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actualtext t1_j5vogax wrote

That green is horrendous. Why couldn't they just stick with blue? All cop cars I can think of in NYC have pretty much been white/blue with variations in how much surface one color covered.


oreosfly t1_j5wfhax wrote

Jesus why the current design is more than fine


justpackingheat1 t1_j5xce6g wrote

They don't know where or how to spend the money they so desperately "need" so they just spend it on stupid shit so they can say they "NEED" more next budget


yasth t1_j5zcs8i wrote

I mean the green and white that are obviously high vis stripes will probably increase safety (US police cars are far behind international standards on that). No idea why they aren't highlighting that instead of the silly QR code.


colonelcasey22 t1_j5wh9hw wrote

Apparently the cops aren't fans of it either based on this NY Post quote:


>But some cops mocked the vehicle’s new look as more fit for a nature trail than the mean streets.“Is it the Department of Parks? Is it the Department of Sanitation? No, it’s the NYPD,” one police officer said, bashing its largely green color scheme.
>Other officers said the upgrade takes taxpayers for a ride.
>“It’s a waste of money if you ask me,” said one Brooklyn cop, adding that the department’s current cars work fine. “The city’s crying for money so why not just leave things as is?”


mowotlarx t1_j5wk3kg wrote

Finally, I agree with a cop. This is such a waste of money. The Mayor's been crowing about how we're in this terrifying fiscal crisis but we're shilling out for a new fleet? The fuck for?


Grass8989 t1_j5xe525 wrote

I’d imagine they upgrade the vehicles when they hit a certain amount of miles/age. I dont think they replace the entire fleet at a single given time.


Crimsonwolf1445 t1_j5z6fkg wrote

Nope they leave those things until they literally die. Ive driven cars that billowed smoke and was told they were fine


CarlCarbonite t1_j5yupcp wrote

Yeah, they also get some of the money back by auctioning off police cars. Someone will buy a gutted police car just for the engine build. I actually don’t know if they do it anymore though.


zsreport t1_j5xxxlq wrote

Not a fan of the new design, but it is interesting how many current cops have no fucking clue that NYPD radio cars used to be green and black.


Sickpup831 t1_j5ypje8 wrote

Why would they need to know that? I’m 35 and don’t remember the green cars at all. I remember the baby blue and white.


zsreport t1_j5yrjox wrote

History is important, and it's important to know the history of the institution of which you are a member.


Sickpup831 t1_j5yrt76 wrote

Agreed. But I feel like paint job on a car is really low on the list of what employees should know about the NYPD’s history.


colonelcasey22 t1_j5yjtmz wrote

Wasn't it a very dark shade of green though?

I think the historical throwback is throwing people off since it's a much lighter shade and the fact that unless you were a baby boomer, most don't recall anything but the blue and white. Feels kind of like a similar revulsion to when the state switched to gold license plates for the last decade, though more people remember the historical gold since it wasn't as huge of a gap in time.


D14DFF0B t1_j5wy8wo wrote

Love that they parked in a bus lane for the photo op.


rimnii t1_j5yxfyc wrote

The bus next to it is just tryna bus 😩😩


bklyn1977 t1_j5vo6c7 wrote

They put their own flag on it. Not the city flag.

Police cruises stopped being 'iconic' after the blue paint jobs.


shant_jan t1_j5wov7n wrote

i mean new york city cops have always had a loose allegiance to the actual city going back to when they fought a literal gun battle over city hall in 1857.


ECK-2188 t1_j5vqf5d wrote

Lol this shit look terrible


Captaintripps t1_j5vscac wrote

What a waste of money. Also appreciate the big FU in wrapping the thing in the NYPD flag. Definitely is not inspiring me to scan their QR code and whatever tracking bullshit it takes me to.


wreckballin t1_j5wahcj wrote

And Google will pay them for the camera footage for street view.


ObjectivePitiful1170 t1_j5xomif wrote

At least "Courtesy, Professionalism, Respect" will be gone. False advertisement tends to distort expectations.


earlymountainrain t1_j5w3e0i wrote

4WD, 360 view, and they fit in the micromobility lanes:


Grass8989 t1_j5w89tl wrote

Horses don’t belong in the city, let’s not advocate for MORE of them.


casicua t1_j5z0eob wrote

I never understood these when it's not the 1800s and scooters & motorcycles exist.


ObjectivePitiful1170 t1_j623lrg wrote

Kids and tourists like them, and trampling over people is defensible by animal unpredictability.


Jimmy_kong253 t1_j5wgwfq wrote

So they want to look more like the parks department now with the color scheme?


zsreport t1_j5xy4ql wrote

For decades NYPD had green cars with black fenders and white roofs


City_bound t1_j5wj02f wrote

I mean the cops on patrol won’t see these cars till they are at least 3 years old. They’ll be driven by supervisors and specialized units. These won’t hit the streets for the public until like 2027 if released in 2024


casicua t1_j5z050x wrote

Oh cool, more taxpayer-funded cameras that will mysteriously malfunction or lose footage whenever the NYPD does something bad.


AnotherUselessPoster t1_j5zeqz0 wrote

Cops have been working without a contract for 5 years, but SURE, why not blow away some money on this totally needed thing?


_allycat t1_j6047q0 wrote

Ah yes, rebrand to pretend you never did anything bad previously.


pk10534 t1_j5wr8gr wrote

This car looks like someone left their car beside a bar on Saint Patrick’s day and it got green shit thrown up all over it.


SarahAlicia t1_j5yvc5n wrote

Their budget is so inflated they are coming up with new ways to waste my tax money.


Grass8989 t1_j5yvnym wrote

It’s actually a comparable percentage of the city budget as other major cities.


SarahAlicia t1_j5ywbtl wrote

Doesn’t mean it’s not inflated. Just that other cities throw way too much money at the police.


SarahAlicia t1_j5yvsdt wrote

Do they not have working cars? Why do they need new cars? Why do they need cars? Would love to see more cops on bikes. Maybe then other cops would stop parking in the bike lanes.


Crimsonwolf1445 t1_j5zpj7d wrote

Most patrol cars are in various states of disrepair and its down right shameful… that being said these new cars wont be going to patrol anyway they will likely sit around assigned to various administrative units for years


Infinite_Carpenter t1_j5w7joo wrote

Thank god my taxes are going to be helping… checks notes… buy new cop cars.


JohnnyUtah247 t1_j5y6b8h wrote

You just figured out what taxes are for?


Infinite_Carpenter t1_j5y7fgn wrote

I figured they’d be helping the public. Some new shelters. Access to food and medication. Useful things.


Grass8989 t1_j5waipp wrote

They should be using their cars from the 70s still!


nychuman t1_j5wzhwa wrote

>The department’s 2023 Strategic Plan includes diversifying the workforce, providing better training, enhancing relationships with the public, furthering neighborhood policing and “promoting public safety and respect.”

Some overpaid NYPD administrator: “let’s paint the cars green like the earth 🫶🌈👬”


LowellGeorgeLynott t1_j5yld6g wrote

Cool then they can see the officers standing around in social groups outside their cars everyday instead of patrolling.


ketzal7 t1_j5vus1a wrote

They’re really in love with that ugly ass flag