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suitcase88 t1_j1wh2qi wrote

It would be a higher number if fare jumpers were included.


simeonbachos t1_j1wybyf wrote

Technically yes, but I’m fairly sure the number of skipped fares would not increase this figure to 1.01b. You’d need a few more decimal places to even see it


oyoshimaru t1_j1xw4ha wrote

I’d argue more than 1 in 100 rides is a jumped fare.


simeonbachos t1_j1xw9c9 wrote

On what grounds


oyoshimaru t1_j1xwri7 wrote

well there this article that states the estimates 500 million dollar loss to fare evaders. at 2.75 that puts it at around 181M in evaders per year.

or you know just living here.


simeonbachos t1_j1xwxus wrote

> bus and subway


oyoshimaru t1_j1xx57i wrote

well theres this article about the subway estimates at 9.8%. what exactly is your argument? do you not ride the subway?

edit: wrong link


simeonbachos t1_j1xxnkl wrote

That 9.8% of riders report beating a fare doesn’t mean that 1 in 100 rides out of a billion are stolen. That’s my argument


oyoshimaru t1_j1xxwf7 wrote

thats exactly what it means, that there are 98 million rides stolen out of every 1 billion…


simeonbachos t1_j1xxyfz wrote

No, riders aren’t rides. I’m one rider, I’m how many rides in a year?


oyoshimaru t1_j1xymwp wrote

not sure how to make it clearer for you. MTA claimed 62M in subway losses in 1 Quarter of the year. 248M annualized, thats 90M rides in 2021, that apparently had less than. 1B rides, thats higher than 9% of rides.

if you rode the subway youd know how common fare evasion is…


Johnnadawearsglasses t1_j203hcn wrote

That isn't vaguely true on any line I take. Look at turnstiles sometimes for ten minutes.

Or just go to a Yankees game sometime and take the 4 home. Lol


dark10043 t1_j1zybu1 wrote

Random people ask to open the door for them as well. I give them a middle finger as we should all.

pay the damn $2.75 and if u can't afford it, go walk.


virtual_adam t1_j1xep62 wrote

  • 1 billion rides
  • 4 pushes to the tracks
  • gUyS iS iT sAfE tO rIdE tHe F tRaIn At 11Pm

Motor_Ad_473 t1_j1xyiaq wrote

It’s not a problem until you’re thrown onto the tracks. I was threatened with it just yesterday.

The crime denial in this sub is hilarious. It’s like nyc is some defenseless old lady in need of your moral support.


mission17 t1_j1y3fcb wrote

But you weren’t thrown on the tracks yesterday. As far as I am aware, nobody was.


Motor_Ad_473 t1_j1y3r1i wrote

Is it not a problem that untreated mentally ill individuals are threatening to throw random commuters onto the tracks?

You can’t keep dismissing every crime as “look how many people are in the city!!”

Once again, what do you have to gain by defending that behavior? Please answer that question.

Do you think nyc will die without your heroic defense on Reddit?


mission17 t1_j1y3x06 wrote

Nobody is defending that behavior. It just doesn’t warrant the hysterics that you’re perpetuating right now.


Motor_Ad_473 t1_j1y41bw wrote

What hysterics? Can you elaborate on that statement? You did defend that behavior but that’s not what I said you did. You didn’t answer the question btw. I think you have this strange savior complex towards the city though.


mission17 t1_j1y47kg wrote

Where did I defend the behavior, exactly?


Motor_Ad_473 t1_j1y4j3k wrote

You excused the behavior because he didn’t go through with pushing me… which is laughable. Subway pushings like those of Michelle Go are also being dismissed as “oNlY fOuR”

Once again, though, that wasn’t my point. Also, you haven’t answered a single question I asked. All of your responses are just more questions.

What hysterics? What do you gain with this savior complex towards the city & defensive behavior? Why are you obsessed with denying a problem that is evident both quantitatively and anecdotally?


mission17 t1_j1y4ozv wrote

How many times were you thrown on the train tracks this year? And what did I excuse?


Motor_Ad_473 t1_j1y4xbf wrote

Another response that just presents a new & foolish question while avoiding any answers lmao. Look back at your own comments. You’re incapable of answering basic questions.


mission17 t1_j1y524r wrote

So just so everybody is clear, nobody was thrown on the tracks yesterday. And it's not really clear what behavior is being excused here. Nobody was thrown on the tracks and nobody is excusing people throwing others on the tracks.


Motor_Ad_473 t1_j1y55l6 wrote

Here’s another question you can’t answer: how is that not excusing direct threats of being pushed onto subway tracks? You’re doubling down on your defense.


mission17 t1_j1y574y wrote

You weren't thrown on the tracks.


Motor_Ad_473 t1_j1y59pp wrote

That’s not an answer to my question. You proved what I said lol

Edit: yikes! going back and adding to their comments lol. I never said you excused the behavior of being thrown on the tracks. I never said I was thrown on the tracks (obviously lol. Those individuals can’t speak for themselves anymore tho).


mission17 t1_j1y6pgf wrote

Nothing was added to any of the comments. You said:

> It’s not a problem until you’re thrown onto the tracks.

You weren’t thrown onto the tracks. Nobody was thrown onto the tracks yesterday. You’re blowing this problem out of proportion.


Motor_Ad_473 t1_j1y8sqo wrote

> Nothing was added to any of the comments

Convenient way to avoid answering any question I asked.

> Nobody was thrown onto the tracks yesterday.

I never said anyone was. It’s very telling (and embarrassing) that you can only repeat that one sentence (as if I made the claim).

It also, once again, proves my point about your defense of direct threats of violence (among which is indicative of a dismissive attitude towards crime and untreated mental illness in the city). It all goes back to your savior complex.

How am I blowing anything out of proportion? I said someone threatened me yesterday. That’s just a fact. I also pointed out that the commenter would probably care about subway pushings if it affected them directly (if someone they loved was pushed for example). Only then would it become an issue. How is that blowing anything out of proportion? I already know you’re not going to answer the question lol

Edit: downvoted before they even had time to read the full comment 🤡


tbs222 t1_j1z978y wrote

For context, it was 1.7B in 2019.


azspeedbullet t1_j1w9mbt wrote

very strange they want to keep reducing service when ridership is increasing


PostPostMinimalist t1_j1wc9ic wrote

Did you read the article?

>mass transit ridership has stagnated at around 60% of pre-COVID totals


Sulohland t1_j1x50uk wrote

Why are they smiling 🤣 myguy yall happy about a billy and increasing fares


Bkgrouch t1_j1x1ihz wrote

About half a billion didn't pay 🥴