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Bangkok_Dangeresque t1_j245xgk wrote

The adage about politicians lying is normally about unkept policy promises. Not that their entire lives and qualifications are fabricated.


Kevinm2278 t1_j250e09 wrote

I disagree.


Bangkok_Dangeresque t1_j25ihdj wrote

It must be exhausting to be THAT cynical


Kevinm2278 t1_j25mbfa wrote

Lol mustn’t know many politicians


Bangkok_Dangeresque t1_j25ozni wrote

How many can you name that have fully fabricated their educational and professional histories? Beyond the pale of the little white lies and embellishments that everyone, not just politicians, do?

What George Santos did isn't in the same galaxy as run of the mill "shrug, politicians be lyin'!" quips.