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vanshnookenraggen t1_j0wc3zv wrote

"“A crucial component to achieving this is community engagement, which must be expanded through participation and input from diverse stakeholders at the neighborhood level and frequency, depth and inclusivity,” the speaker said."

Because this has worked so well in the past? People love to shut down new development. This process only adds time and cost to developments.


mowotlarx t1_j0wy67n wrote

Community engagement is a farce. It's never actual community engagement. It's gathering the very loud voices of 5-10 very loud and angry people and maybe a selection of hand picked organizations who will speak in your favor. Then we let them yell and moan over the voices of trained and educated professionals in their field. And then the process is dragged out so long that the budget gets cut and anything valuable in the original plan is scrapped. There...has to be a better way.


nickelloafer t1_j0wr1lg wrote

Agreed. Meanwhile, the Mayor's plan focuses on cutting red tape and streamlining the development process in order to increase housing production across the five boroughs. I know this sub loves to shit on Adams, but he's doing the right thing on this issue if the goal is to actually build more housing.


vanshnookenraggen t1_j0wtafv wrote

I want to believe he is going to do the right thing. But just cutting jobs and calling it eliminating red tape isn't going to work. We need to loosen the right regulations. We still need safe buildings.


JeromePowellAdmirer t1_j0xjfdr wrote

Those aren't the type of regulations he means. The most he would go there (cause it's the most anyone proposes) is making elevators fit stretchers in slightly upright positions instead of fully extended, and allowing single loaded corridors, both like in Europe. Those changes are about as radical as he could possibly go on building codes and he will never go that far.


mowotlarx t1_j0wyhn1 wrote

If you believe Adams has a righteous plan I have a bridge to sell you. Cutting government services and employees and then calling it "cutting red tape" is just banking on short term benefits at the expense of future quality and safety.


JeromePowellAdmirer t1_j0xjpw8 wrote

Why jump to the assumption he wants to slash safety regulations instead of exclusionary zoning, considering all of the material released and every speech focuses on exclusionary zoning


mowotlarx t1_j0yvlrn wrote

First of all, speeches aren't policy. It's just him bloviating. That's not serious.

Secondly, of course slashing regulations is part of this. That's what he means by red tape. In effect that always means having less eyes and oversight on projects to speed them along. That has always and will always lead to cutting corners again and again until everything falls apart. Deregulation is a farce. It's just more work in the long run.


Longjumping_Vast_797 t1_j0yqw32 wrote

He sees a budget shortfall coming and is preparing for that reality. This sounds like a pragmatic move be a realist, rather than the feel good coolaid politicians have been feeding you.


mowotlarx t1_j0yvdg8 wrote

This comment will be funny in a year or two when Adams' bloviating leads to absolutely nothing. As someone pretty well attuned to what moves city government, the speeches from the Mayor are by far the least effective in making any valuable change. It's funny that people think this is serious.


stevecbelljr t1_j0zy8iy wrote

Totally. We have too much community engagement. Disempower the NIMBYs.