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tgnwhyc t1_j5d3k6n wrote

“Rivera’s sperm was harvested at the hospital after he was gunned down, according to a source who knows the family”


TwilitSky t1_j5d3us4 wrote

Really? It was harvested months after he died? A full year has already passed. This is ridiculous and an abuse of taxpayer funds. A paternity test should be required at a bare minimum.


HistoryAndScience t1_j5darti wrote

It was harvested the same day he died. As long as it’s stored properly it can stay viable. Now whether it’s ethical to harvest a dead persons sperm/eggs, that’s a different conversation


TheBeesBestKnees t1_j5eagjl wrote

It's a conversation you have with your spouse when this is your line of work. It's not at all uncommon.


allMightyMostHigh t1_j5kng0y wrote

Its kinda freaky how far science has progressed in regards to what we can do with the human body compared to the past.


TwilitSky t1_j5dzrep wrote

It's an honest question: is this what he wanted?


[deleted] t1_j5d51jm wrote



TwilitSky t1_j5d5nzn wrote

You assume this is legit. Were it, you and I would be on the same side. I think she's fucking lying given science.


scorpion_tail t1_j5ez21p wrote

It’s not a miracle. It’s medicine.


drpvn t1_j5d3nv1 wrote

> Doctors had asked Liu if she wanted to preserve sperm from her mortally wounded husband so she might someday have his child.


TwilitSky t1_j5d41v2 wrote

It's pretty simple. Conduct a paternity test.

Even further? If she fails, indict and convict her for fraud. I'm fucking done seeing the cops and other "officials" stealing my God damned money. I pay way too much and have for years. Fuck 'Em. If she's lying put her ass in prison as an example to the rest of the scumbags.


drpvn t1_j5dbiq2 wrote

Remind me why I care if this is true or not?


TwilitSky t1_j5dzoio wrote

You should care out of a sense of basic decency and civic responsibility that the rules are being followed.

Under no circumstances should people steal public funds from fallen heroes.


drpvn t1_j5e3mti wrote

Who’s stealing funds and how?


TwilitSky t1_j5e4e29 wrote

If she's going to have another man's baby and NYC pays for it to have a full ride and a pension to cover its care, she's guilty of fraud and theft and deserves prison. That's why I think a paternity test should be required not just in this case, but all cases where public funds are being used.


Bubbly_Experience694 t1_j5ej87f wrote

Yeah, but what if I still don’t give a shit? Does that make me like… a bad person?


seafoodgodddd t1_j5evue2 wrote

Nah, we can't be expected to give a fuck about every. single. thing.


arbrady t1_j5fx60g wrote

Too many things and not enough fucks.


allMightyMostHigh t1_j5kn7ih wrote

But even if she is lying, it doesn’t hurt anyone in any way for somebody to even care about it. Its not like she started a go fund me or something. The nypd have good life insurance policy’s


shant_jan t1_j5fb6ze wrote

i'm all for providing a venue for those officers' loved ones to commiserate and continue processing their greif but the fanfare the PBA and the tabloids gave this kinda makes my skin crawl.

especially this headline


thebatman924 t1_j5ixh4r wrote

they took her husbands semen the day he was killed and preserved it, the title is just stupid and caters to the 89 year old god loving post readers


Jimmy_kong253 t1_j5kne5s wrote

Calling it a miracle is a bit of a stretch it's literally like she went to a sperm bank except it's her husbands


Desterado t1_j5lskhz wrote

This is a weird thing for her to do. Seems like she is still dealing with the loss and this is a bad way to cope.


senteroa t1_j5es7d8 wrote



TwilitSky t1_j5d2ivx wrote

Uh.... he was killed more than a year ago?

Huh? The biology does not compute.

Sorry, but this makes no sense at all. Even for a birth in the spring.


ECK-2188 t1_j5d30vh wrote

I hope this doesn’t mean what I think it does.

Imagine you die in the line of duty and your pension/benefits are paying for another man’s child? Ffs


Carmilla31 t1_j5fpfjz wrote

You have to be alive to collect a pension. Once you die your pension goes poof.


TwilitSky t1_j5d3l96 wrote

it's pretty obvious that he can't be the father after 1 year has passed and they still have months to go. I get that NY Post is a ridiculously fallacious publication, but JFC have some decency.


IndyMLVC t1_j5dajcx wrote

This is infuriating. And that's putting it mildly.