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app4that t1_j5kx9v9 wrote

Maybe an unwanted opinion but I will share anyway.

Many people, including plenty of life-long New Yorkers associate graffiti with criminal activity and violence as it is the hallmark of an abandoned building, or neighborhood where criminals feel safe.

They will fail to see any artistic or historic beauty in tagged walls, only that this place looks like a likely location where you can expected to be mugged or shot. The needles, urine smell, trash and derelicts around will not help matters.

Further, as people grow up and adopt an ownership or community mentality (starting a garden, purchase of a bike, car, hone or condo or even start a family) any perceived nostalgia for graffiti tends to evaporate when it is around what you consider to be ‘yours’

You don’t want to lock up you bike, park your car or walk your dog or have any member of your family in such an area that resembles a slum because you care about how it looks not just to yourself and your local friends but to family and guests.

So, I gave my 2 cents. Downvote away, or perhaps comment or I don’t know, maybe reply with some decent counterpoints.


30roadwarrior t1_j5n9b51 wrote

As someone who may or may not have dabbled in street art, lol. The complaints are of the pieces that are now gone but ignore that those pieces had been defaced with crappy scribbled tags for ages. Ruined art is a mess and it gets messier. There no curating that tunnel.


poralexc t1_j5ophgm wrote

I live in the neighborhood, and I would always compare it to the other tunnel off broadway to the A train. That tunnel is always much cleaner and they keep it buffed... and it looks like a nazi bunker.

It wasn't just graffiti/tags, the designated murals underneath were really good. For me 'ownership' means having some visuals to break up an otherwise long somewhat creepy walk through a tunnel.

Edit: Somehow the beige paint feels like another slight in a long list of disinvestment in this area. They took something away and gave nothing back, much like the nearby Amelia Gorman Park that the city chained up 5+ years ago and has never repaired.


supermechace t1_j5o99hj wrote

Agree it also attracts and encourages more inconsiderate teens and adults to come vandalize but to selfishly expand to personal property and business. So people just trying to get by are forced to waste time and money cleaning up after selfish kids.


bklyn1977 t1_j5pj9qp wrote

most of these tags are toy shit anyway. i used to write when i was young but once i had to be responsible for cleaning up shit on my block you get over it fast.

and i dont know why anyone expected 5 pointz to stay that way forever. y'all real selective on what change for the city is okay or not.