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simeonbachos t1_j1xxnkl wrote

That 9.8% of riders report beating a fare doesn’t mean that 1 in 100 rides out of a billion are stolen. That’s my argument


oyoshimaru t1_j1xxwf7 wrote

thats exactly what it means, that there are 98 million rides stolen out of every 1 billion…


simeonbachos t1_j1xxyfz wrote

No, riders aren’t rides. I’m one rider, I’m how many rides in a year?


oyoshimaru t1_j1xymwp wrote

not sure how to make it clearer for you. MTA claimed 62M in subway losses in 1 Quarter of the year. 248M annualized, thats 90M rides in 2021, that apparently had less than. 1B rides, thats higher than 9% of rides.

if you rode the subway youd know how common fare evasion is…