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shant_jan t1_j6iy8ap wrote

this is what happens when so much of this city is run by people chasing money rather than actually giving a fuck about the city itself.

fun fact: there's an invite-only app for some finance folks that allows them to control the lights on top of some skyscrapers just for funsies


d4ng3rz0n3 t1_j6j5eeg wrote

You can pay $30 on ebay for the invite link. I did that like 7 years ago its great.


seafoodgodddd t1_j6j7yav wrote

Alright I'll bite, how does it work? I want in


d4ng3rz0n3 t1_j6j9j1q wrote

The app is called Spireworks. Someone with the app has to invite you with a link. This used to be easier to find/buy because the app used to have 5 invites per user. Now its only 1.

I used to occasionally sell these to people in person for about $100 and then on the 5th one I would send the invite to myself and get 5 more and repeat the process.

There are probably people out there still selling invites for between $30-$100 though.

Once you are on the app, you have the choice of at least 2 buildings. The BOA tower on 42nd and 6th and the H&M tower in times square. You can only access them from sundown to midnight.

You can do a variety of things with the lights on the spires like change colors, directions, pulsate etc. You only get 2 minutes at a time and there can be 1 or 2 other people on it too. Thats why they can go a bit crazy sometimes. If there's more than 2 people then there is a queue formed. You can do this unlimited times in the evening. It does get boring after a while but can be a cool party trick or to impress a date (what's your favorite color? then change it to that immediately).

In recent years, some nights are blocked off to raise money for charity, so you have to pay like $10 or $20 to be able to use it that evening.

I haven't used it in years but pretty sure I still have access to it. I believe they had plans to add 1 WTC and the ESB at some point but not sure.

Edit: I don't have any spireworks invitations to give out or sell. You guys are on your own so good luck


seafoodgodddd t1_j6j9wjf wrote

That's awesome, definitely gonna track an invite down soon then, I love that idea for a date night lol


Thanks for the info!


asian_identifier t1_j6js9qp wrote

that's exactly what I see at rooftop bars, bros trying to impress girls


Rtn2NYC t1_j6jzq60 wrote

The view from the bar at Manhatta is especially great for this. Sometimes I get bored at work and play with them too while on calls


DFB- t1_j6mz8j3 wrote

I'm also looking for one. Lmk if you find one. Or if I find one I can split the cost of the invite!


seafoodgodddd t1_j6nko4e wrote

For sure! I'm flying back up to start moving in to my new place in HK in a couple weeks so I'm gonna try to find it in time lol


Rtn2NYC t1_j6k0k79 wrote

They don’t have ESB at all and 1 WTC is listed but I’ve never seen it actually active (which it’s been that way for years).

Participating: 1 Bryant Park, 151 west 42 (H&M), Sven, and 1 WTC and WTC podium (marked as inactive).


Andi1up t1_j6l9d1b wrote

Used it last week, seems like everyday is a charity.

They also added WTC and if I recall, residence's in SVEN in Long Island City also get access to it


Proprietor t1_j6j9n86 wrote

am I just really gullible? because I’m looking for it on ebay right now and not seeing anything


d4ng3rz0n3 t1_j6jgbs5 wrote

They cracked down on resellers a few years ago. Thats where I got mine and thats how much I paid for it around 2016/17


foratlanticcity t1_j6ji05l wrote

ESB isn't the city, it's a private, profit seeking entity. As are all sports teams. People need to stop treating these things like they're religions and treat them like the businesses they are.


Unspec7 t1_j6kh9w9 wrote

>there's an invite-only app for some finance folks that allows them to control the lights on top of some skyscrapers just for funsies

To be fair though, the app is run and owned by the very people who own the actual buildings, Durst. What is the problem there?


akmalhot t1_j6mi54f wrote

The pre planned lighting up the color of afc and nfc winners a while ago... They didn't just randomly say hey Philly won, let's light it up green