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BasedTunechi t1_j22mr7u wrote

why lie about something easily fact checkable


bkornblith t1_j22x46t wrote

He won didn’t he - and the odds are he probably will still get to be in congress for enough time to take a bunch of bribes.

That’s why. Because the system is rigged and it doesn’t pay to tell the truth.


san_serifs t1_j23vjlw wrote

Someone clearly bankrolled and installed this guy to gain House majority. They know GOP voters will hold their noses and pull the level for any Republican on the ticket. They really don't care what falsehoods come out of this guy's mouth.

Elections have consequences.


leg_day t1_j243fex wrote

And the New York Democrats did nothing. They lost the entire house because they sat on their hands.


CaptainObvious t1_j24jve8 wrote

False. The NY Supreme Court overruled the Democrats congressional map.


leg_day t1_j24lrcn wrote

Yes, they did not get the map they wanted.

But they still lost multiple districts that they didn't need to. A few of them by 1%.

Example: Brooklyn was flooded by Zeldin supporters. Trucks. Banners. Big ground game hustle at major subway stations. Even admitting Zeldin won't win, but pushing down ticket votes for every local position. Zeldin didn't win, but the NY Dems were nowhere.


CaptainObvious t1_j24nym1 wrote

I'm not saying the NY Democrats crushed it, but they did more than "nothing".


Topher1999 t1_j24mot9 wrote

Double false. The Court of Appeals did.


CaptainObvious t1_j24ntdi wrote

You are correct. I forgot the NY court names are backwards for some arcane reason.


ketzal7 t1_j26bt7w wrote

And now Hochul is going to appoint a conservative Dem to the Court of Appeals to replace the one that voted against the Dem congressional map. The NY Dems are a clown show.


IRequirePants t1_j25bqyn wrote

Because the Democrats violated the NYS constitution blatantly.


CaptainObvious t1_j25e47o wrote

I leave that conclusion to more legal minded folks.

Funny how that never seems to bother Republicans though and they get to use illegal maps every election.


IRequirePants t1_j25fctm wrote

> I leave that conclusion to more legal minded folks.

Even if you assume they didn't gerrymander it to shit, they very blatantly avoided the proper legal process of overriding the commissions map. And they knew it was unconstitutional, because they tried to amend the constitution with a new proposal, which failed. And then they just did it anyway.

"legal-minded folks" - they fucking lost in court.

>Funny how that never seems to bother Republicans though and they get to use illegal maps every election.

That failure is the courts in their respective states. NYS doesn't govern them.


CaptainObvious t1_j25n9tf wrote

Republicans in other states just ignored the courts and used illegal maps. NY Democrats did not.


IRequirePants t1_j262x9g wrote

> Republicans in other states just ignored the courts

No, they didn't. The courts basically ignored the laws and said "we will let you do this, for THIS election" as if that is some concession. I don't know why you are trying to be aggressively wrong.

>NY Democrats did not.

NY courts correctly shut them down. You are weirdly suggesting that somehow NY Dems were nobly fighting instead of being literal scum and violating a constitutional amendment that the majority of NY voted for.


U-N-C-L-E t1_j2477oe wrote

So your theory is Republicans from Nassau County would not vote for a Republican because of what a Democrat said?


leg_day t1_j24978q wrote

It's a flipped seat. NY Dems were barely present during the election. They sat on millions of unspent funds. They didn't even google George Santos, they could have obliterated him on election day -- not by getting Republicans to not vote for him (GOP voters vote for rapists and child molesters, a gay republican lying about his prep school is a nothingburger for them) -- but by getting the Democrat vote out to protect against such a fuckface from getting into office.

NY State had 4 flipped seats, all with poor voter turn out. Four flipped seats.

The GOP took 222 seats. 218 are needed for a majority. 222 - 218 = 4.

Three of them were within 1% margin.


TJ_McWeaksauce t1_j238s9s wrote

The fact that Trump made it all the way to the White House based on a "platform" of easy to disprove lies has emboldened Republicans to follow in his footsteps.


SNRatio t1_j24fmpi wrote

I'll go the opposite route from others in this thread: He didn't think he would win, he was just running to milk the process.

He was running in what was supposed to be a safe Dem district, and was considered a longshot until well into October. His plan was to win by losing: the campaign was a way to build his reputation, build his scam businesses, and harvest campaign donations for personal gain. He had no plan for what he would do if he actually won - he never even considered what would happen if he faced real scrutiny because so far in his life he has been able to just walk away from his misdeeds with no real punishment.

