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Normanzzzz t1_j1qyplb wrote

Because it's too cold to be out shooting and stabbing people.


squall571 t1_j1qz9ch wrote

True, when it’s less than 20 degrees they go into hiding.


iv2892 t1_j1r98uu wrote

True, but it’s been going down all year at the expense of increased stabbings. But In the last 2 months crimes since to be trending down compared to the same period last year


BunLife t1_j1r3ftb wrote

True that, crime always seems to spike during the summer time


MillennialNightmare t1_j1rkpme wrote

Shootings and murders are both down year over year though, not just this winter.


nickoaverdnac t1_j1rzbwj wrote

christmas eve I heard 3 shots a block away. Watched for 30 minutes and no cops despite citizens app saying they had been “dispatched”


Normanzzzz t1_j1sexky wrote

Yes random nights I hear gun shots as well. Citizens app catches it with shot tracer but I don't hear cops.


Silver-Hat175 t1_j1same1 wrote

Dont care to read the article just comment on what you feel and want to believe instead? The article says through 2022, not just now when it is cold. what a sad state this website is in, the "best" comment. I am also shocked no one wants to read that part because it goes against the narrative of the sub and clearly paid propaganda posters who go after every city sub


Normanzzzz t1_j1sffw5 wrote

If you've lived in New York this long you should know the cold season is usually quieter and calm with crime. When it's summer and everyone is out and about is when there is a sharp rise. OP posted but I doubt many clicked on the link to read the article. Many are typing from true experience.


NetQuarterLatte t1_j1ujjdw wrote

>If you've lived in New York this long you should know the cold season is usually quieter and calm with crime.

While that's factually correct, it's also misleading in the context of this news.

The period in question is compared to the same period last year, which mostly cancels out seasonalities.

September and November 2022 was actually slightly warmer than the same months in 2021.


[deleted] t1_j1si0vs wrote



Normanzzzz t1_j1sk7sb wrote

Perhaps you have the fragile ego. Why do you find it your duty to search for comments that are incorrect to your liking. Is it mature for you to attack people online for an apology? I have more than enough associates that are in the NYPD to know what's going on. If you feel insulted, reddit is not the place for you.


Shreddersaurusrex t1_j1t7969 wrote

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I just laughed so loud

Someone just got Shinobi slashed on the LES this weekend.

Also heard shots fired and the a car peeling out last night.

There is a song by a rapper named Uncle Murda called “Summertime shootouts though.


mission17 t1_j1r7ro6 wrote

election over, sensationalized problem solved now


iv2892 t1_j1r9kl0 wrote

Ever since election day both crime and the perception of crime have been trending down


mission17 t1_j1rb1xt wrote

It's easy to make the perception of crime go down when you're not inundating the public with headlines insinuating the city is a crime-ridden hellhole.


Evening_Presence_927 t1_j1sgey8 wrote

Don’t forget the bootlicker a on here that were shouting to high heavens about how out-of-touch democrats were and that they were gonna get wiped out for not listening to “real” New Yorkers. Only now those same “real” New Yorkers are silent as fuck and on the back foot.


Grass8989 t1_j1ryppw wrote

The governor has also been using state funds to pay overtime to have more cops in the subway system since the election so.

Edit: Downvoting facts lol.


Artuistic_Caramel t1_j1rodr6 wrote

r/nyc only put the sticky thread up to hold all crime posts just before the election


PandaJ108 t1_j1r8q6w wrote

For the year murders and shootings are down. And over the course of the last month nearly all crime is down across the board. The period of Nov 2021 thru May 2022 was the peak of pandemic crime. The year to year comparisons starting in 2023 are going to become very favorable.

The question is then going to shift to how will it take for crime to reach pre-pandemic levels or will a new level become the baseline. In the case of shootings and murders assuming they continue to decrease at a 12%-17% rate it would take between 2-3 years from now to reach pre-pandemic levels of murders and shootings.

As 12/18 there were 414 murders, representing a decrease of 13%. Before the pandemic, NYC had back to back years of sub 300 murders. If murders continue the 13% yearly decrease the sub 300 number will be reach around early 2025.


iv2892 t1_j1r9hu5 wrote

It’s tough to reach pre pandemic levels as they were like the record lowest in over half a century . But reaching something remotely close doesn’t seem to be out of reach and that’s okay


shin_datenshi t1_j1rsy0j wrote

dont forget today's other front page post, record numbers of people also left NY this year.

correction The reddit post title said "record" iirc. I do not know the validity or definition of what record this may qualify for at all:

"some 319,020 residents fled New York state between July 2020 and July 2021, according to US Census Bureau data released last week — a 1.6% year-over-year loss that made New York the nation’s leading state for population decline."


