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shant_jan t1_j6iy8ap wrote

this is what happens when so much of this city is run by people chasing money rather than actually giving a fuck about the city itself.

fun fact: there's an invite-only app for some finance folks that allows them to control the lights on top of some skyscrapers just for funsies


d4ng3rz0n3 t1_j6j5eeg wrote

You can pay $30 on ebay for the invite link. I did that like 7 years ago its great.


seafoodgodddd t1_j6j7yav wrote

Alright I'll bite, how does it work? I want in


d4ng3rz0n3 t1_j6j9j1q wrote

The app is called Spireworks. Someone with the app has to invite you with a link. This used to be easier to find/buy because the app used to have 5 invites per user. Now its only 1.

I used to occasionally sell these to people in person for about $100 and then on the 5th one I would send the invite to myself and get 5 more and repeat the process.

There are probably people out there still selling invites for between $30-$100 though.

Once you are on the app, you have the choice of at least 2 buildings. The BOA tower on 42nd and 6th and the H&M tower in times square. You can only access them from sundown to midnight.

You can do a variety of things with the lights on the spires like change colors, directions, pulsate etc. You only get 2 minutes at a time and there can be 1 or 2 other people on it too. Thats why they can go a bit crazy sometimes. If there's more than 2 people then there is a queue formed. You can do this unlimited times in the evening. It does get boring after a while but can be a cool party trick or to impress a date (what's your favorite color? then change it to that immediately).

In recent years, some nights are blocked off to raise money for charity, so you have to pay like $10 or $20 to be able to use it that evening.

I haven't used it in years but pretty sure I still have access to it. I believe they had plans to add 1 WTC and the ESB at some point but not sure.

Edit: I don't have any spireworks invitations to give out or sell. You guys are on your own so good luck


seafoodgodddd t1_j6j9wjf wrote

That's awesome, definitely gonna track an invite down soon then, I love that idea for a date night lol


Thanks for the info!


asian_identifier t1_j6js9qp wrote

that's exactly what I see at rooftop bars, bros trying to impress girls


Rtn2NYC t1_j6jzq60 wrote

The view from the bar at Manhatta is especially great for this. Sometimes I get bored at work and play with them too while on calls


DFB- t1_j6mz8j3 wrote

I'm also looking for one. Lmk if you find one. Or if I find one I can split the cost of the invite!


seafoodgodddd t1_j6nko4e wrote

For sure! I'm flying back up to start moving in to my new place in HK in a couple weeks so I'm gonna try to find it in time lol


Rtn2NYC t1_j6k0k79 wrote

They don’t have ESB at all and 1 WTC is listed but I’ve never seen it actually active (which it’s been that way for years).

Participating: 1 Bryant Park, 151 west 42 (H&M), Sven, and 1 WTC and WTC podium (marked as inactive).


Andi1up t1_j6l9d1b wrote

Used it last week, seems like everyday is a charity.

They also added WTC and if I recall, residence's in SVEN in Long Island City also get access to it


Proprietor t1_j6j9n86 wrote

am I just really gullible? because I’m looking for it on ebay right now and not seeing anything


d4ng3rz0n3 t1_j6jgbs5 wrote

They cracked down on resellers a few years ago. Thats where I got mine and thats how much I paid for it around 2016/17


foratlanticcity t1_j6ji05l wrote

ESB isn't the city, it's a private, profit seeking entity. As are all sports teams. People need to stop treating these things like they're religions and treat them like the businesses they are.


Unspec7 t1_j6kh9w9 wrote

>there's an invite-only app for some finance folks that allows them to control the lights on top of some skyscrapers just for funsies

To be fair though, the app is run and owned by the very people who own the actual buildings, Durst. What is the problem there?


akmalhot t1_j6mi54f wrote

The pre planned lighting up the color of afc and nfc winners a while ago... They didn't just randomly say hey Philly won, let's light it up green


_TheCommish_ t1_j6j06y9 wrote

Actually emberassing. If any building in Philly lit up the giants colors it would be burned to the ground. Shows the Empire State Building is run/owned by soulless corporate goons, who have no loyalty to New York.


Mammoth_Sprinkles705 t1_j6jvsp0 wrote

It's almost like a real estate developers are soulless subhuman pieces of garbage.


ironichaos t1_j6j16hj wrote

If they really want to cause a stir on twitter they should light up the building of the Super Bowl losers and tweet out congrats to the runners up.


Any_Foundation_9034 t1_j6jarhr wrote

Seriously though. NY is not Philly.

