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Rpanich t1_j231gqm wrote

Weโ€™re about to find out he didnโ€™t graduate middle school next


calvinbsf t1_j23vq2f wrote

Lied about his U9 soccer team finishing in 2nd place in their league too


Colavs9601 t1_j24d0op wrote

Well they were tied for second, but listed as 3rd due to goal differential.


CydeWeys t1_j24hwjm wrote

Sounds like they placed third then based on the tiebreaker. A lotta teams in this World Cup didn't make it out of the group stage for the same reason: goal differential.


anonyuser415 t1_j24zj7p wrote

Besides, Biden's been lying about his lacrosse performance for 40 years