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MasterDave t1_j3m58f3 wrote

I think people are -already- dying because of this. This isn't a new concern, hospitals have been understaffed for the last 2 years minimum, even longer in reality.

Most of the time nobody gives a shit since it's just been old people that have been the majority of the corpses and we've decided as a society that "fuck old people" is just fine in the last couple years. A nurse shortage and now a nurse outage has pretty clear implications with regards to responding to acute problems in a hospital, not to mention the inability to properly diagnose new patients.

Doctors are good and all, but the nurse is the first line of defense and gets paid fuck all for doing it. The doctors just come in, read the nurse's notes and do their best most of the time. Bad info in, bad treatment out.


drpvn t1_j3m5g8j wrote

I meant because of the strike specifically, which is what your comment implies.


thelowgun t1_j3m8egl wrote

Do you think hospitals with no nurses will lead to more deaths?


drpvn t1_j3m8m3r wrote

I would assume so, but what do I know.