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barelylegal_69 t1_j2f2m67 wrote

wait wait wait. you’re worried about moving to brooklyn? what about NYC would your kids be missing by living in brooklyn or even queens? you make it sound like manhattan is the only way to live in nyc.


EagleFly_5 t1_j2f31qr wrote

Agree, there’s 4 other boroughs in the city, and yes, you could consider New Jersey, or even Long Island/Hudson Valley if you’d want space + not too confined in city life. It did help to have the money, but if you’re budget savvy, it’s of no worry.

Maybe Staten Island could be the most “affordable” place to live in the city if you’d want space & be a homeowner, but >6 million other people in the city live outside of Manhattan, some thriving, and other getting by. It’s possible after all, will be next year beyond.

PS: For a lot of people, helps if you’re a DINK: no kids/obligations (or even pets), you won’t be too saddled by toning it down in life.