Evening_Presence_927 t1_j1sg72g wrote

Do you have that?

Not sure why I’m getting downvoted for asking a simple question.


shin_datenshi t1_j1shzzz wrote

I don't but I'm pretty sure it was on this subreddit. I'm sure I can come up with it, not sure about the validity or correlation of any of this. I'm no scientist, I'm just a monkey with a laptop.

e: it definitely said in the headline though that record numbers of people left NY this year and the majority of them went to Florida and Texas along with apparently everyone else. maybe that was the Reddit post or it was edited. the record part hardly changes anything anyway. it's still 300k and that's significant in comparison to everywhere else, even adjusted for population.

correction The reddit post title said "record" iirc. I do not know the validity or definition of what record this may qualify for at all. Link is in these comment chains to the article. The point obv still stands that yes, a lot of people are still leaving NY and particularly NYC, mostly for FL and TX for whatever reasons make those places most attractive.

"some 319,020 residents fled New York state between July 2020 and July 2021, according to US Census Bureau data released last week — a 1.6% year-over-year loss that made New York the nation’s leading state for population decline."


Evening_Presence_927 t1_j1sjtur wrote

How do you know what it said in the headline of you can’t find it on here to corroborate?


shin_datenshi t1_j1snrn1 wrote

because uh, i remember exactly what it said? I'll find it.

E: nvm let me just google that for you now aaaand

also i didnt downvote you, i hate when people do that. Rediquette: downvote is intended to only be used for posts that add absolutely nothing to the conversation, therefore it benefits no one to see them. NOT for expressing disagreement, but no one cares ofc. Asking not-so-nicely for a source is the opposite of adding nothing to the conversation.


Sharlach t1_j1sp21a wrote

This article says nothing about how many people are leaving and whether it's breaking any records or not. It's about only 4 people, and one of them is from Long Island. Learn to read.


shin_datenshi t1_j1splln wrote

I read it, and from my own anecdotal and observational experience living here, it represents a real trend(s) we may or may not be currently experiencing.

Like I said, I made no claim of this article having empirical proof. I originally said it was a spicy headline remember? maybe I should have included the /s

also I guess the record only includes 20-21, probably since we don't have full data on 22 yet. The Reddit post said something about a record, I believe referring to THIS part of the article.. "lEarM to Reed"

Some 319,020 residents fled New York state between July 2020 and July 2021, according to US Census Bureau data released last week — a 1.6% year-over-year loss that made New York the nation’s leading state for population decline.

says nothing except about 4 people, except all those other people. but last year doesn't count and the trend MUST have stabilized by now, right?


Sharlach t1_j1srqdc wrote

If you misremembered something, just own up to it and move on. I don't give a fuck about people leaving the state anyway. WTH does that have to do with NYC crime rates? You understand the state and the city are two different things, right?

And are you seriously trying to argue that the pandemic had nothing to do with people leaving the city? Do you even have a point? WTF are you trying to say? Can't say I expect any better from a NYpost reader.


shin_datenshi t1_j1u9wnj wrote

No good response? thought so.

>E: blocked me did they? You know I can still see it in my notifications right? lol.
>figures, I'm the crazy one who can't make a point and needs to be on meds according to them yet I did all the Googling for everyone that asked cause they were lazy and incredulous that such a take exists SOMEWHERE on the internet.
>I never cared to make a point if you read up. There was an article that said a bunch of people left new york and that it is chart topping numbers. Idk if it was in fact a record nor do i care, someone was just splitting hairs over that part. The important part was like 2-3 people doubted the existence of said articles, were too lazy to even Google it, and then literally scrambled to explain "no- that can't be" when i produced the articles that said basically exactly what I told them they would. Whether I believe in what's written isn't even in question here. the fact that i'm still clarifying this, and all of this is a great example of how simple communication about a simple subject can be very difficult.
>I'm just laughing at how strongly some of you don't want to see you're in denial about how bad the situation in this state is.

