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koreamax t1_j5kpgiv wrote

Everyone is the excel guy in analytics.


romanssworld OP t1_j5ks0ow wrote

Word,I was just saying for reference for those in the non analytics field. My past couple of jobs my manager was like we need an excel guy and didn't realize entire analytics and database team were "excel guys". I just use that so people that don't know are informed


djdjddhdhdh t1_j5ktady wrote

Why do you need a New York company for a remote job? You can work for any company in the country/world as long as they pay what you want


romanssworld OP t1_j5kubwv wrote

I don't need to but I figured I'd ask,from job searching alot remote jobs tend to pay more in NYC and Cali for some reason. I prefer to have pay similiar to what I make now and a NYC cost of living. Of course if the other role outside those states were a outside my range I'd consider it and prob move to Puerto Rico lol you are totally right though


djdjddhdhdh t1_j5kurlz wrote

Haha and still probably be able to get a condo on the beach!!

Ye cali, even Austin got pretty good salaries for tech. Shit I’ve interviewed with Fidelity in NC and they were very close to NYC software engineering rates. Probably could’ve negotiated for NY rates


romanssworld OP t1_j5kw5bq wrote

im gonna have to look into Austin areas,I never looked at it. PR is dope,once I have a fully remote role confirmed forever I'll prob move somewhere cheaper. I love NY but the cold and rising costs hurting alot. The goal of owning a house for the average person doesnt seem possible anymore and itd be nice to own something by mid 30s or at least have a stable manageable mortgage


SimmerDownRizzo t1_j5kqrm2 wrote

Most job boards (linkedin, indeed, etc) allow you to filter by "remote". Give that a try, probably have better luck than asking here.


romanssworld OP t1_j5ks8hw wrote

Thanks! I have been doing that and I was mostly curious to hear from the horses mouth and see what reddit has to say. I haven;t used linkedin yet so I'm gonna give that a go,thanks again!


JE163 t1_j5kqnqm wrote

Need pic of quad screen set up!


romanssworld OP t1_j5ks3x4 wrote

I'll take it for you later,I love my curvy screens lol easier to concentrate and navigate instead of the one screen set up in office


Particular-Wedding t1_j5l0aa2 wrote

Banking jobs definitely are pushing for a return to full time office presence. Their CEOs are quite vocal about it and using the threat of layoffs to scare workers into the cubicle again.


D_Ashido t1_j5l33z5 wrote

Welcome to the party.

The commute sucks dick, lunch is expensive so bring it from home,

The motto is Get In,Get Out

Enjoy the real beginning of the day when you walk through your front door. Forget everything at work happened at all.

Rinse and Repeat 5 days a week.

Welcome Back /s


romanssworld OP t1_j5l54l7 wrote

ive been in the party prior to covid haha i just figured working remote would be a norm and have a easier more productive life style. right now its hybrid but trying to get full remote since my job isnt client facing. i just crunch numbers all day and send work through email. if i need to explain stuff i zoom usually even when im in the office i zoom my manager


betweenthebars34 t1_j5l8s63 wrote

Places definitely still allow it, they're out there. It's just searching and hitting the honey pot, sadly though. The narrative these days is to minimize remote and hybrid, no doubt, to justify middle management and outrages rents, and also keep the working class down a bit too. You're more indebted to a place if your expenses are higher, aka they can ask more of you.

BUT, they also want to sound like its going extinct to normalize the transition back too. Which isn't the case. Some places have seen the positives too and are fine with it. I'm out of the area (finally) so I don't know as much but just search it out and keep fighting for those conditions that help you out.


FriendLost9587 t1_j5l98wy wrote

If you’re in finance you’re screwed, sorry. Your best bet is hybrid. Many places will do 3-4 days a week. Companies are realizing they can’t do as well when they can’t monitor their employees, and don’t have any facetime with them


philmatu t1_j5kuk93 wrote

With things like ChatGPT coming along, I'd consider beefing up my knowledge if I was you and wanted to be remote. The only thing AI can't do is be in the office looking busy haha


romanssworld OP t1_j5kwblc wrote

oh god fortunately i work for a university and the accounting is WAAAAAY different that average accounting. we use specific codes and its a very different system. its a very niche role even though finance/accounting so general