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LittleKitty235 t1_j24e9o9 wrote

If you called for this liar to resign where do you draw the line? Lying about taxes? Investments? How many children you have? Your affairs? Who is financially backing you?

Who would be left to run the country?


aguafiestas t1_j24euc5 wrote

I don’t know exactly where the line is, but I am 100% sure this guy is on the wrong side of it.


LittleKitty235 t1_j24fmum wrote

Agreed. I was really not sure if I should include a /s in my post. I was trying to be absurd and hyperbolic, but it also read as depressingly true when I was done. Sigh


aguafiestas t1_j24gzvw wrote

lol fair enough. With the current state of things, you never can tell.


pressedbread t1_j24zan8 wrote

>where do you draw the line? Lying about taxes? Investments?

Uhh. There definitely is a line and these are part of why you draw it: Its vital to know who the politician is in a financial relationship with.


LittleKitty235 t1_j25022u wrote

No, the line should be drawn well before that. You'd be fired from any other job for blatantly lying about qualifications. If we lived in a sane world Congress would expel him the second he is sworn in.


pressedbread t1_j250pw7 wrote

100% agree


LittleKitty235 t1_j251dzn wrote

I considered adding a /s tag to my original comment but I'm more amused things are so upside down that it is being taken with sincerity and downvoted.