Boy the real world must be awful for a lot of you guys. Idk how you all last 5 minutes in this state, or maybe that's why they're hostile and insulting by default.


shin_datenshi t1_j1tk8ne wrote

i misrembered that a reddit headline and an article headline can be different. I'm sorry for such an egregious error. idrc about either of those things. I was bringing up another post sarcastically. Less people less crime, get it?

That wasn't supposed to be serious enough for you morons to jump down my throat and then move the goalpoasts after I show you the article I simply saw and was making FUN OF.

More people are leaving NY by % than any other county, duh it's mostly covid, and idc what the point is other than the article says 300k left and y'all tried to move the goalposts repeatedly. is that a "record"? who cares? no shit those factors reduce everything.

I got your source, you didn't think I'd actually come up with it, quit whining. If you don't wanna believe them research for yourself instead of being closed minded, what a concept.

I don't read this drivel regularly(ever) also, nice try.

again I never claimed to even agree with one side or another of this argument, yet here we are.

also if you look up i tried to be nice to you. Way to go, prick. Hope you have a good rest of your week.

Can't even be nice to an internet stranger, can't say I expect any better from "This is a narrative that they've invented from cherry picked stories and statistics so that they can yell about how Democratic run cities are falling apart. It doesn't reflect the reality of actually living in places like NYC at all." Of course you're one of those, lol. You live here, sure. In your own little bubble separate from reality with a million others. Why did I even bother.


Evening_Presence_927 t1_j1ss11k wrote

That article’s from last year, though. Anything from this year?


shin_datenshi t1_j1tkb9f wrote

Those stats won't be accurate yet, only good for estimates. People are still leaving in large amounts from what I've seen and read. We'll have to wait and see on that one.


Evening_Presence_927 t1_j1tmkvl wrote

What have you seen and read from this year? It can’t be that true if the demand for rentals are as high as it is.


shin_datenshi t1_j1tmwwj wrote

goalposts moved again? fine.

Joe Robison is a data reporter for

2022 moveBuddha data shows that Webster, NY has the highest move ratio so far this year, with 134 moves in for every 100 moves out. The next highest cities are Ithaca, NY (127 to 100) and Fairport, NY (126 to 100).

The worst move ratio goes to Jamaica, NY with only 27 moves in for every 100 moves out. Followed by Bronx, NY (36 to 100) and Staten Island, NY (27 to 100).

Those leaving New York in 2022 are mostly headed to Florida, California, and Texas, in that order. Together, they comprise of over 40% of moves out of NY.

moveBuddha’s data in 2022, shows NY has the #4 worst move ratio.

Are people leaving New York in 2022?

Start spreading the news: Plenty of New Yorkers are leaving today. And while NYC is seeing the most out-moves compared to welcoming new residents, almost everywhere in the Empire State is feeling some loss. What are the cities with the biggest influx and outflux?

New York state has long been a place where immigrants and dreamers could come up in the world, a place that knows what it means to make it big. New York City rose to the top of the U.S. population charts by 1850, partly because it helped grow the state’s economy with the Erie Canal and the country’s first regular rail service across the state, building thriving communities from Albany to Buffalo. But the tide is turning.

In 2020 alone, New York City experienced a temporary exodus of residents relocating to avoid the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only is NYC one of the densest in the country, but it was also a pandemic epicenter early on, reinforcing the idea that those huddled masses weren’t safe for residents yearning to breathe free. Add the possibility of remote work and the high cost of living, and New Yorkers found it was time to make their move. Upstate, residents continued their exodus, too.

But while the pandemic was temporary, New York state’s outmigration has proven to have staying power. We wanted to look at the moveBuddha data to find out who is leaving the Empire State, which cities they’re leaving, and where they’re heading.

Table of Contents

I. Moving to New York: Statewide trends from the last decade and during the new decade’s great migration

II. 2022 Forecast: Which New York cities are surging in popularity and which are losing residents?

III. Real Insights: We asked locals, why are people leaving New York?

IV. Sources and Methodology

I. New York Exodus

New York lost more residents than any other state from April 1, 2020 to July 1, 2021, according to U.S. Census population estimates. During this time, the state registered the biggest numeric decline in the country, at a 319,020 population loss. And that makes sense, largely because of how hard NY was hit by the COVID-19 Pandemic during this time.

moveBuddha data from 2022 shows that the state of New York hasn’t bounced back. It ranks alongside other states seeing significantly more moves exiting the state than moving in:

New Jersey



New York

According to search queries from the first 6 months of 2022, New York has the #4 worst move ratio, with only 65 searches in for every 100 searches out.

