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kerbherbstreet t1_j243h5h wrote

You act like you know the district. It was leaning dem before this election and had Suozzi. This district also shows why gerrymandering is terrible. How are you going to have parts of queens, Nassau and Suffolk in one congressional district. George Santos also won cause long islanders bought the crime wave kool aid the New York post and Fox News were selling


Traditional_Way1052 t1_j243v09 wrote

Yes, you're right and I'm aware... I just have very little faith in people's ability to look beyond D or R these days. I think he'll have a record by then and he'll be able to stand on that. Or maybe he'll be a shit show in Congress, too. But I don't imagine the Rs primary him so I guess it's a question of whether they want a D or an R.


NetQuarterLatte t1_j248akf wrote

I don’t expect people to show at the polls just to vote for him.

His re-election will probably depend on the governor’s race to turn out GOP voters hoping they would just blindly vote for him as well… just like in the 2022 election.


Traditional_Way1052 t1_j24cdpl wrote

Sorry, maybe I'm wrong but isn't the next gov election in 2026? And isn't his on 2024? I thought Congress got two year terms. Although I could definitely be wrong.