Seems to me like the guy/gal who lit this up is an Eagles fan. Hope they’re happy though. Hahaha.


shant_jan t1_j6jbk7h wrote

lol imagine if it was a totally unaware Nigerian 🇳🇬 who was just feeling a little patriotic


Any_Foundation_9034 t1_j6jdufy wrote

Anything is possible but given that this was a Yuge Eagles win….

gotta go with that one.


Imhappy_hopeurhappy2 t1_j6kjedf wrote

And the fact that ESB also tweeted a congratulations to the Eagles with a photo of the lights.


squall571 t1_j6jn8hb wrote

Just pretend it’s the Jets colors, a nothingburger


RiZZO_da_RAT t1_j6kon1p wrote

Except the Empire State Building official Twitter account declared it was for the eagles and congratulated them


meekonesfade t1_j6k9m1x wrote

I dont care about sports at all, but even I find this offensive.


StrngBrew t1_j6kzcu7 wrote

Not since the Trojan War has a construction project been so disloyal. What, did you lose a bet to the Liberty Bell? The Empire State Building probably eats pizza with a fork and knife.


Blackchai19 t1_j6jzd0q wrote

i just moved back to NY after being in Philly for 2 years and hating it so this shit really pissed me off ngl


TonyzTone t1_j6kcp0l wrote

Listen, fuck the Eagles, and fuck whoever thought this was a good idea.

But they also did it for the Chiefs, and basically it was a celebration for the NFL Conference Championship winners.


contangoz t1_j6khsmu wrote

70 min amtrack train away and tons of philly ppl commute to apple or moved completely and work NYC full time. Not surprised at all.


dancetothiscomment t1_j6kg3zy wrote

They changed the color to hype up Saint Patrick's day in a couple of months!


LobsterOk2912 t1_j6n5hrc wrote

What do you expect when transplants take over your city?


myassholealt t1_j6ncxix wrote

This is like the reverse of when the Phillies had someone from a Mets fan group (7 Line Army) throw out the first pitch at Citizens Bank Park. That one was hilarious. Especially knowing how Philly fans are and the Mets are in the same division, so the animosity is higher.


08BlvdRider t1_j6njam9 wrote

Why are New Yorkers so freakin' upset? If they love the Giants so much, why didn't they step up and build the stadium the Giants and Jets wanted? If it weren't for New Jersey, both teams would have left the area and the only football team left would be the Bill's. So the ESB displayed the Eagles colors to congratulate them on their win, no big deal, they played better and beat the Giants like a government mule. To be honest, IMO, the Giants shouldn't have been in the playoffs in the first place. Now have at it, I don't care.


DelayedNewYorker t1_j6oi8ho wrote

I don’t think both teams would’ve left, NY is simply too large of a media market for the NFL to ignore.


jbv0717 t1_j6jzid8 wrote

Why is this an issue? They’re our neighbors, can’t we be happy for them?


as1126 t1_j6k23yu wrote

No, no, we can't. It's an affront to every citizen of this state.


mummy__napkin t1_j6k6f1x wrote

unironically no. they're a division rival and that idea wouldn't ever cross the mind of anybody in Philly.


gzrrt t1_j6k9rta wrote

This is not the time or place for sensible opinions. Chasing a ball around is serious business


Superb-Antelope-2880 t1_j6j0yk5 wrote

Who care. Everyone in this country can use a little less baseless loyalty to locations and brands anyway.

Tribalism is a disease.


Vexvertigo t1_j6ja1wq wrote

You're one of those spineless cheese-steak eating mongoloids aren't you? AREN'T YOU!?


ChangingtheSpectrum t1_j6jhwi2 wrote

Hey, we may be mongoloids with greased up light poles, but you leave our cheesesteaks out of this you son of a bitch


Vexvertigo t1_j6jjyuf wrote

Okay fine. We’ll let the cheesesteaks in, but you keep your one bridge having goons out of our state


ChangingtheSpectrum t1_j6k0eiv wrote

Fair enough - Philadelphians can't count above fifty or so, so they get lost around midtown anyway


Superb-Antelope-2880 t1_j6jhtsc wrote

Why? Because I'm asian?


Vexvertigo t1_j6jjr99 wrote

How the fuck would I have known that?


Open_Regular90210 t1_j6jkzvo wrote

I think he's referring to the fact that mongoloid originally meant actual Mongols.


Superb-Antelope-2880 t1_j6k8fcm wrote

Why did you called me a mongoloid then? Stop looking at people comment history and make racist comments if you don't want to get call out.


foratlanticcity t1_j6jijhx wrote

Seriously. I've always been amazed by the NFLs ability to trick mouth breathing idiots like this into worshiping corporations by putting the name of their state in the team name. They'll even move the teams in an instant to make more money and people still somehow think these orgs give a fuck.