Both moveBuddha and U.S. Census data show that, as a whole, New York is seeing fewer people move in than out over the past few years. And the trend shows no signs of slowing down: New York moving searches make up 10.4% of moveBuddha’s total queries from January 1, 2022-August 5, 2022.

Locations near New York City account for the biggest losses, even adjusted for population. In fact, the U.S. Census shows that 4 of the top 10 counties in percent population decline from April 1, 2020 to July 1, 2021 are in New York:

#1 New York County (-6.9%)

#6 Kings County (-3.5%)

#8 Bronx County (-3.2%)

#9 Queens County (-3.1%)

Virus or not, the recovery of counties surrounding New York City may mirror that of other pandemic patients—slow, and full of setbacks. Here are some common culprits that could be responsible for New York’s high number of out-moves:

Economic Trouble: The pandemic shuttered a third of New York’s businesses, and current unemployment in New York County is 11.2% (the national average is just 6%). Underemployment is also a problem, particularly for people of color.

Skyrocketing Rents: While fewer residents are employed, average rents have risen every year for the past five years, despite the declining population.

Cost of Living Crisis: New York City is the most expensive place for renters in the nation, and the cost of living is 87% above average. Without jobs, it’s hard to imagine how rents have soared 39.9% year over year.

High Taxes: With common origin states having some of the highest taxes in the country and destination states having some of the lowest, many point the finger at taxes.

Where are Empire State residents going? According to moveBuddha data, Florida, California, and Texas top the list, making up over 40% of all out-of-state moves.

now you may draw whatever conclusion you may, that's what you're entitled to. But I don't have to sit here and entertain everyone's nonsense either. Someone too lazy to Google for themselves insulting me for citing an article I NEVER said I agreed with. That's enough of that for today.. some of y'all are hopeless, I could waste my time forever and they'd never make any progress.


Evening_Presence_927 t1_j1trk5a wrote

I never moved any goalposts, I simply asked for sources.

Can you show me this data directly from moveBuddha?


shin_datenshi t1_j1u7cul wrote

I provided the source friend. I just googled these things using basic search terms. Go find it if you care, I'd love to hear more or discuss further. If you really can't I'll dig up whatever I clicked on from my history, all good.

The "demand for rentals" is a big line of BS just like everything else our state gets their disgusting greasy fingers on. Haven't noticed yet? Genuinely. The prices doubled in a year, there is no reason like oil racketeering or demand or COVID or the semiconductor crisis or the fact that Suffolk lost everyone's SSN and personal info this year, the Ever Given, all the global conflicts. IS there high demand? absolutely. But it's just being used as an excuse, it does not correlate remotely with the actual (what it should be for any average NY property) and thousands fell for it so they'll keep selling their lie.

add ALL that together and it still doesn't explain why rent in the US is 200% of what it should be across the board and my coffee cost 5 dollars instead of 2. Don't want to believe me? lucky for you. Unfortunately I have to be relatively on the pulse of these industries to make a living so I simply don't have the luxury of ignoring it.

like I said anyway, most importantly it's still December. You can't rely on any of those types of metrics not to be wildly adjusted or re-contextualized after even 1-2 years of hindsight. right now looking at 2021 and 2020 will give you more useful info anyway.

E: also it wasn't just you, i apologize. every single reply had some secondary qualification that wasn't very relevant or required minimal effort to validate without having to make me do it because people are lazy. Normally i make people pay me to deal with this nonsense.

Not like anyone here ever admits when they're wrong so no big deal at all. My property doubled in value this year and I think it's the dumbest thing ever because if anything it's a much worse place to live than the last time taxes and properties were evaluated by far, so anyone can argue that however you please, seriously I want to understand.


carolyn_mae t1_j22iz9d wrote

I think that article was about New York State as a whole, not nyc specifically


shin_datenshi t1_j264xzu wrote

please just read it if you care, I have COVID potentially(control strip washed off 3x but not for my mom) and am so tired of answering the same questions.

More people have left the boroughs than ANY other place in NY. That's what it says. Most of them went to Florida or Texas for some reason. Statistically. roughly 300k is the estimate right now, and 90% of that is from Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.

