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IRequirePants t1_j25fctm wrote

> I leave that conclusion to more legal minded folks.

Even if you assume they didn't gerrymander it to shit, they very blatantly avoided the proper legal process of overriding the commissions map. And they knew it was unconstitutional, because they tried to amend the constitution with a new proposal, which failed. And then they just did it anyway.

"legal-minded folks" - they fucking lost in court.

>Funny how that never seems to bother Republicans though and they get to use illegal maps every election.

That failure is the courts in their respective states. NYS doesn't govern them.


CaptainObvious t1_j25n9tf wrote

Republicans in other states just ignored the courts and used illegal maps. NY Democrats did not.


IRequirePants t1_j262x9g wrote

> Republicans in other states just ignored the courts

No, they didn't. The courts basically ignored the laws and said "we will let you do this, for THIS election" as if that is some concession. I don't know why you are trying to be aggressively wrong.

>NY Democrats did not.

NY courts correctly shut them down. You are weirdly suggesting that somehow NY Dems were nobly fighting instead of being literal scum and violating a constitutional amendment that the majority of NY voted for.