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luckylebron t1_j1r17ep wrote

Just a few days ago, guy gets his neck slashed and bleeds to death on 14th street. I guess that's a good week for Adams.


simeonbachos t1_j1r68ej wrote

Yeah man until there’s literally never a single crime in the whole city then it’s basically a hellhole


iv2892 t1_j1r9rm7 wrote

I swear I tend to ignore people who show me articles of a crime to try to prove something. Without stats their points are just anecdotes


shin_datenshi t1_j1rtg70 wrote

if it sets a precedent like the officers who watched the guy they were looking for stab the shit out of some guy, hid in the engineer's compartment WITH THEIR GUNS and were found not to be in dereliction of their duty, a single crime can end up being very important.


iv2892 t1_j1r9o0s wrote

I’m pretty sure nobody got stabbed between 2011-2019