, buy one.


TwoCats_OneMan t1_izl8pjj wrote

Exactly! The kids can let the adults play pickleball.


bedstuybk t1_izl9daq wrote

The adults could act like adults and let the kids play on the areas designated for children rather than try to steal it from them.

Since they couldn’t, and the city had to step in, they’re now banned.


TwoCats_OneMan t1_izl9hei wrote

The kids could act like respectable members of society and defer to their elders. Motherfuckers are already riding their scooters all over the fucking sidewalk.


bedstuybk t1_izl9wew wrote

I read this recently, and it really fits well here:

“Sometimes people use “respect” to mean “treating someone like a person” and sometimes they use “respect” to mean “treating someone like an authority” and sometimes people who are used to being treated like an authority say “if you won’t respect me I won’t respect you” and they mean “if you won’t treat me like an authority I won’t treat you like a person” and they think they’re being fair but they aren’t, and it’s not okay.”

The kids were acting like kids, but the “elders” to which you refer were acting like spoiled babies when they should have acted like responsible adults— and that’s why they got banned from the park.

There’s a lesson for you in this, buddy.


JubeltheBear t1_izlbjrv wrote

/u/TwoCats_OneMan is a troll man. Just ignore him. I also think he's like... legit not the brightest bulb. Not worth your time. Just block and ignore...

And pray he doesn't vote or teach or something...

edit: if limp dick replies, someone please tell him I blocked him...


TwoCats_OneMan t1_izlbqfd wrote

I'm happy I've given you someone to put down to make yourself feel better today.


bedstuybk t1_izlchnd wrote

Facing the consequences of your actions is not a state of victimhood.


TwoCats_OneMan t1_izlb154 wrote

No, the kids were acting like spoiled kids, and the elders were acting like adults.


bedstuybk t1_izlboz0 wrote

Explain how bullying children and forcefully taking up all of the courts in their playground - to the point where the city has to intercede - is “acting like adults”?


TwoCats_OneMan t1_izlburv wrote

It's adults staking their rightfully won ground. The kids can go play elsewhere.


bedstuybk t1_izlc2y7 wrote

You’re describing a schoolyard fight, in a kid’s playground, and claiming that it’s something that defines a group as “adult”.

Have you had a recent head injury?

> The kids can go play elsewhere.

According to the Parks Department, the so-called “adults” will have to go play elsewhere.

Edit: spelling, etc.


grandzu t1_izlx5df wrote

Kids are more adult than adults.


raysofdavies t1_izl5syj wrote

All kids? Really?

Also kids - literally anyone, actually - playing a ball sports are going to kick/hit balls into other areas. It’s going to happen, it’s a fact of amateur ball sports’ existence. You would need to leave play parks to avoid it, and it’s not worth getting mad over.


TwoCats_OneMan t1_izl8qhd wrote

It is 100% worth getting mad over.


raysofdavies t1_izlbcgh wrote

The adult getting mad at kids playing in parks is always the less mature one


JubeltheBear t1_izlb99n wrote

> No it's not. Kids these days are little shits, and they're parents don't do anything about it.

Grandpa it's 6pm. Have you taken your meds?


TwoCats_OneMan t1_izlbskj wrote

I'm not on mediation and I'm not a grandpa.


pstut t1_izlnoz4 wrote

Well have you ever considered them?


crackedup1979 t1_iznsoqb wrote

> I'm not a grandpa.

Of course you aren't, that would require fornication which you obviously have never done.


TheEarwig t1_izlo7df wrote

People have been bitching about “kids these days” for all of recorded history.


drpvn t1_izjq9qq wrote

Used to absolutely hate adults dominating play areas when my kids were young.


Shreddersaurusrex t1_izjw9jv wrote

Now it happens with people getting permits to play. Used to play soccer at Riverside Park and we’d have to find a spot to play where there wasn’t some sort of kids league or adults in intramural type sports.


TonyzTone t1_izl33ys wrote

We desperately need more park space. I play intramural sports like softball and soccer but I also love my pick up games. Except they have become harder and harder to find as everything is a pay-to-play set up.

What’s worse are the adults who don’t even put together a league and charge $10 because they hold the permit. Like dude, the permit costs $10 total and you gave 20 guys playing. You’re not providing anything we wouldn’t have without you.


zenni321 t1_iznfo55 wrote

Yup. Try being an actual high school student on a sports team. Unless you go to an expensive private high school in the city - your practice space is non existent. And many high schools rent their gym spaces out. To whom? Yup….adult leagues. Sports in NYC are a joke.