The reasons for this are SO obvious if you can't figure it out I really cannot help you. (that was directed at everyone else being willfully ignorant, you're not guilty of that)


shin_datenshi t1_j27v66w wrote

too busy to at least admit you were incorrect, eh? or lazy?


justheretocomment333 t1_j1rt0kj wrote

I've wondered if the spike in crime with Covid just accelerated the timeline for people who would have been shot/ended up in jail and thus the next few years will see violent crime drop hard across the nation just in time for the elections.


fafalone t1_j1v4c6s wrote

Hmmm... the reforms conservatives screamed about as driving crime up certainly haven't gone anywhere... Alvin Bragg hasn't gone anywhere... almost like the fact that crime was up regardless of whether an area had reforms was actually, as all logic suggested, indicative that the reforms weren't to blame for the larger statistical trends.

I'm just shocked reactionary far right propaganda and those repeating it weren't portraying an accurate picture of the causes of the crime increase or proposing solutions aimed at actually addressing it rather than ensuring the poor had their lives destroyed for the exact same crimes everyone else could just post bail/have parents post bail because they didn't understand what bail was, how sentenced worked, and what the world was like before reform.


stork38 t1_j1wiq7z wrote

How are robberies, burgarles, rapes and assaults doing?


theblaackout t1_j1vnclr wrote

Thanks for the info. Can I ask where you’re pulling the data from?


Neckwrecker t1_j1zus3l wrote

>The question is then going to shift to how will it take for crime to reach pre-pandemic levels

And then after that, how long will it take for crime *panic to reach pre-pandemic levels. Because the idiots in here will not stop screaming once it actually goes down.


Push_Citizen t1_j1rva2y wrote

impossible to say how things will be going forward. all indications are we’re in or going to be in a recession for 2023 and either way this economy will be forced to cool off. biden said in q1 to start saving and tightening budgets. no one has and i think this will be felt in the streets.


pseudochef93 t1_j1qzeud wrote

Mayor Adams about to do a publicity tour in the Middle East again


Turbulent_Link1738 t1_j1r4r06 wrote

200 cops took 500 guns off the street in a span of a year. 👍


bakerybrick t1_j1rkur5 wrote

So… it costs about $35000 per gun removed? 🤢


Turbulent_Link1738 t1_j1rp7ms wrote

By that measure it costs $4,000 a ride to commute to work if you travel by bus.


bakerybrick t1_j1txlrx wrote

Lemme see the math


Turbulent_Link1738 t1_j1u6r9i wrote

Price of the bus and operator divided out per commute. $1.4million and $100k for 52 work weeks 5 days a week 2 rides a day.


bakerybrick t1_j1ugjml wrote

You assume that only one person rides the bus, the bus is only in use for one year, and it can only make two trips a day.


Turbulent_Link1738 t1_j1un2g5 wrote

It’s the same dumb math you did.

$35,000 seems like a large number but it pales in comparison to what a woman would pay to be free from rape, or a family to be free from the untimely death of a loved one.

It’s not 35k per gun, it’s 1 gun per # of victims prevented.


bakerybrick t1_j1uv2dy wrote

Also, what makes you think rapes are committed at gunpoint?


Turbulent_Link1738 t1_j1uw5q1 wrote

Rapes are committed more than one way. Same with robberies murders and assaults. Not all are gun based. Obviously.


miseraa t1_j1reewi wrote

Yeah, duh, it’s not until the Summer that NYC turns into a GTA online server


lowpro t1_j1t4ocp wrote

it was scary how accurate GTA 4 was, even as a driving sim for preparing for NYC traffic.


StOlaf85 t1_j1rck22 wrote

Since I work for the city, I always get the mayor’s stupid hot air emails. I always want to unsubscribe but I can’t.


Flivver_King t1_j1rp6au wrote

Mayor Swag’s emails will continue until morale improves.


StOlaf85 t1_j1s1grq wrote

Hmm. So if I actually read them, I’ll be happier working in an understaffed, gridlocked, hell asylum with no support from the “higher ups”??? 🤔


Grass8989 t1_j1rxnlv wrote

Every other major crime besides shootings are up pretty significantly year over year.

For anyone keeping track, felony assaults are back at about the year 2000 levels. We are back to pre 9/11 felony assault rates. Definitely something to be proud of as someone who was born and raised here!