Plus he's a fabulist: he lives feeling that all of his lies are "his truth". Even jail time won't stop that, he'll just reboot with fresh lies.


north7 t1_j24hqga wrote

Yup, he ran The Producers gambit, and won.


shruglifeOG t1_j294c19 wrote

So do you think there's a chance he'll resign? Or will the temptation to further the grift win out?


Blue_water_dreams t1_j23ru0y wrote

Because republicans don’t care about character, they actually see it as a negative.


LittleKitty235 t1_j24d33v wrote

Because republicans with character like John Mccain occasionally screwed things up by having principles. I didn't always agree with McCain on policy, but he was respectable.


Rubberbabybuggybum t1_j24h1qo wrote


They don't want someone who's intelligent and independent.

They want someone who will vote for their policies. That's an insanely low bar.


im_not_bovvered t1_j242oc0 wrote

He won, didn't he? He banked on people not fact checking, and he was right.

We are all sitting here with our jaws on the floor but his scheme worked... he's been elected and no amount of hand wringing can undo it. He has two years to be ridiculous and then he can continue the grift with a book or tv deal, etc.

The GOP doesn't care. They'll excuse this away - some of them knew he was a complete liar before the election and just looked the other way. For a party with no morals, you can do whatever you want.


maffinina t1_j24k0j2 wrote

Yeah what a bizarre lie.

For one, tuition at Horace Mann is way more than $2,500 as he says according to the article. More like $40-50k back in 2008.

And did this actually score him any points? Would his constituents really care?


unicornmullet t1_j24yf03 wrote

Why did he say he lost employees in the Pulse Nightclub shooting, or that his mother survived 9/11?? None of it seems rational or well thought out. It seems that he lied pathologically to gain prestige and sympathy--constantly presenting himself as either someone who came from an elite background, or as a victim.


chargeorge t1_j22v64c wrote

I mean if you are running against democrats apparently there’s not much cost to it


Rubberbabybuggybum t1_j24gy50 wrote

Trump said he was the fittest president in history. Didn't stop him.

The GOP doesn't care about facts. They care about power.


randompittuser t1_j24za4i wrote

Because most people don’t understand that the risk-reward for such a thing is generally in your favor. It’s not illegal to lie in most cases.


sujihiki t1_j24ea5g wrote

He won. Dgaf.

Basically if you can scam your way in to being supported by the gop. You’re good to go with gop voters. They don’t care if you’re lying.


Algoresball t1_j24h92a wrote

He bet that no one would fact check him and unfortunately he was correct


KindaNormalHuman t1_j25klk8 wrote

Republicans don't fact check.


NiemandDaar t1_j27243b wrote

No, apparently the Republican leadership knew this guy was full of it but were fine with that.


_awacz_ t1_j25ea1p wrote

Because anything is better than the 'evil pedophile libs'. We've seen it from Roy Moore to Herschel Walker. The hate machine on the right is so powerful, anything is better than a Dem.

That being said, fun fact: even if he's convicted of a crime, he doesn't have to resign, nor imo will he. His lies will just be defended and those lies will metastasize as truth once repeated enough times, like as typical from Trump.


n3wb33Farm3r t1_j249hz6 wrote

No one checked, I guess that's why. B4 the election. Lazy work by the democrats.


carbonara_and_jazz t1_j24kafe wrote

That's not correct and people should stop repeating this falsehood. Opposition research uncovered a lot of the lies and the Democratic candidate was yelling about them repeatedly. Nobody was paying attention. People love to blame politicians and the media while simultaneously letting themselves off the hook.


SanguShellz t1_j24y2sw wrote

The narrative of the Dems being weak is more important than the truth apparently.


carbonara_and_jazz t1_j24yw4d wrote

Yeah, everybody likes to consider themselves as independent thinkers, but when something goes wrong, its everybody else's fault.

Stop watching right-wing news channels, ignore the NY Post, support responsible media and don't vote for conservatives. There's no guarantee there'll never be another George Santos, but it makes it way less likely.


BombardierIsTrash t1_j2524le wrote

Lmao the oppo research people sent their findings to the media and they couldn’t be bothered to report it. Some asshole form the NYT even had the gall to tweet that he was sent the lede but didn’t even read it because the report was a couple of pages and that someone should have just distilled it down to a tweet for him.