TonyzTone t1_izoai7q wrote

Yup! Which is why there are barely any professional athletes from NYC. Certainly not in baseball, football, or soccer; we just don’t have the space.

You’ll get basketball pros because every school at least has a BS gym and some have nice ones.


GrreggWithTwoRs t1_izpurf1 wrote

There are also tons of outdoor hoops, especially outside of Manhattan


drpvn t1_izjwvf5 wrote

Yeah I remember deeply hating the Zog people.


I_AM_TARA t1_izqqgg7 wrote

That awkward moment when a sports group shares an acronym with a hate group....


irch t1_izjvsrx wrote

For real. What a bunch of losers


SolitaryMarmot t1_izk0mgq wrote

I played pickleball in a rec center in Queens like two years ago. It was crazy competitive. You miss a shot and have a bunch of 65 year olds screaming at you in mandarin. I was like daaaamn this isn't my game. People take it super seriously. And here I am like...y'all know this is a whiffleball right?


The_Lone_Apple t1_izk182u wrote

I pass on any game where the participants act like it's the Olympics. No thanks. I'm just trying to have some fun in life.


BKlounge93 t1_izk365e wrote

Reminds me of the PE scene in Superbad with Dave Franco. “Calm down, Greg, it’s soccer.”


SolitaryMarmot t1_izk3m9l wrote

I have a friend that used to play in a finance bro squash and apparently that's just as bad. I guess when you can't lax in winter you squash and squash HARD


Pika_yune t1_izkblke wrote

I can’t take a game that uses a technique called “dink” seriously.


SolitaryMarmot t1_izkt5kd wrote

The biggest rule is you can't get close to the net. But of all the times I have actually played pickleball I can't find real consistency in how that's applied. It's like traveling in basketball sometimes you can take like 3 steps and sometimes it results in like 4 people screaming at me.

I don't understand the rules!!!


monicageller777 t1_izlkbde wrote

I mean are you playing on a real court? Because there is a clear line that you can't volley if you pass it.


SolitaryMarmot t1_izlocyx wrote

But there are times when you can that I can't quite get a handle on. I think after the ball touches something. And you can step over the box at the corners apparently? I think?


monicageller777 t1_izlom9t wrote

You can enter the box just fine, you just need to let the ball bounce first if you are in the 'non volley zone'.


PokerBabeNYC t1_izlyz3i wrote

You can if the ball bounces in what called The Kitchen which is near the net


WednesdayKnights t1_izogt0w wrote

Yeah, like you can’t go in the kitchen until the ball has bounced.


thereia t1_izlr7oj wrote

“Y’all know this is a whiffleball right?” has got me crying. Thanks ! Hahahaha


CactusBoyScout t1_izkywgk wrote

Isn’t it just tennis lite?


SolitaryMarmot t1_izlondc wrote

Kinda except you can't get close to the net except in certain circumstances that I am not really clear on. It's like if ping pong and tennis had a baby.


BeMoreChill t1_izkflg2 wrote

It’s the fastest growing sport in America right now


[deleted] t1_izjzrcn wrote



Guypussy t1_izkaqew wrote

But NYT would be in favor of the pickleballers because so many of their staffers play it.


survive_los_angeles t1_izkfp6c wrote

its the unsport - sports for people who arent atheletic.


WickhamAkimbo t1_izo0fji wrote

Holy shit you're right. Aren't the Times writers striking today, or was that yesterday?


[deleted] t1_izkb1mn wrote

What kind of transplant shit is pickleball?


BigE429 t1_izkiwzz wrote

Tennis for people who don't want to run.


SolitaryMarmot t1_izktp4u wrote

Yeah exactly it's Ike tennis for old people as far as I can tell.


PatrickMaloney1 t1_izlwrh1 wrote

I used to work at a tennis court and most of the people who played there were old as hell. I bet they’d kick these pickleball punks asses at pickleball on their home turf


v_for__vegeta t1_izkn4nj wrote

Up there with that “trampoline ball” shit I’ve been seeing in parks


No_Ride751 t1_izl3e9a wrote

The first time I heard of it and played was at my girlfriend’s relatives in Ohio a few years ago.


Ok_Raisin_8796 t1_izklxc5 wrote

So imagine you’re playing tennis…

Got it? Great! That’s pickleball.