Grand larceny’s are also at pre 9/11 levels.


NetQuarterLatte t1_j1s1cbs wrote

Yet, fringe groups believe whatever crime level we had 40 years ago is a progressive gold standard.

If it’s better than the 80s, there’s no problem!


DrBokbagok t1_j1s5i29 wrote

Maybe housing prices will drop if people are scared enough to flee.


Neckwrecker t1_j1zv1r2 wrote

Nope. They'll cry and kick and scream and then ask for $1M+ for their shanty.


30roadwarrior t1_j1t6i3h wrote

If I can have bushwick and Williamsburg back I’d be thrilled.


DeathMetalVeganPasta t1_j1sufjt wrote

Shootings are down but according to the NYPD’s own compstat data rape, robbery, felony asssault, burglary, grand larceny, and grand larceny auto are all up. This should worry the average person since unless you’re involved in the drug trade, you’re unlikely to be shot, but all those other crimes are probably more likely to happen to the average person.


ThreeLittlePuigs t1_j1rcake wrote

Are we allowed to talk about crime stats without being told “yoU DoNt CaRe aBoUt ViCtimS” anymore? Cause that virtue signaling shit was exhausting.


Captaintripps t1_j1s5k5q wrote

Nope. “Tell that to the mom whose son was shot dead,” will forever be the only policy position of “crime” aficionados.


AugustWest7120 t1_j1r0hw9 wrote

What’s next, “all the homeless people are homed”?!

It’s the same song and dance every year. It doesn’t fool us anymore.


iv2892 t1_j1r9c6m wrote

Shootings and murders are indeed down , but not other crimes


PirateDear1715 t1_j1rfz5p wrote

I think we all know this, its just the news constantly pumping these stories out because they get clicks and views.


skimcpip t1_j1s0ois wrote

I love the morons in here arguing that the objective number of crimes is going down because of their belief that crime is being discussed less in the media.


TheLastHotBoy t1_j1t4te8 wrote

And it has absolutely nothing to do with Mayor Adams. go away and stay away


ketzal7 t1_j1rb5z7 wrote

Adams not fear mongering about crime? It’s a Christmas Miracle!


mission17 t1_j1rbre9 wrote

You gotta show up to work to fearmonger there.


Makeyoownmoney t1_j1rigql wrote

If it was Venice Italy, surrounded by water, then shootings and murders would be down 10 fold. Cold with water, down to 0.


Sylvennn t1_j1tfxay wrote

Doesn’t seem that way according to my citizen notifications


Darrkman OP t1_j1ualny wrote

> citizen notifications

"Two suspicious Black people that have lived in the neighborhood for 20 yrs were seen walking home. If you just moved here be on alert."

That's the extent of citizen notification.


NetQuarterLatte t1_j1rom9c wrote

I was told crimes would only go down when everyone had free housing.

When did that happen in NYC?


NetQuarterLatte t1_j1r9dz4 wrote

It guess it helped after Hochul finally admitted there was a rising crime issue and committed state funds to pay for policing overtime in NYC.


mission17 t1_j1rg0bx wrote

Just one more police budget increase and crime will finally be gone for good! /s


NetQuarterLatte t1_j1royva wrote

Money spent on preventing crimes (policing included) is a lot better than money spent on incarceration.


mission17 t1_j1rwb6b wrote

Just one more increase! We’re almost there!


Grass8989 t1_j1rydxl wrote

Yep, she went with what actual NYers want and not what the very loud “activists” and fringe groups want.


luckylebron t1_j1r17ep wrote

Just a few days ago, guy gets his neck slashed and bleeds to death on 14th street. I guess that's a good week for Adams.


simeonbachos t1_j1r68ej wrote

Yeah man until there’s literally never a single crime in the whole city then it’s basically a hellhole


iv2892 t1_j1r9rm7 wrote

I swear I tend to ignore people who show me articles of a crime to try to prove something. Without stats their points are just anecdotes


shin_datenshi t1_j1rtg70 wrote

if it sets a precedent like the officers who watched the guy they were looking for stab the shit out of some guy, hid in the engineer's compartment WITH THEIR GUNS and were found not to be in dereliction of their duty, a single crime can end up being very important.


iv2892 t1_j1r9o0s wrote

I’m pretty sure nobody got stabbed between 2011-2019