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Pristine-Confection3 t1_j2coj1d wrote

Oddly , Huxley the writer of “ Brave New Wold “ also wrote and entire book on the psychedelic mescaline . It isn’t even a good argument source

Also, psychedelics don’t do that at all. If anything they amplify emotions and you feel so much more . They are not comparable to opioids. Funny how you cite the works of a man who thought highly is psychedelics. You have clearly not done your research


GoRangers5 t1_j2ctnrx wrote

He was an addict, it’s a warning, that’s what “soma” is in the book, man was so addicted to acid he asked for it on his deathbed.


Pristine-Confection3 t1_j2cujsc wrote

The book was written before he took psychedelics. It wasn’t at all what soma was about . It doesn’t mean addiction to enjoy the last minutes of life on a substance and LSD isn’t really physically addictive. It can be psychologically but not physically.

You really won’t win an argument about this since I have done extensive research on psychedelics but you haven’t even tried them if you are comparing likely dissociative drugs in a book to LSD . It seemed more like big Pham drugs anyway .


Die-Nacht t1_j2fq96k wrote

Pretty sure the "drugs" in Brave New World was a metaphor for modern comforts. We let our government get away with so much because, at the end of the day, we're pretty comfortable with all of our modern stuff.