KaiDaiz t1_izqbxof wrote

modified ping pong played on a court


PZeroNero t1_izjxoyd wrote

Kids only have so many places where they can run around fairly freely and these weirdos take over.


survive_los_angeles t1_izkft9e wrote

wierdos does them a disservice.

average rich spoiled entitled manhattanite is more like it


miseraa t1_izk4r71 wrote

“I would’ve made it into to the league if it wasn’t for my bad knee”


NickRowePhagist t1_izl114v wrote

I'm down in the Rockaways where pickleball has absolutely exploded in popularity. They built an official court down by the boardwalk, but that was not sufficient for the amount of people looking to play. The pickleballers expanded into the adjacent handball courts, seemingly without any issue.

I just have a hard time imagining adults playing a tennis-adjacemt game taking over a children's space; and then being surprised when they are ousted.

But here we are. Buncha bozos.

As an aside, there have been courts at Riis for a long time, but that's so isolated that it doesn't see much use.


WednesdayKnights t1_izoiv7s wrote

That would be a great spot for pickleball if no one is using it. I’d take the Q35 there to play.


NickRowePhagist t1_izp665c wrote

Just make sure you bring everything you need. There is NOTHING over there. Like, for a couple miles either way.


euphonious-kazoo t1_izkwbl5 wrote

LOL imagine being the faces of "invasive yuppies ruining childhoods with lame sport"

Brenda & Kevin must be having a DAY today


PatrickMaloney1 t1_izlcyaw wrote

I never understood pickleball. I’ve talked to some people about it and while I do see the appeal, it just sounds like tennis without the learning curve


MyopicTopic t1_iznwq14 wrote

It's just wiffle ball tennis. It's easy, enjoyable to play casually with friends, and doesn't require basically any skill compared to tennis. People hating on pickle ball are really just hating on the fad and terrible player base it's built up recently. The people taking it far too seriously and elbowing children and park goers out of their spaces need to get bent, as do the developers and city officials turning long-used spaces into new courts, but I would be lying if I said I didn't still enjoy playing pickle ball.


WednesdayKnights t1_izoifaz wrote

You’re absolutely right. This game is a lot more fun than people will give credit for because of others who are behaving badly.


WeirdWreath t1_izl0uem wrote

Pickleball is for unathletic dorks


Dichotopotamus t1_izkp71l wrote

Midwestern transplants even try to gentrify kids playgrounds. Wish these beardos would go back to Ohio.


[deleted] t1_izllcu0 wrote



[deleted] t1_izln9h1 wrote



tofupoopbeerpee t1_iznqmjf wrote

The midwestern transplants have long been priced out as well. That battle is over. The beardos are long gone now and have been replaced by the rich. So when you use those terms you sound like someone from outside the city.


_hello_____ t1_izmqmv6 wrote

What out-of-Towner horseshit is pickle ball?


WaffleWeasel t1_izmua0l wrote

A pretty popular sport in the senior community when tennis is no longer an option. Apparently it got popular with the kids too!


mall_goth420 t1_izkrbwj wrote

Good. They act like such dicks when kids dare to enjoy the park


NYCMILFGILF t1_izlb61p wrote

Pickle ball is cool but it’s becoming a cult. Parks gyms has it and they get pissed if you miss a shot. I’m happy they have an activity but come on


ladygesserit t1_izmi4c3 wrote

Taking over playground space is a dick move, but people in this thread are acting like pickle ball players invented cancer and ran over the bodega cat. "Tennis for people who can't be bothered to run" and "Ohio transplants gentrifying the city"... like seriously wtf? I've only ever played once, but it's a fun game that's challenging and yet accessible to a wide range of people. My mom was an avid tennis player when she was younger, but after multiple knee surgeries, pickleball is an easier option that scratches the same itch. Plus it requires such a small footprint of space compared to something like a soccer field or baseball diamond.

There are assholes in every sport and every hobby.


oreosfly t1_izkbddj wrote

Fine with me.

When I babysat my toddler cousins, I would try to bring them out to the local ball field every night after work. On the vast majority of those nights, there were adult softball leagues hogging up the entire field. It was fucking ridiculous. And I say this as someone who plays in a league on occasion. Adults can pay for memberships in private spaces where they can play until their face turns blue. A group of adults should not be able to hog up public facilities 5 or 6 days a week.


TonyzTone t1_izl46rd wrote

It’s not the same group of adults. It’s hundreds of different groups all vying for very limited space.

Adults have a right to public park space, too. And most of those adult leagues pay permit fees which (partially) cover maintenance.

