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U-N-C-L-E t1_j2477oe wrote

So your theory is Republicans from Nassau County would not vote for a Republican because of what a Democrat said?


leg_day t1_j24978q wrote

It's a flipped seat. NY Dems were barely present during the election. They sat on millions of unspent funds. They didn't even google George Santos, they could have obliterated him on election day -- not by getting Republicans to not vote for him (GOP voters vote for rapists and child molesters, a gay republican lying about his prep school is a nothingburger for them) -- but by getting the Democrat vote out to protect against such a fuckface from getting into office.

NY State had 4 flipped seats, all with poor voter turn out. Four flipped seats.

The GOP took 222 seats. 218 are needed for a majority. 222 - 218 = 4.

Three of them were within 1% margin.