Now, invading a children’s playground to play a sport you can play literally anywhere is stupid.


ekim7267 t1_izlhknb wrote

Most public fields have hours reserved for private players to reserve time for leagues and specific hours for free play.


givemeacoff33 t1_izl4ra8 wrote

Was pickleball always a common game in nyc..? I never heard of it until recently.


cty_hntr t1_izu6rho wrote

No, growing up in NYC I never heard of it until recently. It's wiffle ball tennis that has grown in popularity and attract hypercompetitive seniors.


Douglaston_prop t1_izlbiez wrote

I can't tell you how many times my rugby team had to give up field space to softball players with permits. And there was hardly ever an incident even though, we smash people for fun

Turns out pickleball players were the real hooligans after all! Who knew.


Jarreddit15 t1_izlncc2 wrote

I played a bunch down south during the pandemic and was excited to start playing back in NYC

Had a good time playing in the West Village (Houston St and 6th Ave) in 2021

This year though brought out the biggest losers. Folks would set up nets early in the morning, drop their bags and refuse to let anyone play despite their whole group eating and drinking around a folding table they set up. I own my own net and offered to use mine but they wouldn't move.

My girlfriend and I even saw the parks dept and police come once given there was a permit / usage dispute between the picklers, soccer players, roller hockey players and basketball players (they taped lines on the basketball court and played there too).

Really turned me off... I still play on a few dedicated courts in Brooklyn though


[deleted] t1_izknge7 wrote

LMAO this is great


Jimmy_kong253 t1_izlcpio wrote

The playgrounds really should be for the kids


_Maxolotl t1_izly03t wrote

I don't care if they beef with adult tennis players but somebody's gotta be like a level 9 douchebag to take over a playground for this.

I'm honestly surprised parents didn't just walk in the middle of the pickleball games, while another parent took video, waiting for one of these dinguses to commit assault, and then tell them an out of court settlement of $25,000 would be acceptable. Would've been easy.


RecoveringFcukBoy t1_izmrpov wrote

Wait, ya’ll have to stop making posting NYPOST articles a trend.


Atwenfor t1_izl6fz9 wrote

Children 1, overgrown (wo)man-children 0


DevChatt t1_izlyuic wrote

As a recreational tennis player I get so annoyed when people use tennis courts that are quite sparse in quantity in nyc for things non tennis. Pickleball being one of them, volleyball as another and sometimes people run their dogs in courts. Wtf


lordralphiello t1_izm0hjk wrote

Wth is a pickle ball….actually never mind


xoxofeebzz t1_izmbdy4 wrote

Pickle ball is not a replacement for a personality nyc


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Salad_Panda t1_izmoi5k wrote

What absolute losers. Also pickle ball is a fake sport grow up.


SNAPCHAT_ME_TITS t1_iznryvg wrote

They should have stayed on the designated courts


Blackspeare29 t1_iznvr81 wrote

Don’t mess with Pickleballers!!!


Steev182 t1_iznvs59 wrote

I had a different kind of issue a few years ago. Went to play tennis with my wife in an actual tennis court, 3 courts used by people playing tennis, the last one being used by some 30-40 year old guys doing cricket batting practice. We waited for a court to free up, this dude doing his Sachin Tendulkar impressions, swinging for sixes in a fucking tennis court with people around and no nets to stop the balls. I say "oi this isn't a fucking batting cage" after one of his shitty slogs nearly hits a kid. He yells at me, I throw his ball out the courts and they went into the empty handball court instead.


carrognia t1_izo38ub wrote

Pickleball is creating Karen on Karen violence all over the US and I’m here for it.


hendrixcii t1_izo7eja wrote

"Use nearby courts located at: West 16th Street, west of Eighth Avenue"

Nobody wants them there either. They set up in the handball courts and make it impossible for anyone to use the courts for its intended purposes.


thecloudcities t1_izo1918 wrote

One of those articles where everyone comes out of it looking bad (except the kids).

Pickleball players: the city gave you two courts. Taking more than two courts when the area around you is crowded is a jerk move. If you need more space than that, consider going at a time when not so many kids are around. Should be pretty easy during the school year. Also, unless it's blatantly intentional, don't get pissed when a stray ball invades your game. That stuff happens; just return it and move on with your life.

Parents: telling your kids to run through other people's games to disrupt them is a jerk move. If you've got a problem with people using more space than they should, take it up with them yourself, don't outsource that to your kids who are just looking to have fun and not get hit by a ball or a random paddle.

The city: how about sending someone out to enforce the two courts every so often rather than just pushing the pickleball players out to other spaces where this whole thing will inevitably repeat itself? It's not like those other playgrounds are sitting empty.

The whole thing sucks, and it's the people who can actually act like adults in a civilized society who lose out.